It’s always nice when popular celebrities have children. It shows that being famous doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have normal human feelings. Sure, some people may say that being famous is all about your feelings and doesn’t matter what happens to you in real life, but we all know that’s not true. Being famous puts you in a position where you have to learn to deal with the drama of fame, whether you like it or not.

This is exactly what happened to actor Robert Pattinson. He is arguably one of the more popular guys right now, thanks in part to his beautiful kids. He has a daughter with former girlfriend FKA Twigs named Lily-Rose, and a son named Louis with his ex-wife Kristen Stewart. They both grew up in luxury and had very famous parents. Now that they are adults, they are dealing with the reality of fame. In this article, we’ll discuss how Robert Pattinson is doing and whether or not he is good for his kids.

Good For His Kids?

Let’s be honest, this is a difficult question to answer. The fact that he is their father undoubtedly makes him a better choice than a stranger, even if he isn’t the perfect parent in the world. He has two beautiful kids and seems to genuinely care for them. You may not agree with all of his decisions as a dad but you can’t deny that he is doing what’s best for his family.

What’s more, they seem happy. Lily-Rose often posts about her love for her father and how much he means to her. She even calls him her best friend in some of her social media posts. It’s clear that she feels lucky to have him as her father and doesn’t want to jeopardize that relationship by dating someone else. It would be wise to keep in mind that she is still a child and shouldn’t be making such enormous decisions on her own. If she does, then it’s only fair to say that it’s probably not the best idea. She is, after all, still learning how to navigate the world of adulthood, with or without her dad.

Is He Good For His Kids?

This is a question that anyone who knows him would have to answer. It’s hard to deny that he has some problems with his kids. One of the biggest problems is that he doesn’t seem to know how to be a good father. He is extremely hands-on with them and gives them all of the attention. This isn’t a bad thing per se, but it doesn’t exactly instill a sense of responsibility in them. He constantly puts his own wants ahead of their needs and is often selfish with regard to his family members. This isn’t something that will likely change just because he has kids. It’s something he will have to learn to deal with, whether he wants to or not.

He also has a bad temper. He yells at his kids a lot and even throws objects at them. This isn’t ideal, especially as his kids are growing up and need to learn how to deal with these sorts of things. It’s not just limited to physical objects either. He can get extremely angry over the tiniest things. This is a difficult, yet important, lesson for any parent to learn. One day, your kid will say or do the wrong thing and you will lose your temper. It’s not always easy to control but it’s always important to. It’s a parent’s job to teach their children how to behave, even if it’s just in their own home.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a mixed bag regarding Robert Pattinson and his kids. He is a good father and a very successful actor. It’s not just that he has two beautiful kids, it’s that he seems to genuinely care about them. They are his life and he wants the best for them. However, as a father, he needs to know when to let them go in order to make them independent adults. He needs to be careful not to overdo it and spoil them too much. All kids need someone to guide them through life, but especially kids who are famous. This is one area where he needs to learn from his ex-wife and make smarter choices. They both are extremely close to their children and give them plenty of attention, which can also be a problem. Letting your kids get too much attention can also make them more vulnerable to getting hurt. It’s important for parents to be there for their kids but also let them experience the real world. It’s a delicate balance and it takes some serious parenting skills to pull it off.