When you have a Twitter following in the tens of thousands, you can start to work your magic. The micro-blogging site can prove to be a valuable tool in your publicity arsenal, helping to get your name out there to potential future employers, friends, and family. You can use Twitter, for example, to get the attention of Hollywood A-listers like Robert Pattinson, who has more than 280,000 followers on the platform. If you’ve got a big enough Twitter audience, you can start to see celebrities begin to notice you.

Know Your Target

Like any other social media network, Twitter is highly personal platform. As a result, your tweets will only be seen by those following your account (the platform limits the number of followers you can have to 360). Knowing who you’re trying to reach is therefore essential, especially if you want to use Twitter to attract A-list Hollywood celebs. With that many followers, you’re bound to encounter a few trolls here and there. Be vigilant about blocking trolls on your Twitter account, and make sure you’re following the right people. You can find out more about the best ways to use Twitter for business or marketing purposes here.

Find Your Voice

There are so many different ways to use Twitter. Some people, like @robertpattinson, will happily share their latest film reviews with his followers. However, many Hollywood A-listers have kept their tweets private, sharing only their latest news or events instead. It’s always good practice to find your voice on Twitter and use the platform to launch your own personal brand, whether you’re an actor, director, or producer. Make sure to engage with your followers by responding to their questions and engaging with them in the comments section. If you’ve got a sizable Twitter following, celebrities will begin to notice you and start to seek you out for collaborations or endorsements – two birds, one stone!

Build A Following

If you’ve been paying attention to the 2018 film or television awards so far, you’ll know that the success of a show or film largely depends on its social media presence. In fact, several awards shows now have a separate section on their websites where they list the top-voted videos from the previous year. That’s because audiences are increasingly using their platform to show their support for new content, recommending it to their followers and helping to drive traffic to websites, social media accounts, and other digital platforms.

If you’ve got a Twitter account and you want to build a following, you’ve got two options. You can either follow the above steps and use the site to get attention from A-listers, or you can find a niche, use it to build a following, and then use that to gain further exposure.

Of course, it depends on your personal goals. If you just want to build a base of followers, you can get around 280,000 followers in about a year. That will give you a good foundation to then use as you see fit. If, however, you want to use Twitter to attract the attention of A-list actors and directors, it might take you a while longer.

Get To Know Robert Pattinson

If you’re lucky enough to have a Twitter account, you’ll see that Robert Pattinson has followed you. If you’ve got 280,000 followers or more, you’ll see that he’s also started to notice you. What are you going to do? What do you have to offer? Are you going to collaborate with the A-list English actor on something? Is there merchandise that can be marketed or sold that links to your profile?

As a Twitter user, you’re in a unique spot to get to know Robert Pattinson. You can share your excitement about his latest films and let him know that you’re a big Twitterer looking to collaboration with Hollywood A-listers. Or, you can simply follow the rules and use the platform to gain credibility.