Vicky Pattinson has been in the spotlight for a while now. The 27-year-old English actress rose to fame after starring in the movie, “Sightseers,” in 2011. Since then, she’s starred in several high-profile movies such as “Belgian Love Story” (2014) and “Night Moves” (2015). In 2019, she’ll appear in the Meryl Streep-directed movie, “The Nest.”

Now, as she gears up for her next movie, she’s opening up about the importance of style and fashion in her life. In a new interview with Vogue, the actress talks about her style inspirations and how she stays motivated as an actress.

Her Style Is All About Minimalism

In the interview, Pattinson talks about the importance of having a minimalistic approach to wardrobes. “I always try to keep things simple and ensure that my closet is full of only the essentials. That way, I feel like I always have options when it comes down to dressing and feel like I can put together any look with ease,” she said.

And it’s that minimalistic approach that makes her so accessible to others. “I feel like an effortlessly stylish woman because everything I own is functional and full of character. I don’t believe in putting makeup on to achieve some kind of perfection. I never have and never will,” she explained.

Pattinson adopted a minimalist approach to her wardrobe when she decided to take a break from acting. After she finished filming a movie in England, she decided to take a year off and focus on her health. She also decided to have a clothesline, which is exactly what her stylist, Georgina Chapman, named her new line of clothing after.

“I wanted to do something to occupy myself while I was home,” Pattinson said of why she decided to create a clothesline. “I love dressing up my clothes and watching them all grow and evolve over time is a great feeling. Knowing that everything is made with organic bamboo is also very rewarding.”

Vicky Pattinson’s Health And Fitness Routine

For someone who’s always in front of the camera, it’s no surprise that Pattinson is so committed to staying fit. In fact, the actress has spoken publicly about how she maintains her trim figure. She’s also opened up about how she stays motivated.

“I think a lot about food and how I can best approach my body to look the same as I do now, but with fewer curves. The way I look now is the way I want to keep on looking and being inspired by. I want to make sure that I keep my figure because I feel like it’s a beautiful thing. I want to celebrate myself for as long as I can,” she said.

She doesn’t always eat nutritious food, however. When she does, it’s for professional reasons. “I do think about what I eat a lot, especially when I’m shooting a movie. If I’m in Brussels for three weeks and we’re constantly shooting, I don’t eat the traditional Belgian food. I eat what I can to maintain my figure but I don’t feel guilty because I know that what I’m doing is good for me. I want to be able to look after myself and my baby the way I should,” she explained.

The Importance Of Style And Fashion To Her

Even before she became famous, people would recognize Pattinson just from looking at her. Chapman, her stylist, explained that the actress’ style is something that fans have always noticed. And it wasn’t just her looks that people would comment on; Chapman says that people would talk about Pattinson’s charm and charisma.

“Vicky has a unique mix of wonderful old-fashioned charm and star quality that makes her stand out – there’s always something about her that makes you want to stare. She’s disarmingly natural and yet unbelievably stylish, which I think makes her such an acquired taste. She has an effortless glamour that is both captivating and inspiring,” Chapman said.

It’s that unique combination of beauty and style that has made her so popular. Even now, people are still talking about her after this interview was published. And it’s not just because she’s a celebrity; someone in Singapore, whom we will call Sylvia, heard about the interview and reached out to us to say how much she admires the star. Sylvia told us that, even at 48 years old, she still looks like a young woman because she cares about what she wears and how she looks.

“I started noticing [her style] immediately. She always dresses so well, and for someone who’s her size, it’s amazing what she gets away with. She always looks so fabulous even when she doesn’t have a big role because she puts so much effort into her dressing. I really admire her for that,” Sylvia said. “Sometimes I feel like I want to be her, you know. I want to dress that well and have people talk about me like that. It would be fantastic.”

Sylvia then went on to say that, although she isn’t sure if the actress would ever hear her say this, she would like to work with her one day. “I would love to dress her. I think she would look fantastic in my designs,” she said.

Her Motivation As An Actor

Pattinson told Vogue that one of her biggest motivations for acting is that she feels like she can offer some form of advice to those who seek it. “I feel like I can speak from experience when people ask me for advice on what to do. There are always so many different options for everyone, and I feel like I’ve been through most of them. I want to make sure that people know that, even though I’m no longer in a relationship with Luke [Dronzek, her former fiancé], they can still go through the same process and come out the other side stronger,” she said.

Dressing well is also important to her as an actress because it makes her role that much more real. “When you put a lot of effort into your dressing, it makes the role that much more immersive. It can even change how you’re perceived at times. You can have a character who would normally be depicted as a weak and scared girl, and with her strutting her stuff, she can turn the tables around. It’s always great to have an opportunity to play a character that you’re more similar to than you would ever guess,” she explained.

Her advice to would-be actors is to just go for it. “Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if you think that they’re not for you. You may think that the character you’re playing is the opposite of who you are – but that’s what makes it interesting. Why play someone else when you can be yourself?” she said.

Pattinson’s advice to those who seek it is to just go for it. “Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if you think that they’re not for you. You may think that the character you’re playing is the opposite of who you are – but that’s what makes it interesting. Why play someone else when you can be yourself?” she said. “I think that’s what makes acting so rewarding, is that you get to be someone else for a while, and that can completely alter your life for the better.”