Is the Robert Pattinson (W) Gator Is It Alive? Vanity Fair Photo album going to haunt us?

On June 25, Vanity Fair published a beautiful photo shoot and article featuring the on-loan-from-BFFs-to-be Robby McQuaid (W) and his new beau, French luxury goods firm Céline Désormeaux-Ségui’s (C) Adrien Arsenault. The photos and article were inspired by Victoria Beckham’s (W) 2014 Spring/Summer collection (shown above), and show the fashion house’s playful approach while featuring the couple’s stunning relationship.

Robby Is Looking For Romance

In the article, Vanity Fair’s chief fashion critic Cathy Horyn opens by paying tribute and homage to Beckham’s stylish look and its influence: “Beckham, whose outfits are often inspired by European travel, had a gift for combining adventure and glamour, and often wittily referenced popular culture in a playful, yet polished manner.” Haryn continues, “With her unique eye for styling and travel, Victoria Beckham continues to inspire us, as well as our little corner of the Internet.”

Robby and Adrien’s relationship began when they met on the set of the 2015 adaptation of Downton Abbey, where they played a fictionalized version of themselves. The handsome actor previously dated Suki Waterhouse and Lily Collins, and now shares a home with Bella Hawke. He’s also been engaged to longtime love Rosie Wasserman in the past, but the couple called off their engagement last month.

The New York Times Style Magazine Cover

The next day, the New York Times Style Magazine covered Vanity Fair’s spread and featured the handsome duo on its cover, with Robby’s former girlfriend Suki Waterhouse in the background.

“The couple are staying in a romantic London hotel after the wedding,” Vanity Fair reports, “and have been spotted enjoying a candlelit dinner at swanky restaurant Eleven Eleven.” (Actually, the latter part of that sentence has been widely circulating on social media, so it seems almost certain that the restaurant gaffe was a happy one.)

BFFs In The Making?

Both Vanity Fair and The New York Times Style Magazine feature a sweet, but slightly awkward moment between the two actors, who playfully bicker and compete with each other in a charming display of sibling rivalry. Waterhouse is the sister of actor Griffin Banks and the daughter of actors Peter Banks and Elizabeth Taylor, and Collins is the niece of L.A. Kings Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Newlin, and the granddaughter of actor Conrad Newlin.

An Ode To Adrien

Vanity Fair notes in its article that “[a]t the end of the day, it was clear that this was a romantic project for Adrien, who styled the photos with a passion that came through in every frame.” The fashion house’s artistic director Anna Wintour also described the photographer as “romantic,” and “a genius.”

The fashion house Céline Désormeaux-Ségui released a statement after the wedding paying homage to its designer and the influence of her unique eye for styling and travel: “The influence of Céline Désormeaux-Ségui is both artistic and eclectic. It is fair to say that she has had a profound impact on our work. Many of our most popular pieces are directly linked to her. We are extremely proud to have been able to represent her on such an intimate and special level.”

Style Is Everything

While we can’t help but swoon over the beauty of this particular celebrity couple, it’s well-deserved, as the fashion spreads and coverage of the wedding demonstrate. The influence of Victoria Beckham’s (W) stylish look is clear in everything from the outfits themselves to the way in which they were styled, and we can see that the designer’s former assistant has carried on the tradition, keeping things fresh and the couple looking as classy as ever.