While the world was still wrapped up in the frenzy that was the Twilight series, its stars were already moving on to other projects. And so, as the saying goes, is life. But what did the heartthrobs sing off-camera that might surprise you? We’re going to run down some of the more interesting tidbits about the film’s stars, from the first audition to their take on modern-day love.

Robert Pattinson

Even before Twilight, Robert Pattinson had made a name for himself in the film world. He first rose to fame when he starred in the vampire romance series, The Ballad of Betty Blue. Since then, he’s starred in notable films like The Tourist, Real Steel, and the upcoming The Lost City. He’s also currently in post-production on the boxing drama, Beautiful Boy.

Pattinson has proven himself to be a bit of a renaissance man. He’s acted in some pretty interesting films, sung in some amazing bands, and even designed furniture. We couldn’t fit all of that on this list, but we will highlight a few interesting facts about him below.

Pattinson’s Celebrity Comebacks

It’s no secret that Hollywood can be a harsh master. A lot of stars had to battle addiction, mental illness, and even financial hardship before being able to stake their place in the spotlight. Below, we’re going to dive into Pattinson’s celebrity comeback stories and how he handled/is handling these issues in his life.

The Rehab Addiction

Pattinson has spoken openly about his struggles with addiction. He admits that he spent a lot of time partying and “self-medicating” during his early twenties. He eventually turned to rehab to get clean, and it clearly worked. Since then, he’s stayed crystal clear of any major drug use. Still, he’s been known to dabble in occasional edibles (gummy bears, anyone?), and he’s even been seen sporting a granny boot (which he wears with pride).

As previously mentioned, Pattinson started his recovery roughly two years ago, and he’s been completely clean ever since. He credits his parents and brother for helping him along the way, and he regularly speaks out about his experiences in recovery. It would appear that Pattinson has found the help he needs to continue his acting career. Let’s be honest, with this level of dedication and hard work, who wouldn’t want to follow in his footsteps?

A Re-invention Of The Self-made Man

Pattinson has spoken about how he’s always been fascinated by the men and women who were confident enough to believe in themselves and their abilities, no matter what adversity came their way. Perhaps it’s because he feels a certain kinship with these legendary types, considering he too is often hailed as an “ordinary genius.”

While he was growing up, Pattinson never felt like he fit in with the other kids. He admits that he was always a bit of an outsider, and he credits this to the lack of positive male role models in his life. But that’s all in the past now, doesn’t seem like something that would trouble Pattinson at all. He’s a Hollywood superstar now, a role model to many, an inspiration to fans, and a symbol of male strength and confidence.

Looking back on his career so far, Pattinson realizes how incredibly lucky he’s been. The industry has continually proved itself to be a great platform for self-expression and personal growth. It provided him with a chance to re-invent himself and to carve out a new place for himself in the world. He’s grateful for that chance, and he’s determined to do the same for anyone who’s willing to listen.

Dressing To Impress

Pattinson has also spoken about how he likes to make an impression. When he first got into acting, he was told by a coach that he needed to add more sex appeal to his game. So he adopted a more seductive style of dressing. He still wears this sexy little black dress in almost all of his publicity photos, in almost every scene of the Twilight films. Whether he’s lounging by the pool or hanging out with his friends, he always looks stunning.

This is a stark contrast to the way he looked before entering rehab. Back then, he struggled with his weight, wouldn’t leave the house without hairspray, and rarely left the house without a full face of makeup. Now he dresses to impress, and his confidence and charisma are definitely on full display.

It’s been said that Pattinson has the presence of an “alpha male,” which is a compliment, considering he’s a total badass. Still, this presence seems to have softened around the edges. He’s no longer the arrogant, self-centered playboy. Rather, he’s a humble, determined, and patient man. He still possesses that swaggering charm, but he hides it well.

Singing And Dancing

While Pattinson has often been praised for his intense portrayal of a vampire, it’s his hidden talents that have endeared him to fans even more. He’s not just an actor, he’s a singer and a dancer. He started taking classes when he was sixteen, and he even performed a duet with a then-girlfriend at the age of eighteen. Since then, he’s kept himself busy learning and performing, often taking on a role in a Broadway show as part of his research.

He’s even composed several songs, one of which, “Just One Of The Boys,” was featured in the film adaptation of the popular book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. He’s also lent his voice to some iconic characters in video games like Grand Theft Auto, where he provides the English-dubbed male vocals for the character of Michael de Santa. For a more detailed bio on the actor and his many accomplishments, visit Wikipedia.