Everyone knows what Robert Pattinson is like: He’s charming, funny, and incredibly handsome. But what is this really like? Is he as cool and collected as he seems? Do his fans worship him as much as he seems to deserve? We decided to find out…

Is He As Charming As Everyone Says?

We couldn’t think of a more suitable way to start this article than by addressing the most obvious question first: Is Robert Pattinson as charming as everyone says he is? Let’s take a closer look…

From our first impression, we can already tell that Robert Pattinson is a very charming person. When we first watched him on screen, we couldn’t help but feel that we’ve met someone we wanted to get to know better. He’s just as sweet as he seems in interviews and on social media, where he often jokes around with his fans. This is someone who clearly has a sense of humor, which isn’t something most people can claim. He also makes us laugh with his quirky sense of humor and the way he says things.

When your idols are as influential as the Hollywood actors mentioned above, it is only natural that you’d want to be like them. Just like any other celebrity, they have their eccentricities and quirks that are pretty much impossible not to love. Take Benedict Cumberbatch for example – we wouldn’t trade places with him for the world. Even though he’s a phenomenal actor, he’s still the most charming man you’ll ever meet. If you ever get a chance to meet him, you’ll find him even more charming in real life.

Does He Have A Sense Of Humor?

Charming isn’t the only thing that makes Robert Pattinson stand out, however. Some people might also argue that he has a very dry sense of humor. Although he often jokes around with the cameras, he doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor when it comes to everyday life. For example, when he was asked about his ideal vacation, he said that he’d love to go to Thailand and eat some curry. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with that, but he also turned down a trip to the Maldives because he didn’t feel like swimming with sharks!

This could be because he doesn’t feel like he needs to be funny all the time to get his point across (even though he often is), or it could be that he sees himself more as a serious person and doesn’t feel the need to make fun of himself. He is, in other words, extremely self-conscious about his looks and doesn’t like to show people the “real” him. As a result, he might not always appear to be as fun-loving as he really is.

Is He The ‘Luminous’ Person Everyone Says He Is?

Besides being charming, funny, and gorgeous, is Robert Pattinson the “luminous” person everyone says he is? Perhaps not, depending on what aspect of him you ask about. When it comes to acting, his fans say that he has a certain something that makes him unique and one of a kind. While some people might describe him as an elegant actor, others might say that he’s just not that talented. What is certain is that he has an aura that allows him to captivate an audience.

In interviews, he has described himself as more of a presence than an actor, which doesn’t sound like something you’d usually say about yourself but clearly shows that he sees himself as more than just an actor. When you’re that stunning, it usually doesn’t take much to make an impression. This aura that he exudes – the ability to simply…shine – is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by his colleagues. During an interview on Conan, John Carpenter (the director of HALLOWEEN and THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) said that he noticed this “shining” quality the first time he met him, more than 10 years ago.

“I noticed that the first time I met him,” Carpenter said. “I’d never seen someone with that natural ability to just light up a room. He certainly doesn’t get that from acting.”

It’s clear that Carpenter’s only criticism of Pattinson is that he isn’t as “shiny” as he could be. This is the same as saying that he’s not as talented as he could be. When you try to define Robert Pattinson in one word, the adjective that comes to mind is “luminous.” But is he really this “shiny”?

Is He A ‘Classic’ Hollywood Star?

As with any other celebrity, there is more than one side to Robert Pattinson. Not all of this is charming or humorous or gorgeous. Some might also describe him as “classic” Hollywood star. He has a certain presence and gravitas that comes with being one of cinema’s best-known and most-loved leading men.

This “classic” Hollywood star quality is visible in everything he does. From his amazing sense of style (he is often described as having a “rockstar” taste in fashion) to the characters he chooses to play (he is known for taking on tough roles).

While some people might say that he doesn’t belong in present times, this couldn’t be further from the truth. He has always been, and continues to be, one of cinema’s most in-demand leading men. Even now, decades after he first started appearing in films, he continues to be the go-to guy for tough roles. Just look at what came after DEADPOOL (2018). We’d love to see more contemporary films with roles for him.

It’s clear that the unique combination of beauty and brains that is Robert Pattinson came from a very talented family. His father was a well-known director, and his mother is an anthropologist. This combination of artistic and academic genes must have gotten into his blood, because even as a child, he showed an interest in both art and science. He continued to exhibit this interest throughout his school years, winning several academic awards and even setting up a lab in his bedroom. These grades alone would assure you of his extraordinary abilities.

It was probably inevitable that Robert Pattinson would end up in Hollywood. His father was already a successful film director, and at a very young age, he decided to follow in his footsteps. This is something that many actors in his situation would do, because it’s such a well-known and lucrative place to be. He chose to attend the prestigious London School of Economics and then went on to the University of Oxford, where he gained a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. While he was at Oxford, he studied English Literature and attended various plays and operas, which is why he could be described as a “legendary” student. This combined academic and artistic background must have given him a unique insight into the industry and enabled him to connect with his audience even more. As we’ve established, he is incredibly intelligent and has the talent to back it up.

Does He Deserve All The Love His Fans Give Him?

Before we wrap this up, let’s address one more important question: Does Robert Pattinson deserve all the love his fans give him? If we’re to believe the popular opinion, he does. When we first started watching his films, we couldn’t help but agree that he was breathtakingly beautiful and had an amazing aura that made us want to know more about him. Since then, we’ve learned a lot more about him and realized that he’s so much more than just what first attracted us to his films. He is, in fact, a pretty humble guy off-screen as well as on. While some people might want to change that, we couldn’t blame them. In interviews, he has said that he doesn’t want to be considered the “greatest thing since sliced bread” and described himself as just “another guy.” This is a far cry from the ego that one might expect from a movie star. He also tries to put the spotlight on others rather than himself, especially when it comes to his philanthropic efforts.