If there’s one topic Hollywood A-listers are typically vocal about, it’s movies. And what’s one of the biggest talking points about the latest Harry Potter installment? That it’s the last Harry Potter movie. With no reboots or sequels in sight, fans of the series can rest assured that this is the last time they’ll ever have to say goodbye to Hogwarts. But does this mean that series ender Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone is Robert Pattinson’s final Hollywood acting role? Not necessarily. While there are no plans for further sequels, there’s always the chance that the actor could reprise his role as the famous wizard for a guest appearance or even a small cameo in a future film.

As for Twilight, whose stars have grown brighter with each passing year, it seems that Pattinson finally had enough of the vampire craze. During a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actor called the Twilight series “a total joke” and claimed that he’d rather go back to his roots as an actor than continue playing iconic roles in high-profile motion pictures.

But speaking of roots, it appears that the British actor has some American ties that he’d like to put on display. Although he’s spent most of his career playing British characters, he’s revealed that he’s actually a quarter American on his mother’s side. He didn’t specify which branch of the family tree he’s descended from, but considering the star’s legendary good looks and charm, it’s likely he’s boasted some famous relatives. Which family ties do you think Robert Pattinson would like to show off the most?