One of the many joys of the Harry Potter series is how the buildings and locations of the novels become real life tourist attractions. Whether you’re a fan of the books or have seen the films countless times, it’s fun to visit the places where Harry and his friends lived and worked. But which of the Harry Potter houses is your favorite? We examine the locations of the different houses in the order of their importance.


Gryffindor, named after the famous house wizard, is the first of the four Hogwarts houses and is represented by a classic silver fish. Naturally, this house is also associated with courage, as Gryffindor is the house that challenges the rules and encourages risk-taking. This house is traditionally associated with the elite and the famous, and is often referred to as the house of dreams. There’s also a Gryffindor shop, located at Diagon Alley, which sells all sorts of wizarding paraphernalia. Unfortunately, there are also several misconceptions surrounding this house. Despite what the films might have you believe, Gryffindor does not always choose blue-eyed students. In fact, many witches and wizards choose to attend Hogwarts in the darker colors. So if you’re one of the rare Gryffindor fans who adore the brighter hues, you might want to consider a warm mahogany or even black for the occasion.


Ravenclaw, named after the trickster raven, is the second house of the four Hogwarts houses and is represented by a majestic eagle. This house is all about craftiness and knowledge; accordingly, students in Ravenclaw are taught to look for the practical application of their knowledge. Despite its clever name, the Ravenclaw house is not actually associated with birds of prey. Instead, there are several other creatures, such as owls and snakes, that serve as the house emblem. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, this house also has several stereotypes associated with it. Students in Ravenclaw are often seen as overly-smart, which can lead to problems in social situations. Despite this, it’s a house that has produced some extraordinary wizards and witches over the years.


Slytherin, named after the half-human, half-serpent antagonist in the first novel, is the third of the four Hogwarts houses and is represented by a monstrous snake with pointed ears. Slytherin, like Ravenclaw, is all about knowledge and learning. However, while students in Ravenclaw pursue practical applications of their knowledge, those in Slytherin delve into the fundamental knowledge itself. Despite its name, the Slytherin house is not actually associated with rats, mice, or other small creatures. Instead, the snake that serves as its emblem is a symbol of wisdom and discernment. Like the other houses, Slytherin students are also known for their fierce loyalty. In fact, the House cup itself is named after the Hogwarts guard who died in a duel with Lord Voldemort.


Hufflepuff, named after the famed founder of the house, is the house that blends into the background, as there’s nothing particularly distinctive about it. Hufflepuff is a fairly generic house that blends into the muggles, or ordinary people, on the street. Nevertheless, this house is represented by a beagle, a loyal and friendly breed. Like the other houses, Hufflepuff is associated with knowledge, though not always in a practical sense. The school year is generally considered to be a good time at Hogwarts as there’s always something interesting and educational going on. Naturally, if you’re a fan of the books, you might want to consider visiting at some point during the school year, as there’s always something exciting and new to see at Hogwarts.

Order of the Phoenix

Finally, we have the Order of the Phoenix, which is named after the fifth and climactic book in the series. This order is represented by a marching band of famous movie fans. The Order of the Phoenix is the house that serves as the resistance against Lord Voldemort’s dark magic. Accordingly, students in this house learn to be brave, even when facing danger. Naturally, this is a house full of fans of the films, which is no surprise given the iconic status of the members of the Order of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, this is also a house that has been used for horrific activities throughout the years, even resulting in fatalities. If you’re a fan of the Order of the Phoenix and want to visit the site of the Order’s headquarters, you might want to do so during a rainstorm or an earthquake, as there are unfortunately several places where this house has stood the test of time. Unfortunately, there are also several misconceptions about this house. Unlike the other houses, the Order of the Phoenix does not choose students with glasses, as there are no owls in sight. Also, unlike Harry Potter and the rest of the Hogwarts graduates, you won’t find any students in the order holding brooms or flying carpets. It’s a myth that the buildings and locations of the books and films have become attractions. Instead, the novels and films have probably helped to create a generation of obsessed fans who want to live inside the fantasy world that J.K. Rowling has created.