On May 17, 2017, American comedian and television hostess Ellen DeGeneres interviewed Hollywood star Robert Pattinson. Although the interview was scheduled to be about Twilight, the actor and comedian’s appearances in the upcoming feature film Valor, and the influence of social media on film and television, the conversation quickly turned to fashion-related topics. Specifically, DeGeneres questioned Pattinson about his style choices and whether or not he paid any attention to trends. (You can watch the full interview on YouTube. It’s fascinating!)

Pattinson, who recently turned 30, is one of the most influential actors to come out of the 2010s. Since starring in Twilight, he has become famous for his work in the Harry Potter films and the Batman series. Between films, he regularly appears on the red carpet clad in custom-made ensembles. While most stars try to keep up with the trends and style changes that hit Hollywood, it’s quite the opposite for Pattinson. In fact, the opposite is often the case. He rarely follows the fashions of the moment and instead sticks to what he knows best—high-quality, stylish menswear.

Award-Winning Menswear

When it comes to fashion, people often think about style and trends. However, what often gets overlooked is how much the style choices of famous people can influence fashion in general. Not only have people started to associate certain fashion choices with certain celebrities, but they have also begun to adopt those choices themselves. For example, before he became famous, Pattinson was often spotted wearing black. Since then, that is typically his go-to color. (He also has a white dog named Lupo that he often wears in public.)

In the past, men wore suits to work. Then, in the 1960s, there was a fashion revolution that changed everything. Suddenly, it wasn’t about suits anymore. Men began to wear jeans and, later, flared pants. Soon, they completely abandoned suits and began wearing slouchy, casual clothing.

That is exactly what happened to Robert Pattinson. Since he began his acting career, he has mostly worn slouchy, casual clothes. Some of his most famous looks include Black-and-White Check, White-and-Blue Check and White-and-Red Check. (He often wears these three checks together because he feels that they represent a good mix of stylish and casual chic.)

Pattinson’s style choices are often so influential because he normally doesn’t care much for trends. He usually wears what he feels comfortable wearing and what he thinks makes him look the best. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t like to experiment with fashion or try new things—he often does—but he tends to ignore most of the trends that emerge in his industry. (He sometimes even goes against them.)

Larger Than Life

Part of what makes Pattinson such a fascinating character is that he does the opposite of what is expected of an actor. Normally, when a famous person turns 30, they receive lots of attention and are interviewed about what they are planning to do next. However, that isn’t the case with Robert Pattinson. He rarely gives interviews, and when he does, they are never about what other people expect. Normally, the focus is on what he wants to do next, or what is on his mind. On his 30th birthday, he addressed the media with the following statement:

“I am not planning on doing much else after this year. I plan on taking a bit of a break and then returning to work as soon as possible. For now, I am focusing on enjoying my life and doing what I love most: acting. If that means anything to anyone, then I am truly happy.”

That is the kind of attitude that makes him so interesting. He doesn’t need the limelight to feel happy or to feel like his life has value. People who love fashion or who just study fashion often quote his quote about taking a break because it shows that he isn’t driven by trends. He is aware of what is hot and what is not, and he knows that now is not the time for him to be trendy. (A wise man.)

Watch What He Wants

Another thing that makes Robert Pattinson such a fascinating character is that he is very selective about the style guides that he follows. He doesn’t always follow fashion, and he doesn’t always follow celebrity trends. He normally only follows what makes him feel good and confident. That is why he tends to wear what he wants and not what others might tell him to wear. It is also why he can pull off different looks and fashion styles—he is a born stylist.

A Stylist In The Making

Pattinson has said in interviews that fashion is more important to him than most people think. He even went as far as to say that he wishes he could go back in time to change some of the things he has done in his life in order to become more fashionable. One of the things he wishes he could change is his hairstyle. (He normally wears his hair short and sported a mohawk in the first Twilight film. Since then, he has worn his hair different ways and in different lengths. However, he never feels that his hairstyle is completely wrong; he just feels that it suits him better than it suits others.)

Another thing he often mentions is how much he loves fashion and how much he wishes he could be more like an artist when it comes to creating looks. He feels that he can be very creative when it comes to fashion, and he often draws from his own background as a photographer to create unique and stylish outfits. (He has even mentioned some of the outfits he has created and how they came about. It is very interesting to see how his artistry in fashion comes from his own background as a photographer.)


Finally, it is worth mentioning that Robert Pattinson is extremely unique. Most stars try to keep up with the trends that emerge in their industry. However, he rarely does. (He will occasionally wear a trend-setter outfit, but it is always mixed with classic pieces from before the 2010s.) He is the complete opposite of what is expected of an actor; he rarely follows fashion and he does the opposite of what is expected of an actor—he does interviews about his work life and rarely gives fashion direction. (He doesn’t need to—his looks say it all.)

What Does Robert Pattinson Wore On His Interview With Ellen DeGeneres?

When it comes to what Robert Pattinson wore on his May 17 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, there are a few different styles that stood out. First, we should mention that he rarely wears the same outfit twice. Therefore, there were a lot of changes throughout the course of the interview. We will discuss each one of these outfits in detail.

Dark & Dashing

First of all, we should discuss Pattinson’s dark suit. He often wears charcoal gray suits, and this was no exception. It is a classic piece that he wears quite often. However, aside from his usual black and white, he sometimes dashes it with color—he wore a maroon suit with white checks for the 2017 Oscars. (He also wore a charcoal gray suit with yellow patches on the elbows and cuffs for the 2015 Met Gala.)

The thing is, even when he wears something classic, he makes it look modern and stylish. (It is worth noting that he wears a suit only when he is wearing a tie and only then usually ties a maroon or navy blue tie.) He doesn’t hide the fact that he is wearing a suit, but he doesn’t wear a suit with the intention of showing off the suit. He simply wears a suit to feel good and confident—and he normally does this well. (There is also a rumor that he has a specific tailor whom he uses to make sure his suits fit him perfectly.)

Another classic look that he often wears is white. He often wears a white dress or shirt with a solid color pallet and uses his white dog, Lupo, as a fashion accessory. (He has also been seen in white suits in several of his movies.)


Pattinson is also a very creative person when it comes to fashion and has said that he often puts his own spin on items that he wears. This was very evident on his May 17 interview with Ellen DeGeneres. She began by asking him about his hair, which he had recently shaved off. (He will occasionally grow his hair long, but mostly he shaves it off. His hair is one of the things that he is most proud of; it is usually the first thing that people notice about him.)