While in Australia for the recent Golden Globes, Robert Pattinson caused quite a stir with his Instagram posts of him and Australian model Suki Waterhouse getting up close and personal in a number of passionate kisses and cuddles.

Pattinson, who was dating former Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker at the time, has not been shy about his passion for Waterhouse in the past, even comparing their relationship to that of a “lesbian couple.”

But it’s been over two years since the Australian actor and the Suki Waterhouse-fronted model started dating, and it seems like they’ve been on a fast track to marriage ever since.

According to reports, the newly engaged couple are set to exchange vows next month in Venice, Italy. And while it’s great that they’re finally tying the knot after years of dating, we’re wondering when exactly this passionate romance started.

First Impressions

It all began with a mutual appreciation for fashion on Instagram. According to Vanity Fair, the couple quickly bonded over their love of Yves Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham, as well as shared a number of mutual acquaintances, including designer John Galliano and photographer Guy Vandenberghe.

But it was Pattinson’s genuine admiration for Waterhouse that ultimately sealed the deal. In an interview with Elle UK, the actor gushed over her model beauty, saying, “I just find her so incredibly attractive and easy to be around. She’s just wonderful.”

And it’s clear that Pattinson was right. Even during their courtship, Waterhouse was a constant source of amazement for her beau. During one particularly intimate encounter, he told Elle UK that he still finds her “astonishingly attractive and mysterious,” adding, “I feel really lucky to discover her.”

Kissing And Cuddling

Since then, the relationship has developed into something more. In fact, the model is so comfortable in her own company that she even has a Twitter account, @SukiWaterhouse, where she often encourages her followers to reach out to her. The account’s bio proclaims, “I like to cuddle up with a good book and a warm drink. If you need someone to watch over you while you’re sleeping, I’m your person! #SukiWaterhouse #bromance #daddyconfessions #loveislove.”

When asked about their relationship by Vogue, Waterhouse responded, “I wouldn’t put it in a category. We just really like each other’s company and we have a lot of fun together. The best thing is he makes me laugh every day. We text and message each other all the time. We’ve been through so much together as friends, so it makes sense that we’d want to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Sporting Events

Pattinson and Waterhouse have also bonded over their love of sports. According to reports, they frequently attend sporting events together, supporting the same teams. Perhaps most notably, they went to a Detroit Tigers game in 2017 where the crowd gave them a standing ovation as they entered the stadium.

And it’s not just sports fandom that brings them together. In 2018, they even attended the Toronto Raptors’ championship team celebrations together.

Romantic Getaways

The model has also introduced Pattinson to her very private world. In fact, she even went so far as to block out the press during their vacation in the south of France last year. While on a romantic break in Italy last month, they were reportedly spotted holding hands and sharing a passionate kiss. Most recently, Waterhouse took Pattinson to Los Angeles for a mini-break before the couple is set to wed next month.

But it seems like the model isn’t afraid of commitment. During a chat with Elle UK, she revealed that she feels “secure enough” in her relationship with the actor “to share my dreams and desires with him.”

And it’s clear that this time, Pattinson is taking a leap of faith. Despite the fact that he’s been married before, he told Vanity Fair that this time, it’s all about Waterhouse.

“I feel like I’ve finally found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he said. “I’m just so happy that something finally worked out for me.”

While this may be news to some, we’re sure that there are many of us who suspected that Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse would end up together. It just seemed like fate was on their side, and it’s great to see that their instincts were right. Congratulations to the newlywed couple!