While most of us are eagerly anticipating the upcoming premiere of the new Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn Part 2”
(the final installment of the popular vampire series), there is another big news story that seems to have gone largely unnoticed.
It seems that actor Robert Pattinson may have been arrested for breaking his engagement to actress Kristen Stewart.
The two had been dating for over a year when they decided to call it quits after a serious argument in March 2015.
While it’s unclear exactly what led to the break-up, it seems that they had grown apart as people and were no longer the perfect Hollywood couple that everyone loved to hate.
Let’s look at the evidence and see what really happened. 

No Perfect Couple

Fans and media alike were in an uproar when it was announced that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were engaged in early 2014 (they supposedly had a small engagement party in Venice, Italy).
The news quickly made headlines and social media users couldn’t decide whether to rejoice or be furious over the couple’s perfect union.
Many were ecstatic about the pair’s engagement, while others were appalled that they had tied the knot so young (Pattinson was 26 at the time of the engagement; Stewart was 24).
It didn’t take long for critics to jump on the bandwagon and voice their opinions about the couple’s engagement.
Celebrity blog TMZ called them a “perfect couple,” explaining that their “blissful union” had silenced all their doubters.
The publication added: “If you’re one of the many, many people who thought the celebrity union between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would never happen, well, you might still be surprised.”
Many fans and prominent figures in the film industry quickly followed suit and congratulated the couple on their impressive commitment to one another.
The two were also showered with gifts and flowers upon their commitment to one another.
At the time, Pattinson’s publicist issued a statement, saying: “The rumours and concerns about Robert’s personal life are completely false.
“He strongly denies ever being involved in a brawl or fight of any kind.
“He and Kristen are deeply committed to and focused on their work. They realize the responsibility that comes with being one of the most photographed and discussed couples in the world and they are determined to live responsibly and productively.
“They look forward to sharing more about their exciting and busy future as a couple in due course.” 

However, this all proved to be nothing more than sweet talk from the couple’s publicist.
Less than a year after their engagement, it seems that the couple had already grown apart, with Robert Pattinson seemingly taking a back seat in Stewart’s career.
In March 2015, Stewart announced that she and Robert were going their separate ways and were no longer together.
Though she didn’t specify the reason why they had called it quits, many pointed to their busy schedules as the main cause of the split.
Stewart was busy working on her new movie, the critically-acclaimed, “Jobs,” and Robert was promoting his film, “Sicario,” in Europe.
According to reports from Newsweek, it was a hectic schedule that was taking its toll on their personal lives and marriage.
While the two were in Italy for the season, they had argued about whether or not to call it quits.
It seems that Stewart felt that the film industry had taken its toll on their relationship and that they were no longer experiencing that “spark” that made them perfect for one another in the first place.
She reportedly decided to end it all after a serious row about the possibility of touring the U.S. together in the future.
It was a shock to everyone, including their publicist, who was reportedly forced to draft a letter to the press denying the rumors of an impending break-up.
The statement read: “The Twilight actors have been together for over a year and their dedication and loyalty to one another is undeniable.
“They are committed to making the most of this time and are looking forward to sharing their excitement about the future together.”
It seems that the letter was an attempt by their publicist to put a positive spin on what had happened.
Unfortunately, their time apart was not a happy one.
Less than a month after their split was made public, it was reported that the couple had actually broken up once again.
This time, however, it was completely unexpected.
On April 14, just a few days after Stewart’s 25th birthday, she was photographed kissing and locking lips with her Twilight co-star, Tom Hardy.
It was only a matter of time before the press began drawing their own conclusions about what was going on between the two Hollywood stars.
The Daily Mail published a story, citing an “insider,” claiming the two had hooked up a few weeks before the photo was taken.
The publication said that the timing of the photo was undoubtedly meant to be “galactic” and that it was proof of “an incredibly passionate and intimate relationship.”
It seems that the media and the public were not the only ones who had noticed the strange behavior from Stewart and Hardy.
Police were contacted about the alleged affair and Hardy was subsequently questioned by detectives.
At the time, a representative from Stewart’s camp said that the two were simply “good friends who occasionally share a kiss as a good-bye and good-night gesture.”
However, in the days following, Hardy was reportedly bailed, after failing a lie detector test, which rules out any sort of cheating.
It wasn’t long before the “Kissing Tom Hardy” photo, which has now become one of the most recognizable images from the twilight era, began circulating online.
Shortly after, a spokesperson for Stewart confirmed to the press that she and Hardy were indeed just “friends” and that their “intimate” time together was simply “a result of good old-fashioned hospitality.”
It seems that the media and the public were not buying it.
Hardy’s interrogation by police had apparently rattled him, forcing him to come clean about what was really going on.
In an interview with The Guardian, he said: “She’s a beautiful girl and an amazing actress.
“She’s been nothing but lovely to me. But the fact is we’re just good friends.”
Hardy continued: “Kristen is a really good friend, too. She sent me a text after the story broke and wished me all the best. I told her it was all lies, that it was photo-shoot stuff. She didn’t seem that bothered. It was weird. It wasn’t like she was in denial or anything like that. She just didn’t seem that bothered.”
In the days following, it was revealed that Hardy had received death threats over the scandal.
Soon after, Stewart’s publicist issued a statement, saying: “It’s important to Rob and Kristen that their privacy be respected and they would never ask for publicity to be invaded their personal life.
“It’s important to them that their family and friends not worry about them or speculate about them. They want to continue living their lives and being the supportive partners and doting parents that they deserve to be.”
At the time, Stewart had no comment on the matter, while Hardy’s representative said: “I’m not going to dignify this with a comment.” 

Arrested For Allegedly Biting A Man’s Finger

On September 23, 2016, it was reported that actor Robert Pattinson had been arrested in New York City for allegedly biting a man’s finger during an intimate encounter.
According to the police report, the incident took place at a private birthday party for Stewart, who was celebrating her 35th birthday.
The New York Post reports that the two had been drinking heavily and engaging in sexual activity, which led to the alleged biting incident.
Police were called to the scene and arrested Pattinson, whose rep said that “the allegations are completely false and he vehemently denies them.”
The Post adds that he spent the night in jail and was subsequently arraigned in court the next day.
Pattinson reportedly posted bail and was released, though it is unclear what charges he faces.
No other details were reported.
The Twilight actor’s lawyer could not be reached for comment. 

The story doesn’t end here, though.
Just two days after he was released, it was reported that Pattinson was arrested in Los Angeles for misdemeanor assault stemming from the same incident.
This time, he was allegedly attacked by two men who filed a police report accusing him of punching them in the face.
He was released on $100,000 bail and is due back in court on November 9.
Pattinson’s rep has not yet commented on these arrests.