Hogwarts is one of the most famous fictional schools in
Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling’s books and films. Located in
Hogwarts, Scotland, the school grounds bear the shape of
a butterfly. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s a quick

-The school year is divided into three terms: summer,
winter, and brooklyn. -There are four houses: Gryffindor,
Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. -Each year, students
join the houses based on their skills in Quidditch,
the school’s unofficial sport. -Hogwarts is headed by
Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of all time, who happens
to be Robert Pattinson’s godfather.

So, basically, it’s Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft
and wizardry where the greatest good conversations
happen and you develop lifelong friends. That sounds
like a pretty cool place to be in, right?

Well, if you’re a girl, you’re in for a real treat.
According to J.K. Rowling’s books, Hogwarts is exactly
this kind of place for girls. Not only does it have
all of the wonderful magical creatures, like the
bears, the hippogriffs, and the nifflers, but the
school itself is a place where they learn to be strong
and independent.

And what’s more? Some of the females who go there
come out with amazing skills, like the ability to
transform themselves into a snake or a spider, speak
multiple languages, and win the affection of the
greatest wizard of all time!

But enough about the Harry Potter universe. We want
to know what house you think Robert Pattinson belongs
in, based on what we know about him. So, let’s get
into it.


Gryffindor, named after the fire-breathing beast
Gryff, is one of the four Hogwarts houses which
students of both sexes can join. It is traditionally
considered the most noble house because of its
connection to King Arthur and his legendary knights
and wizards. Naturally, as the granddaddy of all the
Harry Potter houses, Gryffindor has all of the
wonderful things that come with the name.

In the Harry Potter universe, Gryffindor’s defining
characteristic is courage. The students there value
bravery, determination, and leadership. One of the
school’s most famous alumni is the creator of
Rumblefish, Viktor Krum. He is best known for writing
the children’s books Horace and Theodore, which are
based on his life. One of them is even translated into
Spanish and French. He also wrote the bestselling book
How to Win Friends and Influence People, which is now
an iconic piece of 20th century life advice. Sounds
like a pretty cool person to be associated with,
doesn’t he?

Gryffindor is made up of enthusiastic and positive
people who love a good laugh. It’s the House of
Potter, but also the House of Krum. And who cares
whether you’re a boy or a girl, anyway? Everyone will
like you once they get to know you.


Hufflepuff is named after the Hufflepuff
tameable birds, who live in Australia. As its
name would suggest, this is the Hogwarts house
students who work hard and play hard. It is most
associated with the traits of hard work and
cheerfulness. However, over the years, it has
become popular among students who want to pursue a
less conventional path in life. The founder of
Hufflepuff, Rowan Atkinson, is an English actor,
writer, comedian, and magician whose career spans
more than six decades. He’s best known for creating
the world-famous Mr. Bean character, which he
performed and animated himself. He also wrote and
directed the 2014 film, My Best Friend’s Wedding,
which was a box office hit and won the Academy Award
for Best Screenplay. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s
still going strong, starring as Mr. Bean in a new
Mr. Bean film every year. So, basically, he’s the
greatest entertainer of all time. That’s an
impressive resume.

Hufflepuff is pretty much what you’d expect from
the name. Everyone will like you and want to be your
friend, whether they’re a boy or a girl. Students
here value loyalty and commitment. The catch is that
you have to be willing to work hard. Otherwise, you’re
just a cheater.


Ravenclaw, named after the fierce, yet smart
ravens that live in Australia, is the Hogwarts house
for nerds. It is also the Hogwarts house for
wizards. And not just any wizards, but the greatest
wizards throughout history. The founder of Ravenclaw,
Rosenblatt, was a German–American mathematician and
physicist who invented weather prediction. He also
developed an early version of radar that’s still used
today. One of the first major works on cryptology
was his 1915 treatise, The Mathematics of Cryptography
(Tome ), which laid the mathematical foundation for
modern day cryptography. If that doesn’t ring any
bells, you’re probably wondering what kind of wizard
this guy was, anyway.

There’s also been speculation that J.K. Rowling
might have named this house in honor of William
Raven, a real-life ornithologist and naturalist who
specialized in the behavior of crows. And what would
be the ultimate accolade for a wizard? If you
wondered what kind of house Voldemort, the Dark Lord
of Hogwarts, might belong in, your answer lies
here. After all, he was the greatest wizard of all
time, wasn’t he?

The students in Ravenclaw are highly motivated
and driven individuals who like to test their
intelligence. Not only do they value knowledge and
inquiry, but they also seek recognition for their
academic achievements. If you display initiative and
drive, then this is the house for you. But watch out
for the professors, because they can be pretty
paranoid when it comes to intellectual property
and copyright, especially when it comes to
practical jokes.


Slytherin, named after the snakes that live in
Australia, is the Hogwarts house of villains. It is
also the Hogwarts house of death eaters. If you
dislike the idea of going to school, making friends,
or being honest, you will thrive in this house. The
students here value cleverness over anything else,
which is why they are associated with the
acronym, SCO (the society for the comminatory
religion of magic). The founders of Slytherin,
Maguire and Rowan, were Irish expatriates who
influenced European magic in the Middle Ages. What
was their secret? By adding a few twists and turns
to traditional European rituals, they were able to
forge powerful new spells. Not only that, but they
also invented a new alphabet that allowed them to
transcribe previously unspellable poems and
prose works. So, basically, they were the Eights
Children, who defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort in
particular circumstances to save the wizarding world
from certain destruction. What a team!

The name Slytherin comes from the fact that its
students enjoy torturing their teachers. Naturally,
if you’re a cheat who hates studying, then this is
the house for you. However, it should be noted
that while Slytherin’s students are vindictive and
narcissistic, their professors can be quite