It’s safe to say that Robsten never looked (or acted) more loved than they did on the big screen. While it’s still a week before the release of their wedding video, the couple was already treated to an intimate dinner with family and friends at Hensley Palace in London. They officially tied the knot back in September in New York City, and since then, their happy marriage has been splashed across tabloids and social media.

A Romantic Night For Their Big Day

The newlyweds were so in love that night, as Robsten enjoyed one of the most romantic nights of their lives. They made their entrance to the hotel ballroom looking radiant and feeling particularly pleased to have everyone witness their special day. Amidst cheers, tears, and plenty of love, the pair declared their undying devotion to one another, promising to spend the rest of their lives together.

The bride wore a dazzling emerald-green strapless dress by Stella McCartney. For her hair, she turned to celebrity hairstylist Daniel Marr for some wedding sparkle. “I wanted a glamorous finish to the look so I used some Diamond Light Jewelry Hair Styling Cream,” he said. “This is one of the best products I’ve ever worked with. It makes your hair look like it’s been brushed by a hundred cupcakes.”

A Wedding to Remember

The celebration continued to the next day, where the newlyweds were joined by their guests for a wedding cake and then-bride-to-be Kristen’s first dance with her groom. The happy couple then made their way down the aisle, followed by hundreds of family and friends. The ceremony was followed by a sumptuous wedding banquet and the newlyweds’ first dance for the reception. The evening ended with fireworks, band performances, and a grand fireworks display. It was one for the books.

All Eyes On The Bride

It’s safe to say that not only did their wedding day steal the limelight, but so did the newlyweds. The media were obsessed with the royal marriage, and it wasn’t just a media frenzy either – people across the world were celebrating the royal union. Many designers and magazines rushed to publish wedding dresses, and the trend didn’t stop there. In fact, everything about Kristen and Rob’s big day was talked about and eventually branded as “the royal wedding.”

It was such a special moment when the newlyweds shared their first dance as husband and wife. For many, it was a night they will never forget, largely down to the exceptional wedding dress designed by Ralph & Russo.

A Grand Gesture

A wedding like this one needs a grand gesture to match. It’s rare that you will find two people so in love that they decide to forego the traditional honeymoon and instead spend their first holidays as a married couple in Britain. This was certainly a grand gesture by Rob and Kristen, who have always loved living in England and who have been regularly spotted touring the famous English countryside. It wasn’t just a trip to England either – they also spent a short while in Scotland on their wedding day. Perhaps the newlyweds are trying to make up for lost time and aren’t looking to rush into parenthood just yet.

A Family-Friendly Event

Another way in which the royal wedding was memorable was in the way it was tailored to be family-friendly. This was particularly beneficial for anyone with children, as the wedding was a great opportunity to show support as a family. Many events, particularly sports events, have a strict no children policy, so having a wedding that welcomed families was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t just about the happy couple either – the wedding also celebrated the many achievements of Rob’s parents, who have been married for more than 40 years and who remain as devoted to each other as ever. Rob’s dad, Bill, even gave a speech in which he praised his daughter-in-law for “stepping up and providing parents for their children, which is a real testament to her commitment and love for her husband and family.” It was an emotional moment for all involved.

The wedding ceremony and reception marked the culmination of an emotional day for the entire family. It was a day that saw the culmination of nearly two decades of hard work, with plenty of proud parents, siblings, and cousins there to celebrate with the couple.

The media couldn’t get enough of the royal wedding. It was a chance to show off their favorite dresses, and whether you loved or loathed the couple, it’s hard to deny that they stole the limelight on such a special day. The media circus wasn’t just limited to the wedding either – the entire affair was reported on and documented by nearly every major news outlet. The only ones that weren’t able to cover it were The New York Times and The Washington Post, as many traditional media publications were shut down or consolidated due to the financial crisis.

It was a story that touched the entire world. While there were those who questioned the legitimacy of the marriage, due to Rob’s previous girlfriends and Kristen’s history of lying, there were also those who believed it to be completely above board. The celebrity wedding was a unique chance for fans to get a glimpse of the romantic story that has captivated the world, and a chance for designers to cash in on the hype surrounding the marriage. Naturally, it will forever be associated with the royal family, as they are the most celebrated couple in history. The grand event was yet another accolade for the Prince of Wales’ daughter and her new husband, and a testament to just how popular their wedding will be.