ROBERT PATTINSON has often said that he’d like to live in a big city. Now that he’s had some time to settle back in his home state of New York, we can certainly understand his desires. Even now, it seems like the London native is never truly happy unless he’s in the thick of the big-city atmosphere. It was only a matter of time before he took the plunge and bought himself a home in the city he loves.

And what a home it is. Located in Manhattan’s famous Greenwich Village, the 5-bedroom villa boasts stunning views of the city and is stuffed to the brim with modern conveniences. It sounds like ROBERT PATTINSON found the perfect place to relax and recharge – a place that’s both luxurious and cosy at the same time. The only downside to this wonderful place is that you have to share it with millions of tourists each year. But then again, being in the limelight isn’t exactly a secret for ROBERT PATTINSON.

Modern Conveniences

The most impressive thing about this house isn’t even the architecture – aside from the fact that it was designed by one of the finest architects in town – it’s all the modern conveniences that it comes with. Updating an old house with these kinds of amenities is certainly no easy task, but WILHELM REICHERT does just that with his 562 Broadway Boulevard project. Bringing light and life into every room of the house, he uses bright, bold colours, sculptural furniture, and large-scale artwork to enliven the space.

From the front door, you enter a grand hallway with exposed brick walls and timber floors. A large pot plant sits in the middle of the floor, while nearby are two sets of broad stairs that lead to the upper floors. The living room and dining room are on the right, and are connected by a large, open archway. Large picture windows on the street side of the gallery allow for plenty of natural light, while the ceiling lights further flood the room in bright, white light.

Moving through to the rear of the house, there’s a narrow passage that leads to the kitchen, which is at the other end. Here, another large plant pot shares the centre of the floor with two bar stools and an old wooden table. A set of french doors connect the kitchen with the garden, and allow for plenty of natural light to pour in from above.

Stunning Views

From the street, the house presents a grand entrance with a sweeping staircase and a large door. You can find similar steps leading up to the 2nd floor, where there are more floor-to-ceiling windows. This time, they’re not just picture windows but floor to ceiling windows that provide an astounding view of the city with its twinkling lights and busy streets. It’s hard to believe that this is the same house that ROBERT PATTINSON bought for a mere £26k in 2017.

A Room For All Occasions

As well as having a dedicated space for each room in the house, there’s also another common space that links all of them together. At the back of the building, there are four bedrooms that open up to a large central entertaining area, which itself connects to the garden through folding doors. This is a room that can comfortably accommodate guests of any size, and as such is perfect for young families or groups of friends who want to spend some time together.

In a world full of lavish mansions and oversized ballrooms, it’s great to see that there are still small, independent houses like this one that we can be proud of. With houses like this one, it’s clear that even the most famous architects and designers cannot contain the charm of a modest, independent house that knows how to give a good party. At least not without some help from the locals, of course!

Where Does The Money Come From?

Although the house is old, it was only built in the late 1800s, so it doesn’t come with much money. In fact, the property was purchased by the musician for a little under £26k. Since then the house has gained a reputation for being haunted, and it’s probably not far from the truth. In a time when most houses are valued in the millions, it’s great to see that the owners invested in something that has real character and charm.