People who love TV shows will know who Nancy Pelosi and Emma Watson are. If you’re not sure, you may know them from their acting roles. But, aside from starring in TV shows, what do these powerful women do? What other roles do they play? How about Meryl Streep? She’s acted in plenty of films, but is probably best known for her role in The Devil Wears Prada. Or Helen Mirren? She’s most recognizable for her role in The Queen and also happened to play one of the most prominent attorneys in the Liar Liar series, among others.

These are some of the most prominent women in media. There are countless others. What makes them special is that they not only act, but they also have powerful positions within their industries. This is why it’s important to learn about the various roles they play. It will help you understand who they are and why they’re so influential.

Luckily, there are now tools that can make it easier for you to keep up with this information. Entertainment publications like The New York Times and Vogue have created a new generation of powerful women in their 40s and 50s. These publications have highlighted prominent women in various news articles and lists of influential people. Keep reading to learn more about these women and to discover the various roles they’ve filled in the media. 

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to become Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, serving under President Trump. If you’re not familiar, the Speaker of the House is the person who directs the flow of legislation through the House of Representatives. She’s the second-most-powerful woman in American politics today. If you want to understand politics and government in the United States, Pelosi is someone you should learn more about.

She began her political career in the 1980s, when she worked for Senator Edward M. Kennedy. She eventually became his staff director and then, in 2003, his Chief of Staff. In 2007, she was elected the Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives. Two years later, she became the first female Speaker of the House. And now, under President Trump, she continues to hold that position.

What is most important to understand about Pelosi is that she’s a remarkable leader and orator. She can speak for hours and hold an audience. While she does have a reputation for being a bit of a tough boss, the feeling is mutual. One member of her staff described her leadership this way: “You either love her or hate her. You don’t want to cross her. You can either cooperate or conflict with her, but either way, you have to deal with her.”

That’s powerful leadership. Keep in mind that she’s still the Speaker of the House, but more importantly, she continues to be a powerful symbol of female empowerment in American politics. She is the ultimate example of what a strong woman should look like in 2020. While it’s not yet certain whether she’ll run for president in four years, it’s clear that if she does, she’ll be leading the pack.

Emma Watson

Let’s turn to celebrity now and the influence of actress and activist Emma Watson. She has become an international figure over the past few years, starring in films like Beauty and the Beast, The Circle, and Kubo and the Two Strings. But, aside from acting, this Englishwoman also runs an international organization that promotes gender equality, the Women’s Education Network. She established the organization in 2015 after starring in the Harry Potter film series. It’s named after the magical creature in those films, a talking animal named Hermione. She reportedly raised over $8 million for the charity in 2019 alone. It’s a wonderful example of how an actress can use their fame for good.

Watson’s story is quite remarkable. She was born in 1994, the only child of actors Richard and Daisy Watson. She grew up in a prominent London family, attending the exclusive Westminster School. After finishing school, she starred in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the eighth installment of the popular Harry Potter franchise. Following the conclusion of that film, she took a break from acting to work for a year as a defense attorney – she reportedly received her law degree without having to sit a single exam.

Despite her impressive accomplishments, Watson is known for her work with underprivileged children. She founded the charity, HeForShe, which encourages men to become more involved in the feminist movement. The charity held an event last year where notable women such as Angela Merkel, Martina Navratilova, and Sheryl Sandberg spoke about equality. On top of that, she also serves as a UN Women’s Advocate for Digital Empowerment. While it’s not yet certain whether she’ll run for public office, it’s clear that if she does, she’ll be taking on the establishment.

Meryl Streep

Let’s move on to one of the most prominent actresses of all time, Meryl Streep. She’s acted in over 50 films, ranging from The River to Dead Poets Society to The Gift, the upcoming film about the Scopes Monkey Trial. It’s been an incredible run, with multiple Academy Awards and nominations, and has made her one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood.

There’s an expression in film called “showcasing”, which means portraying a role that is considered more prominent or distinguished than the character typically has in prior works. This might be an homage to a prior performance, a cameo appearance, or even a leading role – it’s all about context.

The latest film to give Streep a showcase role is Richard Jewell, a fictional account of the real-life events that led to the bombing of the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. The title character is Richard Jewell, a security guard who was hailed as a hero for preventing a major terrorist attack of the kind that happened at the Munich Games just six years earlier. The film stars Streep as Jewel and Josh Brolin as journalist Ron Liebowitz – Liebowitz writes a series of articles about the bombing for the fictional New York Times. The movie is based on a true story but, for legal reasons, couldn’t reveal the names of the real terrorists responsible for the attack.

But it’s not just the big-name roles that made Streep famous. As we’ve established, she’s one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. However, that doesn’t mean that she only does big-name films. In fact, she usually turns down the opportunity to star in a Hollywood blockbuster in favor of independent movies or even studio films that don’t have the same level of traction.

Take The Devil Wears Prada, an adaptation of John Galligan’s best-selling novel. This film was a huge hit and made a star out of its leading lady, Meryl Streep. It’s a film that many considered to be among the best of the decade. But it’s a pretty dark comedy – the sort of film that usually finds Streep in a supporting role. It’s not what people would consider a “typical Meryl Streep film” – not even close.

The story follows the journey of Andrea (Emma Stone), a struggling NYC girl, who, upon being hired as a sales assistant at a prestigious fashion house, discovers the truth about the industry she’s joining. She confronts both the hypocrisy of the fashion world as well as the male dominance that defines it.

Even more impressive is that Streep’s only had two film appearances in 2020 and both of them were in independent movies. She hasn’t starred in a film that’s been given wide theatrical release since 2017’s The Post. While that won’t exactly make her disappearance from Hollywood any less interesting, it shows how much the industry has changed in the last three years.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is another actress who has played a prominent role in the media this year. She’s most famous for her role as the Duchess of Cambridge in the film The Duchess. However, it’s not yet known how much she’ll play a role in the film – she’s currently being touted as a possible candidate for British Prime Minister. But, regardless, she continues to be one of the most recognizable women in the world.