After wrapping production on his new film last month, The Batman, it was announced that Game Night director Robert Pattinson would be taking a break from filmmaking to focus on his wellbeing. With the #MeToo movement sparking a resurgence of activism in Hollywood, many are wondering: What’s Robert Pattinson doing now?

Keeping Busy

The answer to that question can be found in the details of Pattinson’s recently filed lawsuit against his former publicist. According to documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the actor has filed suit against his former publicist, Sheree Watrous, who he alleges mishandled the distribution of his film, The Gucci Suit. Watrous and her agency, United Talent Agency, allegedly conspired to withhold money owed to Pattinson from the proceeds of the film’s marketing campaign.

Specifically, the lawsuit accuses Watrous of breaching her duties as a publicist by, among other things, spending “substantial amounts of time” marketing the film for Warner Bros. “without any authorization or compensation from” Pattinson. He is seeking unspecified damages. After news of the suit broke, the hashtag #metooedwardpattinson was created on Twitter, with users posting photos of themselves with the “Sleeping Prince” symbol emblazoned on their chests in support of the actor.

Canceled Projects

While it’s not yet known what his next project will be, Pattinson has reportedly canceled two prominent film projects in the past few months. According to a report from Variety in January, the actor had to drop out of Black Widow due to his inability to commit to the role, and he was also set to star in the upcoming Gangs of London before that project was shut down as well.

Gangs of London was set to tell the story of a young gangster navigating the streets of London in the 1970s. The late director Stanley Kubrick was set to helm the project, which he had wanted to make since working with Marlon Brando on The Men Who Stare at Goats in 1971. It was reported that the role of Johnny Quid was intended to be played by Pattinson, with a script already finished and location scouts sent out to search for suitable locations in London.

While it’s sad to see these two iconic projects fall through, it seems that Pattinson is still in search of the right role. Since starring in The Batman, he has continued to be spotted at events and gatherings around the globe. The actor even made an appearance at January’s Academy Awards, where he was photographed chilling with Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone. With his upcoming film, The Eternals, set for release in late November, perhaps Pattinson is finally finding the right project to commit to.

What Next?

With his newfound freedom and newfound ability to spend more time on his healthcare, it seems that Pattinson is considering his options. One of the first confirmed projects he has signed on to is Sleeping Princess, an adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name by Deborah Harkness. The novel follows a plucky and romantic young woman named Elizabeth Cavendish, who, after inheriting a large fortune from a recently deceased uncle, hires a handsome and mysterious gentleman known only as Robert to protect her from the clutches of her scheming relatives. (Harkness will serve as both screenwriter and producer.)

The novel was first published in 2005 and has since been translated into dozens of languages. It is set to feature a large ensemble cast, including Pattinson, Judi Dench, Holland Taylor, Mia Wasikowska, Kate Winslet, Naomie Harris, Rosemarie Dewhurst, Tamara McBride, Joe Coletti, and Steven Berkler. Shooting is scheduled to begin this summer in London.

Robert’s Wellbeing

While it’s exciting to see an influential figure in Hollywood take a step back from their responsibilities and focus on their health and wellbeing, it comes as no surprise that the media is eager to dive into the details of Richard’s newfound freedom. Since his split from Katy Perry, the actor has maintained a relatively low profile, rarely speaking with the press and choosing to remain mostly off social media.

It’s been almost two years since his relationship with Perry ended and the two have since remained active coworkers and close friends. With their shared interest in literature and film, it’s no surprise that the two continue to stay in touch. In fact, it’s been reported that they’ve even collaborated on some projects, including the Netflix series The School Within and a selection of short stories for an anthology titled The Book of Dust.

Although they’ve both spent a lot of time away from the limelight, it seems that the media still follows their every move. Since his split from Perry, Pattinson has become something of a muse for the fashion industry, with numerous brands cashing in on his popularity. In addition to continuing to work with Gucci, the actor has collaborated with Naked By Ralph Lauren on a limited-edition capsule collection aimed at his fans and social media followers. The collection is called the “Naked by Ralph Lauren” Project and will be available for purchase at the RL Brand Store in New York City and online at RALPHLAUREN.COM on November 1.

But it’s not just fashion that has benefitted from Pattinson’s newfound downtime. In addition to taking a break from filmmaking to focus on his wellbeing, he has also decided to forego many of his previous brand collaborations in favor of taking a step back from the limelight. It was recently revealed that he intends to auction off many of his possessions, including his trademark jeans, in order to raise money for various good causes. (Pattinson’s publicist has denied that this is the case and says that the actor has “no plans to auction off any of his belongings.”)

In addition to taking a step back from his professional life, Pattinson has also decided to take a step back from his private life as well. In January, it was reported that the actor was in a relationship with musician James Reed. In an interview with The Guardian, Reed described Pattinson as both a “love-figure” and a “breathing soul.” According to Reed, the two first met at a dinner party in Malibu and started dating soon after. While they’ve kept their relationship private, they’ve spent a lot of time together, with Reed even moving out of his parents’ house in order to be closer to his lover.

Reed And Siblings

The musician has also extended his arms beyond just Pattinson, welcoming siblings Damon and Lily into the relationship as well. After dating for a few months, Reed proposed to Damon on Christmas Day in 2018. (Damon and Lily are both game designers and creators of the mobile game Astro Bot Rescue Saga.) While Reed would go on to describe the proposal as “magical,” Damon responded with some more humble words. “It’s been interesting,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Meeting someone who’s loved and supported me in ways I’ve never been supported and loved before. I think it’s made me a better man.” (Reed has also previously dated A-list celebs such as Kate Middleton and Anna Wintour.)

As for whether or not this new found love will last, only time will tell, but Damon remains optimistic. “I think it’s going to be great,” he said. “I think we’re both looking for a meaningful relationship and I hope we can have that.” (Lily has previously dated Tiger Woods.)