Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have had an on-off relationship for many years. Back in 2013, they were photographed on a romantic date in LA. Since then, we’ve seen them spending time together and apart. Was it all a big misunderstanding? When did the Twilight couple finally call it quits?

The Beginning Of Their Affair

When it comes to the on-off nature of their relationship, many fans believe that Kristen and Robert began their affair in 2014 when they were spotted canoodling in New York City. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. The two were spotted together years before and had even been linked as possible engaged or married couples. They kept their relationship a secret for a long time, only coming out when they thought it was safe to do so.

In 2011, Kristen and Robert were photographed together in NYC’s Rockefeller Plaza. The two were holding hands and looking very affectionate towards one another. Unfortunately, this was also one of the first times that they’d been seen together in a while. Shortly after this photo was taken, Kristen issued a statement denying that they were engaged or had even spoken about marriage. Unfortunately, the media didn’t drop the story and continued to speculate about their relationship.

The One That Broke Them Up

In August 2015, the break up of Kristen and Robert was one of the most talked-about celebrity splits of the year. In fact, fans went crazy over the reports that the 28-year-old actress had called time on their four-year relationship. Rumors that Kristen had cheated on Robert with his Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Sasha Piroshki surfaced, although she denied them. The following month, she was photographed with French actor Arnaud Valois. Unsurprisingly, there were rumors that the pair were having an affair as well. When pressed by Gossip Cop about the reports, Kristen merely said, “You guys love a juicy story, don’t you?”

Many fans believe that this was the end of the romance for the Twilight star. They point to the fact that Kristen canceled the rest of her previously-scheduled promotional tour for the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Furthermore, she removed all traces of Robert from her social media platforms. Perhaps most amazingly, when asked about the possibility of a romance in the future, Kristen seemed genuinely surprised by the question.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I don’t think about that stuff.”

Then, last December, Kristen was photographed canoodling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Danny Boyle. While some fans questioned whether she was truly over her ex-beau, a source close to the filmmaker told HollywoodLife, “Danny is a very sweetheart. She has a history of being very protective of him. So, when they’re seen like this it only fuels the rumours that they’re still together.”

Their Recent Reunions

Three months after their break up, representatives for the two stars confirmed that they’d been in contact. They were subsequently spotted together at the 2018 Golden Globes. While they didn’t look like they were on the outs, fans wondered whether this was a sign of reconciliation. Then, in February, they were spotted kissing as they arrived at the 2018 Academy Awards. Finally, in April, Robert was spotted at a Game Night event with Kristen and her Twilight co-stars. While the two didn’t look like they were in a fight, they were seen holding hands as they made their way to their table.

When Is The Next Big Story?

With all of the speculation surrounding their split, it’s no wonder that Kristen and Robert’s fans feel like they have something to be anxious about. Since their August 2015 split, we haven’t heard much from the Twilight stars. When will we next hear from them? Let’s take a closer look.

The Final Twilight Movie

On October 26, 2017, TWC released the trailer for the final chapter of the Twilight saga. The two-minute clip gave us our first glimpse at the two-plus-year-old relationship between Robert and Bella. This wasn’t the first time that we’d heard from the couple since their split. In fact, their only public appearance together since then was at the 2017 Golden Globes. There, they were seen holding hands and looking incredibly affectionate towards one another.

This trailer served as an exciting conclusion to a five-part franchise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news for Twilight fans. Despite the fact that this was the final trailer for the series, it still wasn’t clear whether or not the film would actually be released. Summit Entertainment ultimately decided to scrap the project due to financial troubles. This proved to be a costly decision. Not only did they have to scrap a significant portion of the film, but they also had to recoup the huge investments that they’d made in promoting it.

A Short-Lived Hint Of Romance

While the final Twilight movie wasn’t going to be released, there was still some sign of life from the couple. On May 23, 2018, they were seen at a Broadway play opening in New York City. At first, this was seen as a sign of reconciliation. However, it wasn’t long before this photo circulated again.

When the photo from the play got leaked, fans were quick to point out that this was simply a chance sighting and that the couple didn’t look like they were in a romance. They weren’t alone in thinking this. The head of a major Hollywood studio even went so far as to say, “I don’t see them ever getting back together. And if they did, I think it would be mostly for the press.”

While there are lots of unanswered questions surrounding the Twilight stars, we know that they’ll be together for the foreseeable future. And that’s all that matters. As long as they’re happy, we’re happy.