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Today’s episode of Crossword Clue features a guest appearance by none other than Robert Pattinson. The “Twilight Saga” actor was kind enough to lend his voice to our fictitious puzzle guest. Let’s see if you can identify his character. 


You’d think the first word would be easy, but nope. The clue is a little more tricky. Here’s the setup:

Across | A: Actor (6 letters)

Down | I: Instrument (5 letters)

We are given five letters (AI) with no context as to what these letters stand for. The answer is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

I think this is one of the harder clues we’ve ever put on our puzzles. Can you solve it?


You’d think the second word would be easy, but no again. This one is kind of tricky as well. The clue is:

Across | E: Education (5 letters)

Down | L: Leisure (4 letters)

Here we are provided with the formal education of Robert Pattinson. Naturally, the question is: what is his education?

The easiest answer would be high school. But here’s the rub: what kind of high school? Is it an American school? An English school? Does it even exist?

The answer is actually more involved than you’d think. If you recall, Robert Pattinson’s parents divorced when he was young, and he went to live with his mum. Since then, he’s been travelling the world and pursuing his acting career. He’s been to school in England, Australia, and New Zealand. And he’s done his post-graduate at Oxford University. It’s quite the extensive education for one guy. But that’s what makes this word so interesting. We’d hate for you to miss out on this one because you don’t have a formal education!


Let’s move on to our last word of the puzzle and it’s an easy one:

Across | A: Africa (5 letters)

Down | N: Native (3 letters)

Here we have the exhibition (AAN) of an African native. We are told that this person is exhibiting their culture. However, we are also given the option to interpret this culture in a positive or negative light. So this might be an opportunity to promote or discredit an entire continent. Or maybe just disprove the stereotype.

That’s about all we have for today. Hopefully, this article helped you gain more insight into the mind of a crossword puzzle solver. If you’d like more articles like this, please consider supporting us on Patreon.