The new Batman movie comes out on Friday, but if you’ve been paying attention to social media over the last few weeks, you might have stumbled upon some spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, then go ahead and do so.

The latest Batman installment doesn’t disappoint. The Dark Knight is arguably the best in the series, and it easily outshines its predecessor The Dark Knight Rises. Of course, the latter was a pre-constructed blueprint that followed a similar plot framework to the first Dark Knight film. However, despite its similarities, The Dark Knight Rises still feels like a movie made entirely for the sake of being unique. The setting is different, the villains are a mish-mash of different characters from various films, and there are enough new elements that it doesn’t sound like a direct copy of the first Dark Knight.

So, while The Dark Knight might not be a perfect film, it’s the biggest thrill ride since The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn — Part 2. It’s full of action, drama, and intrigue, and it finally gives us a Batman movie that feels like it was made for the big screen. And, considering how good it is, you might be wondering — was Robert Pattinson the right guy for the role of Batman?

Is Robert Pattinson the New Face of Batman?

Yes, quite possibly. While the studio is still mulling over who will star in the upcoming Joker film, the man behind the iconic character is now set to play Batman. Pattinson has been a part of the Warner Brothers’ stable of films for years, having starred in a plethora of projects including Water for Elephants and a supporting role in the upcoming Justice League. So with no qualms about playing superheroes and villains, why not give Pattinson the role of Batman?

Pattinson is a natural choice for the part. Besides, he’s handsome, so it’s easy for women to imagine what Bruce Wayne might look like in real life. However, while the actor is talented, there are still some red flags. Most notably, he lacks the edgy, villainous charm required of the Joker. Still, with a little help from his costars, we might just see a completely new side to Robert Pattinson.

What Will the Dynamic Duo Look Like?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Batman is the fact that the movie’s titular character is never actually seen onscreen. Instead, we’re given an idea of what he looks like through his eclectic choice of suits and the various disguises he wears. For the most part, director Christopher Nolan keeps the character’s identity a mystery, further shrouding him in mystery. This allows the filmmakers ample chance to play around with the various costume ideas and give each one its own charm.

In The Dark Knight Rises, we get our first proper look at Batman, and what a look it is. We see a completely redesigned Batman, sleek, svelte, and possessing an incredible range of stylish ensembles. While Christian Bale’s weight loss for the role was a great feat, it’s the costume changes that make the actor truly shine. Just check out the many ways he dresses up as Batman over the course of the film. Most would say that Bale’s Batman looks better — even Christian Bale admits as much. But the fact is, none of the Batsuits are actually that good. Not even the one he wears last, which is said to be his finest suit.

As for the Joker, while Jared Leto’s performance was phenomenal as usual, his iconic costume was sorely lacking in creativity. And that’s a pity, because it was a design that stood out among the many memorable costumes in the recent history of the Batman franchise. So, while Joker might not be the most original film in the DC Extended Universe, it’s still a credit to the costumes and make-up departments.

The Cast Is Absolutely Loaded With Talent

Not only does Nolan pack the film with A-list stars, but he also manages to assemble an incredible supporting cast. From Robert Downey Jr. to Maggie Gyllenhaal, the cast of The Dark Knight is filled with some of Hollywood’s most memorable faces. But that’s not all. The movie also stars the amazing Mark Ruffalo as the new Commissioner Gordon. As well as an unrecognizable Morgan Freeman as the great detective, Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns).

To put it bluntly, this is one of the best groups of actors Warner Brothers has ever put together for the big screen. No wonder the studio is so eager to continue the cinematic adventures of Batman and Joker.

There’s Plenty Of Room For More Villains

The success of The Dark Knight Rises opens up the possibility of more movie magic with the upcoming Joker film. The character has always been a fan favorite, and the fact that the titular character is now set to star in his own movie might just make him even more of a folk hero. Even if it’s only for a short while, seeing as how the Joker is slated to appear in only two of the upcoming Batman films.

With The Joker set to star in his own film, what will that mean for Batman? Will he be sidelined, or will we get to see the dynamic duo back on the big screen? Time will tell. For now, we can revel in what was perhaps the greatest superhero movie of all time, and eagerly await the next chapter in the cinematic adventures of Batman and Joker.