It seems that the cast and crew of The Twilight had a fantastic time while making the film. There are many hilarious moments that came from the actors’ interviews with Eonline (the video can be found below), from Kristen Stewart’s imitation of a Canadian accent to Rob Pattinson’s embarrassing jokes about his fame. It’s even caught the attention of fans, with one asking: “Did you just make a ‘Twilight’ meme?” If you’re looking for some hilarious quotes from the movie, check out the interview below.

Here are 10 funny moments from the cast and crew of The Twilight:

1. Kristen Stewart Does Her Best Canadian Accent

What’s said in the video below may surprise you. As fans have grown accustomed to, Stewart shows off her excellent comedic timing and impressions in the interview. While discussing her character Bella’s accent, Stewart delivers an impersonation of a Canadian accent that is both hilarious and impressive. She even sounds more like a maple leaf than a beaver.

In the video, Stewart is seen in a kitchen setting and uses her arms to imitate the way the accent would sound. You really should hear her do a cold Canadian weather report. It’s great.

2. Rob Pattinson’s Fame

After breaking up with longtime girlfriend, Taylor Lautner, Stewart began a steamy relationship with ROB PATTINSON. Since breaking news of their engagement in 2014, the couple has been very private. However, they’ve recently begun opening up about their exclusive relationship. In the latest issue of GQ, the couple revealed that their biggest surprise about getting married was the media attention that followed. According to the magazine, news of their engagement spread like wildfire and drew unprecedented media interest. WSJ even wrote an article about it. It seems that the attention has not gone to their heads. When asked about how fame has changed their lives, Pattinson jokingly replied, “Well, it’s changed my penis a bit,” indicating that it has made him feel more comfortable with his body. He added, “I don’t really feel like myself anymore. I feel like a different person.”

While the attention did not affect their wedding plans, it did create some unexpected challenges. The couple said that the paparazzi have been a nuisance, even breaking into their guest’s apartments to take pictures of them together. They’ve also received numerous death threats after news of their engagement spread. Fortunately, they’ve been able to keep safety a priority and have not moved out of their home. While it has not always been easy, they’ve managed to stay strong and committed to each other.

Pattinson has been open about the attention his celebrity has brought. “It’s not something that I signed up for. It’s not something that I wanted. But it’s something that I have to deal with,” he said in an interview. “I don’t really want to hide myself away. I don’t really like the idea of having security guards watching my back all the time. It’s a very different lifestyle to what I expected when I got the part.”

3. Jealousy

While Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship seems to be built on respect and admiration for one another, their feelings for one another seem to be more one-sided. According to a recent report from Eonline, Stewart has expressed her dislike for the way Lautner has treated her in the past, even going so far to say that she would “never forgive” her for manipulating her into dating Lautner in the first place.

Stewart has also suggested that Lautner is not the generous or romantic partner that she deserves. In the interview with Eonline, Stewart stated, “She knows she messed me over. And that’s not going to be something that she is ever going to be able to fix and make right. So, I don’t have any more patience for her.”

While it’s admirable that Stewart is standing by her man, her statements are hurtful to Lautner’s ears. The two were previously engaged and even dated for a brief period in 2003. Since then, they’ve remained good friends, with Stewart often defending her boyfriend against online detractors.

4. The ‘Twilight’ Breakup

Things did not always go smoothly between the sexy couple. In fact, they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs. When Stewart announced that she was breaking up with Lautner, it was met with shock and disappointment from their fans. The news was broken to them by Stewart’s mother, Joan, who felt that her 15-year-old was not ready to end her engagement. In an interview with Eonline, Stewart revealed that her mother actually helped her end it. She said, “She knew how much I wanted to be with Rob. And she just wanted the best for us. So she helped me start the conversation. I didn’t want to break up with him. But I had to.”

It wasn’t just about the media attention that came with being in a relationship with Stewart. At the time, Lautner was starring in Riverdale, an adaptation of the Harvey Comics series. It’s rumored that the show’s producers tried to woo Stewart away from her relationship with Pattinson, even offering her a role on the series. She turned them down, however, wanting to remain loyal to her partner. The two remained committed to one another and eventually married in 2016. In the meantime, Stewart’s mother helped smooth over any problems that arose from the breakup. It was a true test of their mother-daughter relationship.

5. The Making of ‘Twilight’

The making of The Twilight was both interesting and educational for Stewart. She grew up reading Stephenie Meyer’s books and had always wanted to play a character based on her. When she got the part of Bella, she had to take a pay cut for her acting school. She put the money towards her masters in art (she also graduated with a bachelors in architecture), which helped her understand the sets and the location shoots better. The role also required a lot of her time, with filming commencing in November 2015 and lasting until March 2016. Fortunately, she did not have to travel far from her home. The majority of the film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to Stewart, it was a great place to film, with an amazing outdoor area and beautiful, historic houses to shoot in.

6. The First Take On Bella’s Accent

One of the funniest moments from The Twilight comes from a deleted scene that was later released through on-set footage. In the scene, Bella is seen entering the garage of her family’s home. As she walks down the aisle, she gives a very British-sounding chuckle. When she reaches the end of the line and turns to leave, she stops and does an impressive impression of a Canadian accent. She even throws in a bit of an Indian accent for good measure. Once again, Stewart shows off her comedic timing and amazing impressions. It’s a wonderful moment and one of the many reasons why people love her.

7. The Most Romantic Moment

It would be remiss of us not to include a few quotes from the film’s most romantic scene. When we last left off, Stewart and Pattinson were sharing an intimate moment on the beach. He had proposed to her in front of a gorgeous backdrop, the sunset, and hundreds of onlookers. As they spoke, we saw a preview of their engagement ring.

The scene is one of the most romantic in the entire film. It’s no wonder that fans were so moved by it. In the interview with Eonline, Stewart admitted that it was one of her favorite moments from the movie, adding that “[the moment] where Rob proposed was so romantic.” It almost goes without saying that Stewart and Pattinson’s on-screen chemistry is superb and fuels the romantic moments in the film. It’s quite a passionate scene when you think about it.