Robert Pattinson is arguably one of the most talented young men in Hollywood today. He is an Academy Award winner and has received many other accolades for his acting. He was also ranked #18 on Forbes’ 100 Most Influential Celebrities Today list.

Pattinson’s good looks and Hollywood status have made him a bonafide sex symbol. While he has always been open and honest about his sexuality, since becoming a celebrity he has been linked to some pretty impressive guys. Now, Pattinson is looking for a partner who wants to settle down and start a family. He recently spoke about his future plans during an interview with Vogue, saying, “I want to be with somebody who wants to settle down and have kids, but also wants to continue to travel and do different things. “

If you’re looking to be in a serious relationship, here are some interesting facts about the Hollywood actor.

He Has Been In Relationships With Some Amazing Women

While many celebrities are famous for being romantically linked to glamorous women, Pattinson has managed to find love in some truly spectacular places. During the first six months of 2019, he was spotted with four different women. Three of them were actresses. One of his latest relationships began with Emily Brown, a 23-year-old actress who appeared in the film Mary Kom. The two were seen walking arm-in-arm in downtown Los Angeles in February. Shortly thereafter, they were photographed leaving a restaurant together. Brown plays a supporting role in Kom, a biopic about a boxer from Northeast India who became one of the most famous women in the world. Brown has never openly admitted to being with Pattinson, but the two have been linked since early 2019.

He Is A Self-described “Party Animal” Who Lives To Socialize

It would be a gross understatement to say that Pattinson is a party animal. He is often photographed leaving various glamorous parties wearing wild expressions and looking completely carefree. He has a unique perspective on partying. In the past, if he has attended a party and enjoyed himself, he has usually stayed out until the early morning hours. He has never been a very early riser, so these late nights are often followed by him waking up the next day with a massive hangover. Despite this, he continues to party hard.

He has openly discussed his love of partying, saying, “I love going to parties, getting drunk, and making scenes. That’s what I do. I try and stay up all night and get really wasted. I don’t know what the point is of setting a time for bed. If I doze off for a little while, then so be it. I’ll just get up again and have another drink.”

He Is Very Hands-On During Sex

Pattinson is also known for being very hands-on during sex. He has talked about how much he enjoys being active during foreplay, saying, “I love having sex with attractive women. Sometimes I like to feel like a superhero, coming in and saving the day. Sometimes I’ll grab ahold of your breasts and kiss you passionately, or maybe even suck on your toes. Whatever it takes, as long as you’re having fun, I’m happy.”

This is pretty normal for a man who is considered one of the most handsome and charismatic actors in Hollywood today. It seems that the more attention he gets, the more he wants. While some people might view this as a bad thing, it’s actually a very positive change. In the past, many famous faces would have turned down any sexual advances from fans. Now, these celebrities are more than happy to fulfill these requests, as long as it’s a smart move for their careers. It’s quite an interesting case of pop culture changing how we view sexuality as something positive.

He Is An Excellent In-House Companion

If you have a rich and interesting life, it’s easy to see how Pattinson has managed to find the qualities necessary to be successful in Hollywood. He has a good sense of humor and is extremely intelligent, with an impressive vocabulary. He is also a good listener and has a genuine interest in other people. On the set of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, he played the part of Ethan Hunt, a former agent who is known for infiltrating dangerous places and saving the day. Director Christopher McQuarrie said, “He was a real pleasure to work with and was on set every day, making sure everything was okay. He always had a joke to tell and a story to tell. He was just an overall joy to be around.”

There are certainly many benefits to being in a relationship with an attractive celebrity. If you want to learn more, here are some interesting facts about Robert Pattinson.