I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I think of Twilight,
the first image that comes to mind is of Rob Pattinson.
Yep. That’s probably because he’s officially the face of the franchise.
Apart from Kristen Stewart, he’s probably the most famous cast member
of Twilight. He even had a song written about him (and the rest of the cast).
So, if you’re a fan of Twilight, here’s your chance to meet the man himself.
Let’s compare and contrast Rob’s two musical performances from the film.
Which one is better?

The Making of ‘Twilight’: Listen to the Full Song

Let’s start with the good. In my opinion, the whole song is pretty good.
It’s a great introduction to the characters and the setting of Twilight.
You get to know Rob and the other guys better and the song is quite fun to listen to.
The first 10 seconds of the song are a bit slow, but then the drums kick in
and the song quickly picks up pace. The song is a perfect fit for the movie
and it’s probably the best song from Twilight, aside from the title track.
It has a powerful chorus and it’s a great way to end the movie. I mean,
it wouldn’t be complete without the iconic scene of the wolf pack howling.
You can’t help but feel a connection to the story while listening to this song,
especially after you’ve seen the movie.
It’s a classic example of using music to help establish the mood and atmosphere
of a certain scene or action in a film.
And then there’s this part:

Rob in Concert: An Unexpected Surprise

Let’s compare this version of Rob with the one from the movie.
I mean, obviously the most noticeable difference is that this one is
live. But that’s not the only difference. A lot has changed since then.
Here’s a guy who was completely unknown when the movie came out and then
became an overnight sensation. And while the first song is great, this version
is just.. different.
It seems like he was trying to impress the audience and make them feel
something different. I don’t know if it worked or not.
At first glance, it would appear that he tried to be more mature and serious
in this performance, but it just comes off as fake to me.
It’s like he didn’t really want to be there and he was just going through the motions.
He even stops playing once or twice during the performance, just to make
sure that everyone’s heard him. You can almost sense that he doesn’t
really care about what he’s playing any more.
I get the impression that this performance was a bit.. forced.
But aside from that, it’s still pretty good. It has its moments.
It’s just.. different. The pace is a little slower, but that’s probably
because he’s playing to an empty room. Despite that, it sounds okay to me.
I mean, it’s not bad per se, but the sound quality is just a little different.
I guess he could’ve used a guitar amplifier instead of a piano, but it still
sounds better live.
Maybe he just went for a more classic sound? I don’t know.
Overall, it’s still pretty cool to hear this version of Rob.
He’s still got that smooth, rich voice and he knows how to play to an
audience. Even if he doesn’t always play to full houses, it still
sounds good.
And then there’s this part:

The Unofficial Rob Pattinson Anthem

This is the song that was written for the Twilight franchise.
It was first performed by Robert Pattinson in the movie when he’s introducing
himself to the other vampire council members.
The melody is based on an Irish jig and the lyrics are by Pattinson himself.
They’re a simple and heartfelt ode to his lady.
I really like this song. It’s got a great beat and the lyrics are sweet and
soulful. I wish this song had been released as a single. It would’ve been a
great way to promote the movie.
There’s something about this version of Rob that just draws you in.
His voice is soothing and he has a way of holding a note that’s mesmerizing.
Even if you’ve never heard of the songwriter, I’d still recommend checking
this one out. It’s got a great melody.
You can tell that he really poured his heart and soul into this song.
Even if it wasn’t written for a specific character or scene in the movie,
it would work perfectly as a theme song or just because he’s such a great

Final Takeaway

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking that it’s a
gross misrepresentation to label all of these differences as “bad.”
After all, the live cut is still, essentially, the same as the studio cut.
And that’s true. But I wouldn’t say it’s all for the better.
The studio cut is more polished and less likely to raise questions about
the songwriters’ intent, but for some reason, it just feels.. different.
It doesn’t seem right to me that the songwriters would deliberately write
something this underwhelming, especially since it’s the climax of the film.
Yes, the rest of the song is really good, but this particular part just
feels.. bad.
So, in some ways, it’s better if they’d scrapped this part and kept the rest,
just to preserve the magic of the original track.
It would be nice to think that maybe, just maybe, Rob is still a little
bit afraid of being on stage. But I think that would be a lie.
I think this version of Rob has become a parody of himself.
It would be like if Stephen King wrote a parody of Stephen King.
And to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past him.
Which one is better? That’s entirely up to you.
One thing’s for sure: it’s never going to be the same way twice.
Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful.