Victoria Pattinson’s age was one of the big questions after her super-sweet wedding to Mike Thorton in June 2017 – the gorgeous English bride turned 44 just a few months after tying the knot with America’s beloved. The pair became high-profile symbols of British-American intermarriage after their wedding photos were published worldwide. The question, of course, is: Does Mike still love her as much as she loves him?

We’ve got the answer, and it’s a wonderful one! Victoria and Mike revealed their wedding night straight away, taking no time off from their whirlwind ceremony to enjoy an intimate evening with their families and friends. On June 20, 2017, the first marriage license was officially granted to the pair in LA County, making them the second generation of the “Anthro-British” family to wed. The engagement and wedding were covered in depth by numerous media outlets, including Vanity Fair, People, and US Weekly. And who could forget about that unforgettable moment when Mike gave his bride a surprise pop the question? It was such an emotional moment, filled with love and pure joy. The happy couple has since been enjoying married life in Los Angeles, where they reside with their two children, Charlie and Lydia. They also have a set of twin girls, Rosie and Imogen, born in December 2018.

Victoria’s Boudoir

In the weeks and days leading up to their wedding, we were treated to a series of exquisite teasers – from the bridal party’s first look to the wedding day itself – that ultimately served to remind us of just how glorious a marriage Victoria and Mike are going to make.

The grand dame of beauty bestowed her blessings upon the bride in the most exquisite way, and she made sure her family and friends knew just how proud she was of the gorgeous bride. Victoria invited A-listers and fashion royalty to her glorious celebration, and it was an intimate gathering filled with love and sweet memories.

New Baby!

The biggest question mark going into Victoria and Mike’s wedding was the arrival of their first child. The pressure was immense, and it was clear that Victoria wasn’t taking it lightly. She had been through so much already, including a very public split from David Beckham, and she didn’t want to put her family through any additional heartache. So, it was the perfect plan: To have as little as possible to nothing to do with David Beckham. After a hugely stressful few months, Victoria gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Kai. Unfortunately, the pressure of motherhood didn’t get in the way of her wedding dress, as she had to pull out just a few days before the big day. It was a heartbreaking moment for all involved – but especially for the groom, who was forced to wear a suit instead of the tuxedo he had planned to rent. Luckily, Victoria rose to the occasion, and she looked simply radiant in her simple but breathtaking white dress.

Wedding Favors

It’s common for the guests at a wedding to indulge in some bridal showers and bachelorette parties before the big day. But what happens when the maid of honor and the bridesmaids are all together before the ceremony? That’s what happened to Victoria and Mike’s wedding party, who threw a joint baby shower and bachelorette party a few weeks before their big day.

The shower was a fun-filled affair, capped by an unforgettable dress reveal. The women wore gorgeous, revealing dresses – and the men looked dashing in their tuxedos. The party continued in the bridesmaids’ hotel room, where the ladies had an opportunity to relax and get ready for the wedding. The excitement reached a fevered pitch when the bride-to-be put on her final outfit – a breathtaking dress that left little to the imagination. The ladies couldn’t decide if they liked it or hated it, because in truth, it was both. But that’s half the fun of a wedding: Creating something unique and bespoke for the event itself.

The Reception

After the ceremony, the guests moved to the reception venue, the Beverly Hills Hotel, for a lavish reception. Victoria’s gorgeous dress was on full display once again, as she glided down the aisle on her father’s arm. The bride carried a bouquet of orchids, and the grand dame of beauty looked absolutely radiant. Mike looked dashing in his tuxedo and bow tie, and he gave an emotional speech that was met with thunderous applause – especially from his bride.

It was a magnificent celebration, full of love and joy for this most special couple. We were treated to a stunning display of fireworks and a marching band, which played several of Mike’s favorite music tracks. The dancing continued well into the night, and everyone enjoyed an intimate and happy marriage-counseling session to conclude the night. It was the perfect way to end the most magical day. And it’s fair to say that, four months later, Victoria and Mike’s wedding was one for the books. They certainly made the right choice in each other, and they have been happily married ever since. Thank you, Victoria, for being such an inspiration!