Yesterday was a big day for Rob Pattinson. The 25-year-old Hollywood star was in New York City to take part in the MTV Video Music Awards. Yesterday evening, Rob arrived at the Pier 94 restaurant on the Upper West Side and shortly after he stepped out onto the street, people started swarming around him asking for photos and asking when he was going to introduce his beautiful girlfriend, FKA Twigs, to the world. In fact, it was such a frenzy that even the paparazzi from Canada got in on the action and started following Rob all over the city. It was quite the scene and we were luckily there to capture it.

VMA Red Carpet Arrivals

Before the MTV awards, Rob arrived on the red carpet and prepared to walk the carpet to the music awards ceremony. Walking the red carpet is always an exciting part of an awards show and it is tradition for stars to do so. But, this year was particularly special because on the way to the ceremony, Rob was joined by his two children, Cosmo and Willow. This was the first time they had walked the red carpet together and it was a magical moment. As they made their way to the start of the show, the photographers had to stop shooting and let the family be. A beautiful moment that all parents and children wish they could have photographed.

An Exciting Evening For Rob

The evening of the awards ceremony was just as exciting for Rob. After presenting an award, he took to the stage to perform his new single, Maria.

“Maria” is one of the biggest songs of the year and it’s only available on his upcoming album, V. The song, which was written and produced by the British indie-rock band, Alt-J, explores themes of love and longing. It was an emotional highlight of the evening as Rob poured his heart out into the mic while performing the song. He cried as he talked about his “happy tears” and the joy that the song gives him. It was as though we were listening to him talk about someone he loved. The audience was moved as well and gave him several standing ovations. The song is such a personal favorite of Rob’s that he dedicated it to FKA Twigs. It was a magical night and one that Rob and his fans will cherish for years to come.

A Night To Remember

The MTV VMAs are always a memorable affair for celebrities and fans alike. This year was no different. As soon as the show was over, everyone made their way to the winners’ circle to congratulate the top nominees and winners. People were still talking about Rob’s performance an hour later as he made his way to his car. It was then that he finally met FKA Twigs and the two had a brief conversation before getting into separate cars to go home. It was then that Rob realized how late it was and he felt bad that he had not visited with his family during such a historic moment in their life. He also felt bad about being away from his partner, Megan, who he spent the entire evening with. So he decided that the first thing he would do when he got back to his hotel was check in with Megan and their children, Vivian and Henry. He wanted to make sure that they were okay and whether or not they wanted to come over and meet him at the hotel for the remainder of the night. It was a very sweet gesture and one that the fans will definitely appreciate.

The next morning, Rob took to his Instagram account to share a sweet video with his fans. In the video, Megan is seen holding their two children while discussing the previous night’s events with Rob. Although Megan and Rob have been dating for a while, they have never done anything like this before. Their children are beautiful and their love for each other is apparent. The video ends with the caption, “Still in love after all these years.” This was a very romantic and touching end to an incredible night. The following day, we saw fans rushing to buy Rob’s brand-new single, Maria, as it was available for purchase in multiple formats, including vinyl.

It was a weekend of special moments for Rob. One evening, he was photographed kissing a blonde woman at a charity event as Megan looked on in shock. The following day, we saw him arrive at a film set in a chauffeured car. This was the moment fans had been waiting for and it was one that they would eventually learn about on social media. The photo spread in Vogue was the culmination of months of speculation and fans were finally given the answer they wanted. Rob is definitely someone to keep an eye on as he continues to make his way to the top.