On August 30, 2018, Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland dined together at Restaurant Ombra in London, England. The dinner was a first for both men, who’ve been dating for over a year. Since then, the couple have been spotted out together regularly, and media outlets have speculated about their next step. Here’s a look at their relationship.

The Two Meet On London’s Sets

The ‘Sultan’ starlet and the ‘Neighbours’ actor first met on the set of the 2017 movie ‘Robin Hood’. Both were in London for the filming, and Holland was there to promote his new movie, ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’. At the time, it was reported that Pattinson was drawn to Holland’s ‘iconic looks’ and ‘willing charm’.

In April 2018, they were spotted on the London set of ‘Sultan’, where they filmed a fight scene. During the production, they were frequently found arm in arm. In the months that followed, they were frequently seen together in London. In the summer of 2018, they were even seen walking through Kensington Gardens together.

Pattinson Brings ‘Sultry’ To Holland’s ‘Quietude’

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ actor has a history of seducing younger men. While filming ‘Sultan’, he was allegedly seen with his arm around young men’s waist, including a bodyguard. In a 2017 episode of ‘The Graham Norton Show’, he was asked about this reputation and said, “I wouldn’t say that I’m a player. I think that the word ‘player’… it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re shallow or vain. I think that a player can be someone who is extremely intelligent, who has a huge worldview, and is able to switch off their emotional attachment to other people. Which is not to say that they don’t have emotions… just that they’re not necessarily attached to the outcome of a particular interaction. I think that’s what makes me a player: my ability to detach myself from a situation.”

Since dating Holland, Pattinson has been linked to several younger men, including one of his co-stars from ‘Sultan’, Firdausi Ulugbek. The Scottish musician and recording artist tweeted in May 2018 that he and Pattinson “made some pretty cool music” together. When asked about the alleged fling in a tabloid interview, Pattinson denied it, saying, “That’s nothing to do with me.”

Pattinson And Holland Seen As Perfect For Each Other

While both actors have been romantically linked to older men before, Pattinson and Holland are seen as a ‘couple made in heaven’. The English tabloid the Sun reported in April 2018 that Holland is “stunning” and “sultry” while the Scottish actor is “charming” and “devilishly handsome”. Later that month, the New York Post published photos of Holland and Pattinsion looking adoringly at each other as they arrived at a Broadway showing of ‘The Lion King’.

According to biographer Kate Springer, the age difference between the lovers is not a point of attraction. “He’s looking for a relationship with a man his own age, which is a plus for Tom,” she told the Daily Mail. “And he needs a break from the older men he’s been involved with. He’s been in relationships with older men before and found it difficult. It’s not a natural fit.”

Their Romantic Storyline Is Unique

The romance between Holland and Pattinson is unique among the actor’s history. While Pattinson has been romantically linked to younger men in the past, he has never before been as involved with an older man. In January 2018, Vanity Fair reported that while making ‘Sultan’, the actor “had to be careful not to fall for [his co-star’s] charms.”

According to Springer, ‘Sultan’ is the story of a man who “falls in love with his best friend’s fiancée.” And while that might sound like an unusual pairing, as Vanity Fair put it: “It’s not like anyone else’s story could ever be this one.”

The romance between Holland and Pattinson is also markedly different from the ones he’s been involved in previously. While many of his previous romances were with men 20 years his senior, the 53-year-old actor is now in a relationship with a man nine years his junior – and that dynamic does pose some challenges.

The Younger Generation Loves Holland

While many of their fans have been eagerly speculating about their relationship for years, Pattinson and Holland are increasingly popular among the younger generation. In fact, in the 18 to 24 year old group, those aged between 18 and 24 years old, Holland and Pattinson are the most popular togetherness of all time, according to a recent study by TikTok.

The two are also extremely popular among young males in the UK. In fact, according to the latest figures from Performics, a performance marketing and data company, 25 to 34 year olds in the country are most likely to describe themselves as “very interested” in listening to or watching @realjohndani or @tomholland68 (JT/TH).

However, while young people have taken a liking to the on-screen couple, they still need to know more about them. For a start, when will they get married? As with all good mysteries, fans are hoping to get more details about the couple’s future as soon as possible.

What Does The Future Hold For The Two?

While the future is still uncertain for the two men, there are some clues to their relationship’s future. In September 2018, it was reported that Holland and Pattinson have been dating for over a year and “plan to make it official” once the season is over. Since then, they have been seen together at various events including the Toronto International Film Festival where they both screened their respective films. When asked about their new relationship, Holland told Variety, “It’s very exciting… we just kind of see each other all the time, and it’s great.”

The ‘Sultan’ actor also reportedly turned down a role in the 2019 movie ‘Christopher Robin’ in order to spend more time with his boyfriend. While the relationship is still new, there are hints that it’s here to stay.

In the meantime, fans can continue to follow the couple’s careers and see what roles the two will play in the near future. For more, check out our entertainment section.