The name has become so ubiquitous that it has even transcended the grave. The ubiquitous British design house has released a commemorative stamp to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the company, and the most popular design choice amongst those who picked up the issue was none other than Alfred Pattinson himself. The designer’s face graces the iconic red wax seal on philatelic products across the world, with his image also emblazoned on the front of the Penguin Pattinson Collection. As a brand, Pattinson has cemented its place in the annals of Fashion and Design history, with the recent appointment of Mikael Kaplan as its new chief executive officer further solidifying the status of the company as an industry leader. To fans of Pattinson glitterati, this is no surprise. The company has always been committed to innovative design and high quality fabrics, keeping pace with the times whilst never losing sight of its founder’s vision of comfort and fashionability.

Pattinson: The Early Years

The company originated in South London in 1911, with a man named Alfred Pattinson opening a small dress shop in the city. His first boutique was in the West End, but it was the creation of a simple, but distinctive design that would establish Pattinson as a brand known for its avant garde designs that still hold such status today. In those early years, Pattinson specialized in very high quality couture fabrics with eccentric designs, often in brilliant colors. The brand was famously refined and detailed whilst never losing sight of its distinctive British identity.

Pattinson Through The Turn Of The Century

Pattinson was one of the first luxury brands to understand and embrace the changing fashions of the 20th century. The company responded to the dramatic style shift with a dazzling array of dyed and pattern-rich fabrics, all in vibrant colors. Women wore Pattinson to embrace the beach life with its floral printed swimming suits (a striking echo of the English countryside in delicate bloomers and tiny bikinis) and men sported the dashing stripes of the British Army. During this time, Pattinson’s influence spread far beyond its London roots, with customers from across the globe seeking to capture the inspiration of this bold and beautiful brand.

Pattinson In The 21st Century

The century has seen the brand continue to innovate, with the most recent example being its celebration of the centennial of Fashion in Luxury Trading. The company responded to this historic platform with a bold assignment that spanned three show stops in London. The results were incredible, with the company embracing the spirit of its founder with a spectacular display that captured the imaginations of fashion and design enthusiasts from around the world.

This is the story of a company that has gone from strength to strength, with Pattinson staying true to its British identity and continuing to innovate and evolve, as it delivers beautiful designs that stand the test of time.