Most of us are aware of the beautiful and talented Victoria Beckham, but did you know that her extremely famous sister, Vicky, is also quite the Instagram star? After spending a few months in the jungle, Vicky has returned with a fresh new look and some rather interesting lifestyle choices. One of her biggest changes is her apparent newfound appreciation for nudism and a healthy body image. She recently shared a series of very revealing photos on her Instagram page, which have since gone viral. In light of this, we at XYMlabs decided to dive in and find out exactly what’s going on.

Vicky’s Insta-Stardom

If you follow Vicky on Instagram, then you’ll see a mix of old and new content. The 21-year-old recently switched to a new photographer and new agency, Frame United, who specialize in celebrity glamour photography. The agency’s tagline is “Capturing life’s greatest moments, one frame at a time”, and it seems to be sticking to that mantra. Vicky’s Instagram has more than 500,000 followers, and over the past few months, her nude pics are the best-received posts on the platform.

Many of her previous nude pics were accompanied by a statement from her denying that she’s actually nudes, which generated a lot of debate. It seems that her fans are no longer buying it. Whether she’s actually posing in the state of undress or not, she is certainly posing in a way that many people find incredibly motivating. In the last few weeks, she’s posted a number of extremely sexy pics, accompanied by simple yet effective captions like “self-love”, “skinimalism”, and “confidence”. One of the most popular pics is a black-and-white collage of herself wearing very little clothing. It’s obvious that she’s proud of her body and doesn’t feel the need to cover it up. Most of us have been there, at one point or another. We’ve all felt insecure about our bodies and wondered if we were “good enough” or “beautiful enough”. In the end, it’s never about how much we weigh or how much clothing we wear, but how much confidence we have in our bodies and how we choose to display it.

It’s important to note that this is not a sponsored post or an ad. She is not receiving any money from this, but she is certainly benefiting from the attention. Many of her fans have noticed the shift in her content, and some have even praised her for being “so brave”. While we’re sure that Vicky is appreciative of the support, it’s still not exactly clear what she’s doing. Is she really “free” in the sense that she’s choosing to be a full-blown nudist? Or is she just trying to prove to us that she isn’t wearing anything under that beautiful dress? Let’s find out.

The Dress That Wasn’t There

On December 5th, Vicky posted a picture of herself in a gorgeous gown. It seemed to be a marriage between a vintage-inspired wedding dress and a chic suit. The image has since gone viral, with over 2.8 million views and over 55,000 likes. It’s not difficult to understand why. The dress is absolutely stunning, and the combination of old and new looks is so fresh. It’s unlike anything that she’s worn previously. Many fans believe that it’s a sign that her natural hair color is starting to come through, and that she’s slowly but surely embracing her darker side.

However, this is not something that has been confirmed by either her team or her family members. Her mother, Trudie, did post a photo of her and her daughters on her Instagram page, saying “Thanks @vickembaumbrell for the best fitting dresses as always xx”. This could mean that the “suitable” dress was a gift from the manufacturer or vendor, and wasn’t actually meant to be worn by anyone. The dress’s designer, Kaftan Azoff, also shared the photo on his Instagram page along with the caption “Perfect match.” While it’s possible that this was just a coincidence, given Azoff’s experience in the industry it’s not difficult to believe that he had something to do with it.

Back To Nudes

This past Sunday, Vicky posted a pic of herself in a black bra and panties. The image has been widely shared and received over 500,000 views and 55,000 likes. Many fans are noting that it’s a clear shift in her content. In the past, she’s never shied away from showing her body, even if it was completely covered in clothing. Many of the photos that she’s posted in the last few weeks have been in rather obvious states of undress. However, she’s never really been that open about her sexuality. Even in the previously mentioned viral pic, there was no clear sign of arousal or even simulated arousal. She’s been very guarded about her mental state, as well as the fact that she’s now legally able to marry someone of the same sex as her (as of November 2018). In other words, she’s kept a lot of secrets over the past few months, but it’s seemingly all paid off. Now that she’s in the spotlight for the right reasons, she’s certainly been making the most of it.

While Vicky clearly has a lot to be grateful for, it’s important not to forget about all of the changes that she’s had to make. In 2018 alone, she’s had to leave her family home, trade social media superstitions, and start a new life in a new country. It’s not easy processing all of this in one fell swoop, and many women (including ourselves) can certainly relate. It’s not always easy going from a state of undress to a state of dress, no matter how stunning it may be. Plus, the agency and the photographer have changed, too. She’s now working with a new agency and a new set of photographers who may not be as easy on the eye as Frame United. This could all be a part of a plan, and we should all prepare for the reality show that is Vicky Pattinson’s story in the making. It would certainly be an interesting watch. What do you think?