While we’re all aware of the perils of going through puberty early, it seems that Victoria Pattinson is determined to push her body’s natural boundaries.

The British model, who now lives in New York City, shared a series of revealing pics on Instagram this week, shedding light on how she plans to do just that.

In two of the pictures, which feature Victoria wearing a black bra and black underwear, along with boots, the model is sporting a black eye mask and a snorkel. In the first pic, she also sports a gas mask.

The line of questioning caught out many on social media, with fans wondering if she was indeed joking. But Pattinson has always been a woman of many hats, so it’s probably best to take her Instagram posts with a pinch of salt.

Here we discuss Victoria Pattinson’s age, her rumored split from actor Ashton Kutcher, and what her body-posi approach means for her modeling career.

Is She Really 26?

Many doubted that the bikini queen was actually 26 years old, which she will turn on May 17, 2020. But in a series of bombshell social media posts, Pattinson showed the world she’s been feasting on life in New York City.

In one of the pictures, Pattinson is seen lying on a bed with an ornamental snake coiled around her neck. While others believe the snake is an extension of Pattinson’s famous boa constrictor, Leo, it’s more likely a python—a snake that’s twice as long as a boa.

In a second picture, the model is sprawled on a hotel bathtub wearing only a bra, panties and a gas mask. She’s also clutching a bottle of rosé, adding an amusing touch of French Riviera to the image.

Pattinson then followed this up with another picture, which shows her posing with a shirtless Kutcher in the Big Apple. The two were seen dining at Gramercy Tavern last month, with onlookers wondering if this was a flashpoint for drama between the couple.

While many fans want to see Kutcher leave the spotlight and return to his family, the pair have yet to comment on their split. But the model’s body-posi approach hints at the kind of lifestyle change that could lead to a reconciliation.

Why Body-posi Is Trending Now

Body-posi is all the rage in 2020, with influencers shunning typical runway looks in favor of a more natural look.

The trend has been spurred on by influencers such as Lauryn Hill and Amandine Stinson, who have both gone au naturelle in their post-pregnancy looks. But it wasn’t just women who’ve embraced more organic beauty routines, with men also shunning clothes-phobia in favor of a more earth-friendly approach.

Men are more likely to post selfies with animals on their arms and in their hair, with tiger masks and snake hair bandanas commonplace on the selfie-sticks of social media users. But it’s not just about appearances; men are more vocal about the earth’s future than women, according to research by the environmental group Future of Travel.

“We’ve seen the impact of climate change on our wildlife. In some parts of the world, it’s no longer possible to roam the streets during the day without being attacked by a mosquito,” said Elle MacLeman, director of corporate affairs at Future of Travel, in a statement. “This has resulted in some individuals changing their natural behavior and becoming more aware of their impact on the planet.”

According to MacLeman, today’s traveler is more likely to stop at a hotel for the night, so when they check out and see the damage they’ve caused, it’ll be like awakening from a dream. So while we can’t stop going on vacation for environmental reasons, we can try and change the way we’re impacting the places we visit.

The Influencer’s Take On Body-posi

Lauryn Hill has been open about her decision to raise her children in a more natural way, which has resonated with fans, with many following suit. The Grammy-winning artist and mother of four has shied away from photoshoots in favor of solo swimsuits and lingerie pics, explaining that she does not want her children to grow up seeing her as “just another face in the crowd.”

Amandine Stinson also took a more eco-friendly approach to motherhood, sporting a natural look throughout her pregnancy, complete with a snake-hair belt and tiger-print shoes. The French influencer now has a three-year-old daughter, Sacha, and has shared many pictures on her Instagram story of the pair playing in the dirt. Now that she’s back to work, it’s clear that Stinson isn’t planning on hiding her bump anytime soon.

Meanwhile, influencers like Lacey Kapinos, whose clients include Lady Gaga and Rihanna, have been accused of making money off the backs of sweatshops. In November 2019, it was alleged that the influencer was using sub-contracted labor in low-wage countries, including Bangladesh and Indonesia. This isn’t something that Lacey has denied, with the company she founded, O.N.E, registering as a limited liability company in California in 2019. An investigation by the UK charity Fair Trade Works found that two-thirds of the products sold on Lacey’s Instagram were made abroad.

The revelations from these influencers suggest that we’re seeing a rise in brands taking a stand against the fashion system and those who use it, with many turning to ethically produced and made-in-the-UK alternatives. These bodies conform to healthier, more natural standards, which makes them more appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. They’re also usually more comfortable being photographed in smaller groups, which prevents the massive overconsumption that characterizes so much of social media.

What Does This Mean For Victoria’s Modeling Career?

Victoria’s modeling career might not be what it once was, with many citing post-pregnancy layoffs as the top reason for decreased agency work. But the beauty queen has always been determined to push boundaries and have fun with her career, so it’s probably best to see this as a positive, long-term decision.

The model’s decision to go au naturelle is likely to appeal to today’s environmentally conscious consumers, with many praising her for walking the walk. But it’s not just about repositioning herself as an “eco-friendly” influencer and potential spokesperson for organic products—it’s about changing the very way we see and think about beauty. And that, in turn, could potentially boost her modeling career.

While we’d all like to believe that the Kardashians’ reign is over and that their extravagant lives are a thing of the past, the reality is that they’re still very much in control of the perception of their family members. And that’s never been more apparent than in the case of Victoria, who can now proudly display her age on her Instagram story. But instead of being seen as a negative number, her advanced years could actually be an asset in her modeling career.

It’s clear that Victoria has always liked to party, and it looks like she’s still looking to enjoy herself in whatever way she can. With her adventurous spirit and unique sense of style, it’s unlikely that we’ll see her slowing down anytime soon.