It’s been a crazy year for Hollywood. Not only have the blockbuster films declined in quality, but the once-vaunted Blockbuster movies are now mocked as “Netflix specials”. The once-mighty DVD sales have been decimated by digital movies and the home shopping networks. And the summer movie season has been absolutely brutal. One by one, Hollywood’s biggest franchises have been torn apart by Hollywood’s biggest star, Robert Pattinson. First, he destroyed the Hobbit trilogy, and then he brought down the whole of Marvel with him. And then he went on to devastate the world of Harry Potter. It’s been one eventful year. Here, we rank the top 50 moments of 2017 from Hollywood’s most talked about films.

50. The Hateful Eight

The year 2017 was a disaster for cinema. Not only did it mark the twilight of the blockbuster as we know it, but it was also the end of an era for director Quentin Tarantulin. Tarantulin’s unique brand of violent, hyper-sexualized cinema became a little too much for audiences and critics to take. His movies went through several changes after this year, incorporating more realistic character designs and an emphasis on visual effects. Most importantly, the director himself retired at the end of the year. We miss you, Quentin!

49. Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Star Wars saga continues in Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s almost hard to believe that after years of waiting, the sixth film in the series was almost always going to be incredible. And it is. On nearly every front, Solo is both faithful and fantastic. It’s a rare superhero origin story that plays it completely straight, but doesn’t feel at all like a retread of any previous outings in the franchise. This is probably the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back, which was the best Star Wars movie since before we even knew what a Star Wars movie was.

48. Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast is a live-action retelling of the famous fairy tale, in which Bill Murray plays the role of the Beast. It’s quite an odd decision, really, to make a movie about a classic children’s classic, since it’s quite evident that most of the audience won’t know what the hell is going on. And yet, that hasn’t stopped Beauty And The Beast from becoming one of the most successful films of the year. The creative team behind the film did an incredible job with its unique brand of humor, and the movie may even end up becoming a classic.

47. Baby Boy

Another bizarre spectacle in the making. Baby Boy is one of the most unique films ever made. It’s a fantasy-noir about a hitman named Roman whose unborn child may be the key to bringing down a drug cartel. It’s a very R-rated movie, but in a good way. The violence is extremely real and extremely well done. It’s an intense, visceral experience that not even the most seasoned hitman could refuse. This is one movie you don’t want to miss.

46. Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the best Marvel Studios films yet. It’s an incredibly funny, charming, and action-packed movie that never takes itself too seriously. It’s quite the pleasant surprise to see how well the Ryan Reynolds-led movie does. Even more surprising is how well it does in comparison to other comic-book origin stories. This is probably due in part to Reynolds’ natural charisma, but it’s also the movie’s keen sense of humor. It may not be for the faint of heart, but Deadpool is always a lot of fun.

45. Ant-Man And The Wasp

It’s finally time for the second half of Ant-Man and The Wasp. Director Peyton Reed truly outdid himself with this installment. Following an incredible mid-credits sequence, in which Scott Lang struggles to save the day while wearing his suit, the remaining acts of the movie are bona fide crowd-pleasers. This is the third film in the series and it shows no signs of slowing down. Ant-Man And The Wasp is essentially an expanded version of the very first trailer, and it proves that not even a year has passed since the trailers first hit the internet. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Scott Lang and the Ant-Man suit, and today is the day it finally hits theaters!

44. Logan

Logan is a bit of an anomaly among the films on this list. It’s not that the Hugh Jackman-led movie is bad, but it’s definitely not something anyone expected. Following the X-Men, Logan is the story of a handicapped Vietnam vet who becomes the leader of a group of super mutants. It’s not easy being the best. Especially when the competition is just as good if not better. But Logan is a totally unique movie, and that’s what makes it special. It doesn’t pull any punches, but it also doesn’t offer anything new. Yet, somehow, it achieves perfection.

43. Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan’s latest is the tale of the Allied forces during World War II, as they desperately attempt to evacuate soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an evacuation of this nature. As impressive as the special effects are, it’s the story of two brothers and a father who must come together that makes Dunkirk such a powerful experience. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest movies of the year. And it deserves to be. Hopefully, it’ll be a turning point for Nolan, and inspire much better titles in the future.

42. Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s hard to believe that Bohemian Rhapsody, an incredibly understated Queen biopic, could be such a scene-stealer. The movie explores the life of the legendary band, taking a slightly different tact than most biopics, by presenting us with an intimate look into the recording process. There are some fantastic performances throughout, especially from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Rami Malek, but it’s really the small stuff that makes the movie so special. The way he eats, for example, or how he plays with his hair. There’s so much more to Rhapsody than meets the eye. This is a hidden gem that not even the most ardent Queen fans should miss.

41. Isle Of The Dogs

Annie was right when she said that all dogs inherit the earth, because Isle Of The Dogs does just that. It’s a brutal, funny, and thought-provoking examination of society and what it means to be a dog in today’s world. It’s a movie that’s definitely worth seeing. As brutal and graphic as it is, the dog violence is often laugh-out-loud funny. Not to mention that it manages to be a love letter to dogs and their owners all at the same time. So, if you’re looking to see something truly unique, give Isle Of The Dogs a try.

40. Love & Marriage

It’s a story about marriage, commitment, and love. Specifically, how easy it is to fall for someone, even if it’s the one person you were trying to avoid. Timelessly romantic and undeniably heartfelt, Love & Marriage is part of the “marriage continuation series”, alongside of Love Actually and Madeleine. While these movies are all about marriage, they don’t really explore what happens after the ceremony. Love & Marriage is, in some ways, a celebration of love and commitment. It also deals with some pretty heavy topics, like infidelity and divorce. It’s a movie worth going to both before and after your wedding day. Or, at the very least, while you’re figuring out what you want out of this marriage thing.

39. A Dog’s Journey

Like Isle Of The Dogs, A Dog’s Journey is a movie that deals with some pretty heavy themes. This time, however, it’s the Holocaust that provides the backdrop for a story about a dog’s search for his owner. It’s an incredibly unique movie about an incredibly unique character. We’re talking about a movie where virtually everything is done for the dog. Where their health and well-being takes precedence over almost every other aspect of their owners’ lives. It’s a movie that celebrates the special bond between man and animal, while also shedding some much-needed light on one of the darker periods in recent history.