With the new year just begun, many people are considering ways to improve their lives – and the lives of those around them. For many celebrity couples, the way they interact with and support each other indicates a desire to lead a more luxurious lifestyle. After all, what is more luxurious than spending life together in the presence of adoration and positivity?

When it comes to supporting each other as a couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a textbook example of a committed partnership. The longtime lovebirds have been dating for nearly 15 years and have built a solid foundation for their relationship. While Stewart recently opened up about her desire to settle down and start a family, Pattinson has remained resolute in his commitment to her and their mutual adoration of one another. In fact, the actor recently told Elle that he is “very happy” their wedding is being held next year and that they have “no immediate plans” to start a family.

It should come as no surprise, then, that so much of their time is dedicated to supporting and standing by each other. Over the years, they’ve amassed a collection of handbags and jewellery that is valued at over £400,000 (around $560,000), and together they have a clothing collection valued at over £150,000 (around $210,000). In the past, they’ve spent thousands on each other’s clothes, with Pattinson often buying gifts for Stewart and vice versa. Even when they’re not spending money on clothes and accessories, they have a clear understanding of what the other needs and wants – and they’re never afraid to buy them their dream items.

This unwavering commitment has certainly helped the actors build a brand that is recognised worldwide. Both are likely to wear distinctive and extravagant costumes for their wedding days, and while fans will flock to see their famous dress, it’s the support and admiration they show for one another that is truly inspiring.

When Did Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Meet?

Before they officially began dating in 2005, Pattinson was already well-known for his rebellious nature and his close connection to the actress Amanda Bynes. It wasn’t until the following year that he made his film debut in the romantic comedy Four Guys, which also featured the actors Adam Brody and Chris Klein. The film’s director, Glen Weiss, described Pattinson as a “man-child with a heart of gold” who was “very sweet and kind” and “such a mensch”.

Pattinson had actually sought out Weiss for the role of Chandler, a sweet yet naïve young man, and ended up falling in love with the director during the film’s extensive rehearsal process. It was during these sessions that he first revealed his admiration for Stewart, regularly leaving the room when she arrived so as not to be distracted by her charm.

The actors later reprised their roles in the sequel, Four More Guys, and have remained friends since. They even made a guest appearance on an episode of each other’s podcasts. During these chats, they share stories about their romantic relationships, often candidly discussing how they are dealing with the ups and downs of being in a committed relationship.

Where Do They Live?

As previously mentioned, the couple have been dating for over a decade and have built a life together that is filled with luxury. Stewart moved into the actor’s house in 2007 and the following year they bought a lavish wedding crèche that they decorated with floral wallpaper and oversized bouquet of flowers. Over the years, they’ve acquired a number of designer outfits for the red carpet, and have made numerous public appearances together, often wearing matching designer outfits.

The list of luxury brands they endorse is long – from Burberry to Givenchy. They’ve also been seen in designer handbags and jewellery. Additionally, Stewart is a fervent animal rights activist and spends a lot of her time working with rescue groups trying to save the creatures that she loves. From dogs to cats, she has worked hard to establish a feline and canine safari park in her native Los Angeles that she hopes to open in the near future.

Do They Have Kids?

As with many celebrity couples, the couple are extremely private and have deliberately kept their personal lives away from the public eye. Despite this, rumours have persisted that they have a daughter named Gulliver. This unconfirmed speculation seems to have been fuelled by the fact that Stewart’s dog, Zelda, was given the honorary title of ‘granddaughter’ by Pattinson in 2015. Despite this, the actor has never publicly acknowledged the speculation and continues to praise and respect Stewart’s desire for privacy.

Pattinson himself has admitted that he and Stewart want to lead a quiet life and avoid the limelight. “We both agree that we want to be more low-profile as a couple,” he told Elle in 2017. “We don’t feel that we need to put on a show for the world to decide that they love us. We want to be seen for who we are: two individuals who love each other and support each other. We don’t need the validation of others. What we want is for people to accept us for who we are and what we feel.”

Did They Fall In Love On-Screen?

Pattinson and Stewart originally bonded over their mutual devotion to Monty Python and joined forces on the set of the 2005 romantic comedy Paris is Burning, where they played a married couple with acting career pressures. The role gave them the opportunity to express their characters’ simmering lust for each other and they admitted that it was “the most fun [they’ve] had on a set”. From that point on, their careers took off. Paris is Burning became a major motion picture, establishing them both as bankable leading men and making them hot commodities for television and film. In 2008, they were even named Favourite Hollywood Couple by People Magazine.

How Long Has Their Relationship Been Going Strong?

Over the course of their 15-year career, the pair have certainly experienced ups and downs, but seem to have found a measure of stability through commitment to each other. In September 2014, they were photographed holding hands as they left the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research – further evidence of their enduring love.

Pattinson and Stewart have appeared together in a variety of films over the years, with Pattinson appearing in both lead and supporting roles, while Stewart has primarily played supporting roles. While both have portrayed some of Hollywood’s most iconic and memorable characters – from Kristen McMenamy in Twilight to Suki Waterhouse in the Fifty Shades franchise – in most cases, Stewart has had to cede the limelight to her co-star. In these instances, it is unclear whether or not this was her choice, with Pattinson often preferring to remain in the background.

Pattinson and Stewart have proven to be successful and iconic Hollywood power couples, and their devotion to one another is an inspiration for anyone looking to build a stable and committed relationship.