Hey, guy reader! Have you been missing us? We’ve been quiet these last few months, but we’re back with a vengeance! This week we’re covering one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Starring our favorite fantasy couple, @KStewart and @RobertPattinson, the new movie, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, will be hitting theaters soon. But if you haven’t heard of it or seen the first installment, here’s a quick recap. In Twilight, our favorite couple, Bella and Edward, are forced to face the harsh reality that their seemingly perfect love story is not what it seems. After Bella is bitten by a venomous spider, Edward delivers a prophetic (and very tear-jerking) speech about her destiny as a vampire.

As you might imagine, this set off a flurry of social media activity from @RobertPattinson, as he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the movie. He started the conversation by tweeting about how good he thought the first film was, writing:

@kstewart Great movie & cool concept.& It was a good call on my part to see it twice.

Shortly after, he got into the habit of tweeting about movies, posting several times a day, often with a bluntness that would make Richard Simmons proud.

His thoughts on The Twilight Saga thus far:

@kstewart So far I’ve seen all the Twilight movies & the first one is easily my favorite.& I think it’s a shame it’s ending. If they made a 3rd one, I’d probably see it twice as well.

@RobertPattinson I’ve only seen the first one but I think it’s great. The rest are okay. It’s a little dark sometimes but that’s what makes it special.

@kstewart Agreed. I think they are just as good, if not better, than the Harry Potter series. I love how they make you believe in vampires, even when they’re not supposed to be real.

@RobertPattinson Maybe the fact that they’re not a traditional franchise helps…

If you’re unfamiliar, a franchise is a series of business, usually filmed entertainment products, that are based on a unique and consistent brand identity. Most people know what a franchise is, but not always sure how it applies to them. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few good movies, reading the same script month after month, it’s also worth noting that sometimes the magic of cinema can be replicated on the small screen even when the source material isn’t as good. As we mentioned, @RobertPattinson has only seen the first installment of the Twilight series, so we didn’t want to ruin the magic for him by telling him that this is actually the second part of a trilogy. Instead, we thought it might be fun to explore his reaction to learning about the prequel trilogy for the first time.

The One Where Bella And Edward Met

While we were waiting for news about the premiere of Spiderman: Homecoming, which stars @RobertPattinson’s favorite fictional couple, Bella and Edward, we decided to take a look back at the beginning of their story. @RobertPattinson had never heard of the Twilight series before, but was familiar with @KStewart from her acting roles. He was curious about what she was like as a person, so we decided to lead him down the rabbit hole and show him the inner workings of a Bella/Edward shipper’s mind. (Or at least the Twitterverse’s.)

@RobertPattinson So I’ve seen @kstewart in a lot of movies but I’ve never actually met her. We’ve been in the same city filming for the last few months but we’ve never actually had a chance to meet. Even more exciting, is that I get to finally meet her in person tonight!

@kstewart Wow, that’s exciting! I’m sure it’ll be something memorable.

@RobertPattinson I can’t believe I get to meet you in real life. That is so cool!

@kstewart Yeah, I guess you get to meet a lot of people in real life when you’re on set. It’s not always easy but I try not to take it too seriously. It’s a job. I love what I do.

@RobertPattinson I mean, I love what you do, too. You’re an amazing actress. I’ve seen all of your movies and I love them all. I don’t mean to rush this, but I need to go write some tweets now. I’ll try to check in with you tonight on set, if I can.

The One Where They Tried To Be Funny

Let’s back up a bit before we start tweeting about the movie. After Edward gave that memorable speech to the audience in the first film, @RobertPattinson took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter. He started by saying:

@kstewart We are all a bit nervous about what’s going to happen in the next Twilight movie. We don’t want to ruin the surprise but I think you guys are going to like what happens.

He followed up with another tweet:

@kstewart I’m sorry, but I have to say that this new Twilight movie really bothers me. It’s way too dark. I realize they probably had to make it that way to fit all the special effects but still… it bothers me.

Then he joked:

@RobertPattinson Can’t believe they ruined Cullen. We all loved that stupid guy. He was never interesting.

@kstewart That’s what I was afraid of. That they were going to ruin Cullen. I wanted them to keep him mysterious and shady. Now he’s just one of those neighbors you hate because he’s always going on about how cool he is.

@RobertPattinson I know what you mean. I didn’t like that about Cullen either. He was like one of those annoying kids you have to babysit in school. Always wanting to joke around but never funny.

@kstewart Yeah, but at least they kept his cape. I was also worried that he wasn’t going to have a cape.

The One Where They Talked About The Importance Of Makeup

If you’ve seen the first Twilight movie, you know that Bella isn’t exactly what you’d call a “natural beauty.” For the character, @kstewart wore a lot of makeup, including some prosthetics. As a result, she had a bit of trouble walking during the filming of the prequel trilogy. While they were in Toronto for the premiere of the first installment, she complained about how uncomfortable she was finding it. She shared:

@kstewart They made me walk with a stick all night. It’s not that bad, but it’s not easy either. I had to keep reminding myself to walk normally. Otherwise I’ll trip over my own feet. It’s very embarrassing.

@RobertPattinson That’s what I was afraid of. That they were going to make you look like a real life version of Bella. It’s not that bad but I can see how it would be frustrating. You’re not used to wearing so much makeup, especially not for a comedy bit. You might not be able to express yourself as freely as usual, if they made you wear so much makeup. It’ll be okay eventually, I’m sure.

Then she joked:

@RobertPattinson It’s funny because I usually feel like I can’t talk to people when I’m wearing makeup. I think the only thing that helps me is when I’m not trying to impress anyone. Then it’s easier to just be myself.

The One Where They Talked About Sexism In Hollywood

While we’re on the subject of the Twilight series, let’s talk about one of our favorite characters, Charlie. He’s a werewolf and one of the only openly gay characters in the series. We thought it was pretty funny when @RobertPattinson used this character to showcase his acting chops: