In light of the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, it’s only natural to wonder about the future of the popular superhero and his glamorous actress companion. Between the pair’s undeniable chemistry on-screen and off, it’s no wonder so many fans have begun comparing their on-set relationship to that of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. While it’s certainly a romantic pairing that isn’t unprecedented, it’s not exactly the fair isle romance that audiences might be expecting. Let’s dive into the relationship between England’s greatest literary export and the Caped Crusader to see how they stack up against one another.

The Facts On-Set

There’s something about the unpredictability of acting that makes it all the more intriguing. In an age of rapid change and digital distraction, it’s an industry that continues to flourish. The fact that Robert Pattinson and Batman were able to collaborate to create something so unique and engaging only adds to their status as fascinating professionals. In the past, screenwriter Tom Clancy (The Bear) spoke highly of Pattinson’s commitment to his craft, noting that “he is such a joy to work with. He gets the poetry of the dialogue just right and he always brings a real excitement to the set.” Similarly, producer Michael Uslan has talked about how much he enjoys working with Pattinson, opining that “not only is he an incredible actor, but he brings an incredible amount of creative energy to the process.”


If you’ve ever watched Robert Pattinson’s performance in Twilight, you’ll know exactly what kind of style icon he is. The British actor is known for his effortless blend of cool and collected detachment and romantic intensity. In the same way that Christian Louboutin reimagined the stiletto, Twilight’s Edward Cullen proved that flashy shoes aren’t necessary to make a man appealing. Rather, a good looking, sophisticated man can be just as sexy as a dude in stilettos.

While it’s exciting to see a famous person’s interest in your favorite superhero, it’s worth noting that these aren’t exactly roles that come easily to Hollywood’s most recognizable men. For starters, Christian Bale didn’t originally want to be the gritty Batman and Mark Walhberg didn’t want to be Superman. In fact, the original plan was for Mel Gibson to star as Batman and Nicolas Cage as Superman. Thankfully, the roles were given to Bale and Warner Bros. didn’t hesitate to capitalize on Bale’s Dark Knight, turning the studio into one of the most profitable movie franchises of all time. It would be easy to jump to conclusions and assume that Bale was simply trying to cash in on the fame that ensued from his iconic performances. However, it’s more accurate to say that he saw eye-to-eye with director Christopher Nolan on the merits of the character.

As previously mentioned, Christian Louboutin reimagined the stiletto with his unique take on the high-heeled shoe. It wasn’t long before other fashion brands began following suit, creating numerous knock-offs and inspiration for trendy women around the world. Similarly, Twilight’s influence can still be felt across popular culture, with everyone from Harry Potter to Glee to Sex and the City referencing the movie. In a time of cultural transition, it’s interesting to note that even our most memorable comic book characters have begun looking more like their cinematic counterparts as the influence of the movies has permeated into the industry itself. For example, the Punisher’s signature skull and crossbones logo was originally designed as a throwback to the 1940s film serials that inspired the character.

The Future

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now playing in theaters, it’s the perfect moment to discuss the future of this dynamic duo. Considering the amount of press that Robert Pattinson has generated since appearing in Twilight, it would be no surprise if Hollywood began knocking on his door, offering him starring roles in major motion pictures. While it might not be easy to say no to such massive projects, he might find it more beneficial to say yes. After all, as his character Nick Valensi in Edward Cullen points out, his life isn’t exactly empty. Between his acting career and his role as a fashion influencer, it’s clear that he has no lack of options.

When asked about the future of his character, Cullen responds by saying “One day, I’ll marry Victoria and we’ll have children. And…boys. We’ll raise them right.” Similarly, if you look at the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice it’s evident that the actor is already showing off his parenting skills, playing the role of an alpha male who is more than capable of filling the family role. In the meantime, however, he will continue to collaborate with Zack Snyder, expanding their relationship from working together to parenting together. Given the popularity of their offspring in the Twilight movie series, this won’t be the only storyline that Snyder pursues with the British actor. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that the success of Twilight has opened up more opportunities for Hollywood’s most famous young adults. It’s an exciting time for their careers and their fans, as the world awaits to see how Pattinson and Batman will grow as a family unit.