You may have heard of the recently widowed Robert Pattinson, most recently married to his long-time girlfriend, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. After decades of being together, the actor/filmmaker/model has finally found happiness and solace in his marriage and the love of a woman he cared for back in his teen years. Although his recent years have been spent in the public eye, whether it was for his iconic work in the ‘Twilight’ films or his marriage to the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart, Rob has always kept a low profile and has never really done any press regarding his new life and, more importantly, his children. What ever happened to Rob Pattinson?

Keeping A Low Profile

With his iconic dark hair and green gaze, the English actor has always been a striking figure. Whether on the big or small screen, Rob has never shied away from the camera, whether it was for a serious role or an iconic fashion campaign. Over the years, he’s managed to stay in the public eye even when his filmography has been relatively quiet, thanks, in part, to his decades of celebrity. At 54 years old, Rob is one of the most famous — and, arguably, most well-known — celebrities of all time. While he may have retired from acting, the iconic status he achieved through his work in the ‘Twilight’ films alone would make him a worthwhile target for any brand or organization looking to gain fame or recognition.

Married And Happily Ever After?

In April 2019, reports surfaced that Rob had tied the knot with Kristen after three decades of dating. The couple married in a small ceremony in London in front of their family and friends. While they had long been rumored to be set to wed, the wedding took many by surprise, as the pair had remained relatively low-profile, rarely doing any interviews or, for that matter, even appearing in public together. In response to the surprise wedding, a source told BuzzFeed News that the pair are “happily ever after” and that their private lives are “just like [they] always wanted.” Now, at last, it seems that Rob has found the love of his life, the woman he promised to marry when he was 18 years old, and the family he’s always longed for.

Twilight And Beyond

With his newfound family and new life, it’s no wonder that the future of Rob’s iconic career as an actor seems less bright now more than ever. After all, he has spent more than half of his life in the public eye and, at this stage of his life, it seems unlikely that he’ll be wanting to actively pursue more acting roles. In lieu of any new films, he may well choose to focus on his family and his newfound hobby of painting. Whatever the case, it is clear that the world has lost a great actor, but gained a wonderful husband and father.