Some of you may know that actor and comedian Robert Pattinson is a big football fan. Well, he has a team he supports and they are called the Lions. Now that the NFL season is over, you may be wondering what team does he support in real life? It’s a good question and we will try and answer it for you. Here’s the deal: we don’t always know what team an actor or comedian supports in real life. It’s a common thing for them to keep their opinions to themselves and only support those teams that the public doesn’t know much about. Here’s a closer look at the Lions and their head coach, Matt Patricia.

The Lions Are Based In Detroit

While some people may know that the actor and comedian Robert Pattinson supports the Lions, not everyone knows that they are based in Detroit. The truth is that the Lions have never been based in another city. They were founded in Detroit in 1894 and have never left the Motor City. This is one of the reasons why they are known as the Lions — because they are literally the lions of Detroit. You may have seen the famous black and white lions logo on the shirts of Detroit Tigers fans — well, they were originally the Detroit Wolves and the logo designer’s name is on the ground because he created it for the team. It’s funny how history comes full circle. Besides, we all know that black and white football looks cool as hell. If you want to learn more about the fascinating history of the Lions, check out this article by Michael Rothstein on

The Detroit Lions Are One Of The Most Successful Football Teams

In case you’re wondering, the Detroit Lions are one of the most successful NFL teams. They have won 10 NFL titles and their fans are very proud of this fact. Many fans consider the Lions to be the best NFL team of all time and it’s easy to see why. Besides, the team has never been very bad; they have consistently been one of the best teams in the NFL. It’s fair to say that the Detroit Lions are the ultimate model of a successful NFL franchise. In fact, they are so successful that the team has never had a losing season. This is a pretty rare feat for a professional sports team. Moreover, the Lions have one of the biggest followings in all of sports; you might know them as the “Lions” or the “Tigers” but, realistically, you probably know more about them as the “Green Bay Packers” or the “Dallas Cowboys”. People around the world know and love the Detroit Lions.

Matt Patricia Is One Of The Most Influential And Successful Head Coaches In NFL History

Speaking of successful head coaches, let’s take a quick look at Matt Patricia. He is the head coach of the Detroit Lions and he has done an amazing job. Not only has he taken the team to the playoffs three times, but he has also led them to multiple wins. He is a very talented coach and people agree; he has a record of 68–34 with the Patriots and Lions. He has also led the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs twice and won 10 games in a row at one point. In other words, Matt Patricia is one of the most influential and successful head coaches in NFL history. He’s won a lot of games and developed a lot of great players. Thanks to him, the Lions are going to be competitive for many years to come.

Which Is The Best NFL Match-Up Against The Lions?

Now that you know the history behind the Lions and their head coach, Matt Patricia, it’s time to figure out which is the best match-up for the Green Bay Packers this year. The Lions are a very challenging team to play because they are always a threat to score a lot of points. They are very balanced on offense and defense. Moreover, their fans always cheer loudly and, sometimes, even fight with each other in the stands. This makes it difficult to score because you never know when one of their fans may end up stabbing you or beating you with a bat. One match-up that should be fun to watch is the Lions’ passing game against the Green Bay Packers’ cornerback trio of Kevin King, Damon Agudlo, and Josh Hawkins. Those guys are some of the best at what they do and their coverage in the secondary will be tough to beat. If the Packers can limit the big plays, they will have a good shot at winning this game.

Overall, The Lions Are A Great Team To Support

As we mentioned before, not everyone may know that the Detroit Lions are based in Detroit. But, if you’re a football fan, it’s hard to avoid them. The team is always one of the most popular, and most successful, teams in the NFL. They have never been very good at marketing themselves, but fans from all over the world enjoy supporting such a great team.