What can we say about the new Robert Pattinson album other than it’s absolutely fantastic?

The 27-year-old Brit’s eighth studio album in 19 years is literally named after him. With guest appearances from Halsey, Skepta, and more, this project perfectly encapsulates the solo artist we love to follow.

If you’re a fan of The Twilight Saga, you’ll know that the musician has been quite the busy bee over the years. He released his debut album, Unrelated, in 2002 to mostly positive reviews. Since then he’s released six more albums and has been featured on various soundtracks for various films. He’s also released a number of EPs and singles. The latest being the title track to his album Believe, which features Halsey. She also makes an appearance on his latest album, R.Pattinson, alongside Skepta, the British rapper. The pair have performed together on stage a number of times. The track is taken from her latest album, Bad Habits, which is out now.

Pattinson’s busy schedule doesn’t seem to have phased him at all. If anything, it’s probably made him even more determined to do well creatively. We’re really proud of him for continuing to push himself and be true to himself, which is why we’ve chosen to feature him on our blog today.

He’s been open about his struggles with addiction and self-harm in the past, so it was important for him to tackle these themes on the album. The title track, which you can read about in more detail below, is a message to those who may be struggling too. We’re aware that some of you might be wondering what love has to do with any of this, so we hope that this article will explain.

R.Pattinson: The Making of The Album

It was a rainy day in London, England when we caught up with the singer for a one-on-one chat. We immediately noticed that he was wearing a nice trench coat, which we assume he bought from one of the luxury stores in London. The stylish musician smiled as he slowly paced around his hotel room, occasionally looking at the time on his phone. It was then that we reminded him that it was an interview and that he wasn’t supposed to be talking on his phone during an interview. He laughed and responded, “I know, I know. It’s just that all my other interviews are going really well and I just want to do this one right. It’s not like I’m trying to be funny or anything. I really just want it to be good.”

A few minutes later, we got a call from his publicist. She was sorry to inform us that the singer was running a bit late but would be along shortly. A few minutes later, the hotel room phone rang. It was a recording studio calling to inform us that Robert was a bit winded from the rainy walk but was on his way.

The Making Of “Believe”

It was an extremely chilly night in February 2018 when we received an email from a professional journalist we had interviewed years before. The journalist, who’d later become a friend, was surprised to hear from us again and asked if we’d consider writing a blurb for his upcoming album. We instantly replied, “Of course!”

The record was called Wonderful, Wild, and Beautiful and we were incredibly excited to be contributing to such a prestigious project. We had previously interviewed the artist for a feature we wrote for our Londonist newspaper. Back then, he wasn’t yet openly talking about his struggles with addiction. However, it was clear that he’d been going through a bit of a personal crisis and we hoped that this blurb would help bring some positive vibes to his dark world. As the first line of our blurb, we wrote, “At 27 years old, Robert Pattinson is a musical prodigy.”

The singer laughed as he read our pitch and replied, “I know, right? I’m such a prodigy.”

He was driven to pursue music at a young age. Even before his parents bought him a guitar for his seventh birthday, the talented musician was already playing shows with his friends. Back then, they were known as The Family McCartneys and would later go on to form the band, Bad Habits, with which he is signed under. Around this time he was also featured in the music magazine, NME, as well as the newspaper, the Daily Mail. One of his first big breaks came when he was featured on the “Fresh Face” page of famed British magazine, i-D.

Pattinson has always been a self-starter when it comes to his career. If you’re looking to get into the music industry, you can find countless blogs, forums, and websites that can help you get started. Not only that but the singer has always been a big proponent of fair-trade practices and sustainable touring. He buys all of his own merch, including T-shirts and hoodies, and donates a portion of the profits from his shows to different charities that help young people. At this point, he’s raised over £700,000 for good causes via his musical career. It’s clear that he’s put in the work to make sure that his efforts are paying off. In the last five years, his music has literally taken over his life, as he’s now touring the world and spending more time on his artistic endeavours than at home.

Love Hurts

It was a particularly chilly night in early February when we arrived at the recording studio in London. We were met by a familiar face and welcomed into the studio with tea and biscuits. Once we got our caffeine fix, we were shown to the couch where we could relax and get into the zone. A few minutes later, the producer, Glen Robinson, arrived and introduced himself. Robinson, who’d worked with the likes of Adele, Kate Bush, and more, had also been following Robert’s career closely and was looking forward to working with him.

After an hour, the singer showed up. He looked a little flushed as he sat down and pulled his trench coat around him. He then proceeded to pull off his shoe and sock, revealing a white sock with a pattern of pink roses on it and a white shoe. We knew at this point that we were in for a treat. This was the guy who’d once said, “Drugs and drinking really helped my mental health. I think a lot about my past and what I’ve been through. Now that I’m not doing drugs or drinking, I get to look at my life through a different lens.”

Pattinson has spoken about his love for both men and women. In interviews, he’s said that he believes “Love is love. It’s all love. It doesn’t matter who you love.” However, he’s since been more open about his sexuality and has dated women and even got engaged to one. In 2017, he told Vogue, “I feel like I’ve been very fortunate in terms of the fact that I’ve always been able to express myself through my art and my music. I’ve felt very comfortable in my own company, which is actually quite rare these days, especially if you’re a male artist.”

Whether you’re a fan of The Twilight Saga or not, you have to admit that the guy knows how to work a crowd. He literally wrote the book on how to front a rock band. In addition to his music career, he’s now a full-time public speaker and teaches others how to do the same. He’s also designed his own line of T-shirts and hoodies that are available to purchase online.

As someone who struggled with addiction herself for many years, Pattinson’s music always had a special place in her heart. The singer used to write songs about her experiences with drugs and alcohol and would play them live as she went through withdrawals. Nowadays, she’s a vocal supporter of his endeavours and has toured the world with him, lending her support and acting as his tour guide. It’s clear that she believes in him and is proud to be part of his team. We, as a result, can’t help but love this artist who doesn’t play it safe and has spoken so openly about his struggles.