Kristen Stewart is one of the most prominent celebrities in the industry today, known for her work in the Twilight movies and their subsequent success. After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, over a year ago, she has since managed to find a new partner in 21 Savage, who she has been dating for some time. Because of her notoriety and influence, many fans will be curious as to the way she has managed to move on from losing one of the most famous men in the world – especially since she had so much time to reflect on their relationship. So today I will attempt to answer that question by analyzing the comments Prince Roby (as I’ve started calling him, since the press has started referring to him as “Prince”) made about Kristen after they broke up.

He Thinks She’s A Great Actress

One of the first things Prince Roby said after they broke up was that he thought that Stewart was a great actress and that he had enjoyed working with her on the set of the Twilight movies. Although he didn’t give many specifics, he did say that she had been a joy to work with and that he had enjoyed her performance in the films. I, personally, think that this is one of the most complimentary things Prince Roby could have said about an ex-girlfriend, considering how much he is known to hate the media and the paparazzi, who constantly try to make her into some kind of fame whore (just like Selena Gomez, who he is currently dating, infamously said about Stewart at the time).

He Didn’t See Eye-to-Eye On Some Things

When it comes to his opinion of Kristen, Prince Roby didn’t seem to be able to find the right words. When speaking with Elle magazine, he said, “I don’t know. I think we were just on different creative journeys.” And in an interview with Metro UK, he said, “It just wasn’t working out. I think for a while she could have been a bit insecure, because she’s worked with some of the biggest male stars in the world. She has to constantly prove to herself that she’s good enough.”

I can understand where he’s coming from. After all, the fact that Stewart worked so hard to be famous shows that she has insecurities, considering how much work it typically takes for a woman to be accepted as an actor in Hollywood (not to mention that she had to go through a physically demanding role in order to transform into a vampire).

He Still Loves Her

Although he doesn’t always show it, Prince Roby still clearly cares about Stewart. Not only did he express his grief over her loss on Twitter following the death of her mother, Jenny, from cancer, but he also sent her a sweet, handwritten card, which many people have seen and shared online. In light of all this, it’s not too far-fetched to think that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. And, considering that they have been involved in a long-term relationship with each other since 2012, it’s safe to assume that these feelings have not changed, regardless of what happened between them previously.

Does He Think She’s The Most Fashionable Woman He Has Ever Met?

Another thing that has been said about Stewart is that, although she may no longer be with Roby, she has not stopped being fashionable. Back in October 2017, she was spotted wearing a black dress with a silver belt and matching shoes while filming a scene for the upcoming movie, Hotel Artemis. And a couple of weeks ago, she attended a film festival in Paris wearing a floral print dress accompanied by a chic clutch.

Considering that her taste in fashion is widely known (thanks, in part, to her Instagram account, which has over 4 million followers), it’s not hard to see how Prince Roby would classify her as the most fashionable woman he has ever met. And if that wasn’t enough, she also earns a spot on Tatler’s list of the most stylish women in the world.

He Thinks She Has A ‘Sleek’ Look

Although he didn’t call her that, Prince Roby did say in an interview that he thought that Kristen Stewart had a “sleek” look. In the same interview, he also referred to her as a “beautiful girl,” so it seems that, in his eyes, she still embodies all the qualities of a “beautiful girl.” And, as someone who has worked with her, I would have to agree. She is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning women I have ever met. Not to mention that she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

He Loves Her Curves

Another thing that has been said about Stewart is that she has beautiful curves. In particular, Prince Roby has stated that he finds her curvy figure “sexy.” When asked about this in a 2018 interview, he said that he thinks the best way to find out if someone is sexy or not is by seeing their reflection in a mirror. So if you’re not sure whether or not you’re going to turn him on, simply give him an eyeful of yourself in a mirror and see what happens.

She Is His ‘Most Romantic Partner’

Also in the interview, Prince Roby said that Stewart is his “most romantic partner.” Considering that they have been openly dating for several years and have had some incredibly private moments, this certainly doesn’t come as a huge surprise. When they were first spotted together as an item in 2013, they were labeled as the “couple du jour,” and it seems that their romance has only gotten more glamorous since then.

In 2016, Stewart made headlines when she was photographed wearing a custom Vivienne Westwood dress that she designed herself, which had a sheer skirt that reached just above her knee. The following year, she was seen wearing a long, black wool dress with Louis Vuitton, whose designs she has been known to wear. She also frequently pairs her outfits with Balmain, whose designs she has also been seen wearing in the past.

Does She Have A ‘Sassy’ Personality?

Finally, let’s not forget about Stewart’s sassy personality. In one of the above-cited interviews, Prince Roby said that he thinks that she has a “sassy” personality. He continues by explaining that she is often very direct, stating that she doesn’t suffer fools and will often let you know if she finds something amusing or interesting – or not.

Whether or not he truly means this about her, it’s clear that he thinks highly of her. And considering that he is, in fact, a prince and has been with some of the most prominent women in the world, it’s also clear that he admires a strong, independent woman. Just like him.

So there you have it. I hope this article answered some of your questions about Prince Roby’s opinion of Kristen Stewart. If you have any more, feel free to leave them in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading.