You may know that Adam and Eve were the first humans to be evicted from the Garden of Eden. Since then, the couple have had to deal with their fair share of controversy and media scrutiny, with lots of people asking questions about their unorthodox lifestyles and lavish spending habits. And while many people may accuse them of being arrogant, it’s clear that they don’t see themselves that way at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Here we’re going to tell you about some aspects of their lives that you might not know and the values that they hold dear. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn.

They Started With Nothing And Then They Made It Their Mission To Give Back

If you’re reading this, then you clearly have an interest in Adam and Eve or at least know someone who does. So it’s only fair that we start by talking about their illustrious philanthropic history. Before they were even famous, the couple started a non-profit organization named the “Adam and Eve Foundation” with the goal of helping homeless people. Their first big project was to purchase a 100-acre ranch in West Texas and turn it into a self-sufficient community where homeless people could live with their dogs and cats among the cacti and tumbleweeds.

The community of New Harmony, Texas, is now home to over 300 people, all of whom are able to live a peaceful, sustainable life thanks to Adam and Eve’s generous efforts. They don’t just give money and then walk away. Instead, they want to ensure that every person who comes across their path has everything they need including a warm welcome and a sense of community. They believe that one of the best ways to make a real difference is by investing in people, not buildings, which is why they give most of their money away in the form of scholarships for underprivileged children and the elderly.

They Have A Humorous Take On Everything That Happens In Their Lives

Whether it’s a philanthropic endeavor or simply trying to have a laugh, Adam and Eve always seem to inject a humorous twist into everything that they do. Even the projects that they deem to be of serious importance have an almost comical element to them. For example, when the couple renovated a vintage bus that they used to travel around the country performing music and games, they named it the “Laughing Bus” and even did an AMA on Reddit to get fans to help them find the funny side of adversity. Similarly, when they created Care Bites, a company that provides emergency medical or veterinary services for pets, they named it after a type of mosquito that they found to be the exact opposite of “caring” – they wanted to prove that these insects are the ones that bite humans. All of a sudden, veterinarians and entomologists found a new source of study material!

They Seek To Live A Simple Life

Even when they’re not doing anything particularly funny, it’s clear that Adam and Eve try to live a simple life. They don’t own extravagant cars or houses, and they don’t need to. Not because they’re not capable of buying such things, but because they don’t want to. Living a simple life doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy the finer things in life – they’re constantly seeking ways to have more fun. However, when it comes to their health and well-being, they place a high priority on avoiding extremes and being comfortable.

They Think That Education Is The Key To Breaking Out Of The Mould

One of Eve’s proudest moments was when her and Adam opened up a free school in West Texas, providing education for over 500 kids. Even though they face adversity almost every day as two public figures who are constantly scrutinized by the media, they still believe that education can break the cycle of poverty. Just because someone is homeless or from a lower socioeconomic background doesn’t mean that they’re not intelligent or curious. They often cite the example of the gifted and talented urban forager – someone who finds joy in foraging for food, nature, and wildlife, and combines this with a love of learning.

They Believe In Equality

While many people believe that Adam and Eve have become successful simply because they’re famous; they vehemently disagree. They feel that they’ve accomplished a great deal and that they’ve been successful because they worked hard to ensure that everyone around them – both humans and animals – are treated equally. After all, they had to start somewhere, and they were determined not to let past prejudices get in the way of them achieving their dreams.

They Think That Travel Is Important

One of the things that Adam and Eve enjoy most about their travels is meeting new people and learning about their culture and way of life. They believe that it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and into a position where you can understand and appreciate other perspectives. Sometimes that means spending a year in India, sometimes it means taking a trip to a different country altogether. They have an open-minded approach to life and don’t see themselves as being better or worse than anyone else simply because of their fame.

They Think That Authenticity Is The Key To Fuelling Creativity

While many people buy into the idea that success can be attained by being famous, Adam and Eve firmly believe that this isn’t the case. They feel that if you want to be successful, then you have to be genuine and create something that is uniquely your own. You can’t fake your way to the top – you have to be willing to bare your soul and put yourself out there, unapologetically.

They Believe In Self-expression

Last but not least, we have self-expression. If you’re reading this, then you’re clearly aware of the fact that Adam and Eve are musicians and creative individuals who like to put their feelings and opinions out into the world via art and music. While they’ve created many successful businesses and charitable foundations, they still feel that their greatest achievement is within themselves. They like to think of their music and art as a way of expressing their boundless curiosity and excitement about the world, as well as allowing them to have some fun with lyrics and melodies while keeping things light-hearted.

As you can see, the couple is incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved and feel that they’ve achieved this because they worked hard and because they believe in the power of positive thinking. They always seek to look on the bright side of things and refuse to let adversity stand in the way of them living their best life.