Well, it seems like the years have been good to Robert Pattinson, and not just because he’s appeared in multiple blockbusters. Now that his acting career is taking off, it seems like the past ten years have been a non-stop parade of premieres, award shows, and box-office successes.

Just last month alone, he premiered the highly-anticipated Lion in a snowy land at the Paris Film Festival. Then, just days later, he came back and screened his hit Batman film, The Batman, for fans at the Hollywood Film Festival. It seems like he may have even had a part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which premieres next year!

With all these cinematic achievements under his belt, it’s no surprise that people are now asking about his future projects. Unfortunately, it seems like we may never know what films he’s signed on to appear in, as his representatives often keep his future projects under wraps. But thanks to some sleuthing from fans, we may now know what movie he’s in next!

An Imaginative Film Veteran

If you follow entertainment news websites, you know that Robert Pattinson has been in the public eye for years, first appearing in numerous British dramas in the early 2000s. But it wasn’t until 2012 that he really broke out, with an imaginative and innovative debut in the high-profile movie, Water for Elephants. Since then, his films have been gaining a progressively larger audience, with incredible reviews and booming business at the box office.

In 2014, he appeared in two smash-hit films, The Great Gatsby and The Hateful Eight. Both of these films were critical and commercial successes, which may be why he hasn’t appeared in many other movies since. Perhaps worried about putting his name to another flop, he’s been keeping a low profile, while taking on more challenging roles in theater and television. But now, as his career is taking off, it seems like these years of staying out of the limelight have paid off, as he’s truly established himself as a major player in Hollywood.

But even with all these achievements, there’s still one area of his life that he’s been wanting to challenge himself in. For his next project, he’s decided to tackle the King Arthur legend, as he’s taken on the role of Excalibur in the upcoming movie, Excalibur: Sword of Arthur.

A New Beginning

With all the speculation and rumors about his future projects, it’s important to remember that Robert Pattinson is a private person who doesn’t like to promote himself. But since the release of the first teaser for Excalibur, he’s begun to slowly and cautiously embrace his newfound stardom, speaking to reporters about his eagerly-awaited new project and hinting at more projects to come.

“It’s an honor to play such a legendary character as Excalibur,” he said. “I’m excited to get started on this new adventure and look forward to sharing more about it soon.”

So it seems like, at long last, we may finally know what films Robert Pattinson is in. And considering how little we’ve actually known about his career, it’s quite an accomplishment. The King Arthur legend is one of the greatest story arcs in British literature, so it’s fitting that the son of a British father and an American mother would choose to tackle this role. Who knows, maybe taking on such an iconic role will inspire him to finally dive into the world of acting, and we’ll get to see a whole other side of Robert Pattinson.