So you’ve been watching the latest series of The Crown and you’re really got to know both Kate and Laura Croft. The thing is, you feel like you’ve known them forever. Even before the series began, you recognized the two women instantly – they’re so similar to each other, you almost feel like you’re watching doubles. Well, you and a lot of other people because it turns out that Kate and Laura are not the only ones who share their identical looks and personalities.

The other day, you’d seen both Kate and Laura at a charity ball in a stunning red dress and you had to have it. Well, it turns out that the women you’re seeing are twins – and not just any twins, but Siamese twins. How lucky can you get to meet two such beautiful and exciting women?

No, really, how lucky can you get to meet two incredibly glamorous women who are also your best friends? It’s like winning the ultimate prize in a contest. Well, that’s what you have to ask yourself after finishing this article.

Identical Beauty

Now, you’ve seen the similarities between the two women in The Crown – their beauty is nearly identical. When the show first began, you’d thought that Kate and Laura might end up as the glamorous evil queens of Christendom. Instead, it’s been revealed that they’re both extremely kind and gentle women who love animals and want to do the right thing. They also happen to be Siamese twins, which means that they’re genetically identical. This makes it difficult for them to be apart from each other even for one moment (as you’ll see in the series premiere).

It’s this beauty that makes you keep watching them even though you know exactly what’s going to happen next. Are these two women really just too good to be true? Or is there more than meets the eye? Is there perhaps another reason why these two women are so very attracted to each other?

The Same Friendly Spirit

Now, sometimes twins have a difficult time being friendly to each other. It must be so hard to have so much in common, particularly when you’re brought up in different countries with different cultural differences. In fact, the series makes it clear that it wasn’t until the girls were older that they started to appreciate each other’s company. They’ve always been more companionable than sisters, as you’ll see in the preview for the series premiere. Even as kids, they always seemed to have their arms around each other. It wasn’t until recently that they decided to spread their arms and form a sort of ‘X’ with their bodies. It’s a look that’s both endearing and slightly disturbing at the same time. (To be continued…)