You might know that the year 2022 will mark the 10th anniversary of Robert Pattinson’s breakthrough film, Eclipse (released in February 2022). This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Never Say Never (released in February 2021), and since then, Pattinson has starred in almost all of the major motion pictures that were released in the first decade of the 2000s.

Pattinson will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eclipse with a sequel in the form of Eclipse: Paradise (released in February 2022), and the 20th anniversary of Never Say Never will be marked by the release of Never Say Never: Final Love (released in February 2023). So, what will be next for Pattinson? A Hollywood star with 14 million followers on TikTok, a Hollywood star with a Hollywood blockbuster, and now a TV starring role.

Here, we’ll explore the upcoming films that Hollywood’s most popular actor is in. Keep reading.

What New Robert Pattinson Film Is He In?

While most actors have been careful about what projects to take on, or at least given their roles credit in co-opting other work, not so with Pattinson. Now that he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, he can pretty much take on any role and have people know exactly what he’s talking about. In fact, he’s already started doing this.

We first noticed this trend with Mortdecai (released in January 2022), in which he plays a famous English architect who deals with some pretty heavy mobsters. In this case, the film’s publicity material definitely helps sell the star power of Robert Pattinson, a name that will not be easily forgotten by the audience.

Even films that are generally more obscure or niche will often give Pattinson credit for bringing his A-game when it comes to his acting. Take The Lost Girls for example. This gritty crime film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2022, stars Pattinson as a London detective who investigates a series of brutal muggings that have been linked to a group of sex workers. In one scene, the actor plays a mentally ill man who is strapped to a chair and cannot control his violent outbursts — it’s a pretty intense confrontation and one of the most brutal scenes in the film. Most people might not know much about The Lost Girls, but they’ll certainly know who played the part. Pattinson has become so famous that even his smallest contributions to a film can make a significant difference in its success — and in many cases, his name alone will be enough reason for people to watch a movie.

Pattinson’s Filmography

To date, the actor has appeared in more than 35 films, with more than 10 million people having viewed his work on YouTube.

While many actors might be content to coast on their fame, Pattinson has diversified his work and taken on more challenging roles as he’s gotten more famous. This can be seen in the rise of his career, from supporting roles in modest movies in the early 2000s to starring in blockbusters.

In the next section, we’ll explore the blockbuster roles that Pattinson has played in more detail. Keep reading.

Battleship Island

Pattiinson’s first major blockbuster role was in the 2012 film Battleship Island, which was released in December 2012. The film, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by John B. Keane, tells the story of a shipwrecked sailor who finds himself on an uncharted island that is occupied by and patrolled by an English battleship called the Bismarck. To protect the lives of its sailors, the commander of the Bismarck hires an outsider to help him plan a battle strategy. Naturally, the outsider turns out to be an arrogant and overbearing Brit, completely unaware of how the situation on the ground is going to play out — and the protagonist of the film, Jack Sparrow (played by the Irish actor, Piranha Joe), ends up leading the resistance against the heavily armed battleship.

Keane’s novel is one of the great war stories, and the movie adaptation does a remarkable job of bringing it to life. With his unique blend of wit and charm, John C. Reilly (who plays Gunslayer Jackson) won the critical acclaim for his performance as the cunning and resourceful captain of the Mayflower, though it was not quite enough to save the film itself from failing at the box office.

Deep Water

Pattinson took a break from action films to portray Mark Zuckerberg in the comedy Deep Water. This relatively low-budget (just over $10 million) film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2022, tells the story of a young couple (played by Joe and Emily Blunt) who buy a vintage fishing boat for their honeymoon and soon discover that their new hobby is a lot more dangerous than they assumed. In one scene, the couple are trapped in a small cabin with a great white shark, which they have to defend themselves against, and it doesn’t end there. The shark keeps them company for the entire duration of the film, and they develop very strange relationships with the creature. Not your typical honeymoon movie, but still a hilarious and heart-warming tale about discovering new things in life together.

The Lumberjacks

Pattinson is a stalwart of the honeymoon trope, but he’s taken this aspect of his career a step further with The Lumberjacks. This comedy adventure film, released in April 2023, is based on the bestselling novel Into the Wild by Jack London. At the core of the narrative is a lumberjack named George Silver (played by the British actor, Joe Simpson), who decides to leave his dull and routine life in the big city for a life in the wilderness. Along the way, he teams up with a rugged individualist named Jack (played by the Australian actor, Hugh Jackman) and together, they embark on a daring expedition to challenge the mighty forces of nature. Along the way, they meet up with a beautiful and independent lady named Queenie (played by the English actress, Kelly Macdonald), who has a taste for diamonds and adventure. The movie is set during the height of the Gold Rush, and the sight of Jack London’s iconic polar bear cubs has become an integral part of the film’s branding, with statues of the adorable creatures being dotted around the set of the movie.

The Circle

The Circle is one of the biggest and most successful film franchises of all time, and it’s now been a couple of years since its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2022. At the center of this dystopian thriller is an elite corps of special agents known as The Circle, who are tasked with maintaining order by eliminating threats to the state — including political dissidents and criminals. The franchise is named after the secret society The Circle, which was created in the 19th century to keep a close eye on Queen Victoria. So, as you might imagine, this is a very British film, with Cary Pope (Tom Hardy), an agent played by Hardy, at the head of the group. In many ways, this film is the culmination of everything that Hardy has done in his career — from The Dark Tower to Dunkirk.

Hardy plays dual roles as Robert Wringham, a.k.a. Robin Hardy, a legendary criminal mastermind whose cunning and ruthlessness are matched only by his genius for organization — and Vic Ryckaert, an intelligence operative living in a universe that is highly organized and patriotic. The Circle is the sum of all those who strive for order and the British Empire, and it’s a fitting conclusion to this exceptional careers package.