There is a lot of mystery surrounding the relationship between Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. While they’ve been photographed together numerous times, their dating status is always left ambiguous. Since their collaboration on the song “Medieval Love” in 2019, it’s even been suggested that they had something more than just a friendly affair.

Here’s a tidbit about their relationship that you might not know: They have a son named Dimitri. On October 19th, 2019, Dimitri Pattinson was born. And just like that, the mystery of their age-old enigma was solved.

Robert Pattinson’s son, Dimitri, is 10 years old. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of the best moments from his childhood. He turns 33 today, so this is a good time for retrospection.

Wedding Plans

It was initially reported that the couple were set to tie the knot in Italy in early 2021. However, since then, the location of their wedding has shifted to London. It was there that the two got engaged. According to a spokesperson for the couple, the wedding will be “small and personal,” but will feature “extensive guestlists.” This should come as no great surprise, as the couple have long been fans of designer Alice Temperley. The designer created their engagement and wedding rings, and they were reportedly impressed with her unique take on their request for something traditional. Additionally, the representative added that the wedding will be “a vintage-inspired celebration” and will celebrate the “artistry of Alice Temperley.”

Bob And Billy

While living in Los Angeles, Robert Pattinson and his younger brother, Billy, often hung out together. And it was during one of those times that they decided to dress up as Bob And Billy – two famous Englishmen from the 1920s that fans of the actor would certainly recognize. They wore bowler hats, short shorts, and long socks, and they posed for a selfie on Instagram. The photo went viral and earned the two future movie stars a giggle-fest with Jimmy Kimmel. When asked about the photo, Robert Pattinson jokingly claimed that it was “quite an accurate representation of us.”

Onscreen Romance

There have been numerous rumors surrounding the existence of Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs’ romance. While the two have been friends for years, it was reported that they were something more than just friends in 2016. That same year, they were pictured kissing onscreen during a love scene in the movie, Good Time.

Once “Good Time” was released, fans clamored for more. And what they got was an unending stream of images of the two stars together. In one of the most talked-about scenes of the movie, which took place at the Venice Film Festival, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs were photographed leaving a bar together. A short time later, they were spotted holding hands while on a walk. And then, just last month, they were spotted getting cozy at the Met Gala. Once again, the two looked like they were enjoying themselves despite the fact that they were both professionally cloaked. They also kept their lips sealed, which only added to the intrigue. Not all of their meetings have been documented. In fact, their status as a couple remains undisclosed. But here’s one thing we do know: The feeling is obviously mutual. In a tweet last year, FKA Twigs gushed: “I love you so much, Bob. You’re beautiful, kind, brilliant and funny. I enjoy being with you and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future. Thank you for being a great friend.” The sentiment was echoed by the actor, who tweeted: “I love you very much. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Of course, the speculation will only continue until the two decide to finally make their relationship status official. In the meantime, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with images of the two looking inseparable and affectionate.