So you think you know what it’s like to date a celeb? Well, you might be surprised by how much you don’t know. For example, did you know that Rob Pattinson had a pretty crazy movie dating history? Or that he’s currently linked with the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor? We’re not talking about your typical celebrity romances here; we’re ranking every single movie that the Twilight star has ever been in, from worst to best.

20. The Collection

The Collection is a 2016 espionage thriller movie that was directed by Eric Newman and co-written by David Self. It stars Scott Shepherd, Kim Chan, and Neil Napier. So what is it about? A billionaire’s ex-wife teams up with a private detective to avenge his murder by hunting down the people who killed him. But she soon realizes that these people aren’t who they say they are, and that they’re not going to stop killing until she figures out who orders them to do so.

While the subject matter of this movie might sound a little similar to The List, it’s actually quite different. For one thing, this isn’t a list of romantic interests—it’s a list of EVERYONE the main characters interact with, and how they factor into the movie. So if you’ve ever seen a Scott Shepherd movie, you know exactly what to expect here: tons of violence and profanity, with no real plot other than the fact that the rich and powerful are constantly trying to kill each other.

19. Safe In New York

Safe In New York is a 2018 American thriller film directed by Steven Schklaeuber and written by Steven Schklaeuber and Daniel Pyne. It stars Robert Pattinson and Michael Shannon and follows two assassins who are seeking revenge against the individuals who murdered their teammates. When these two enemies meet inside a museum, the final showdown between them begins. After they each kill several people, the police arrive and try to make arrests. But the villains elude capture and continue their murderous ways.

This is one of the oddest movies on this list. It would actually be pretty easy to dismiss this movie as just another gritty revenge thriller, but that would be a mistake. What makes this movie so good is that it’s absolutely dripping with 1980s crime movie references. If you’re a fan of that genre, you’re in for a real treat. This movie also stars Robert Redford and Michael Caine, among others. So if you like big name cameos, this is the movie for you.

18. The Lady In The Mask

The Lady In The Mask is a 2009 action-adventure film directed by Cory Goodman and written by James Marsh. It stars Robert Pattinson and Kate Beckinsale as a couple who embark on a mission to rescue the wife of the man who murdered her brother. Along the way they encounter corrupt police officers, drug dealers, and rival assassins. The film was inspired by the true story of serial killer Eric Fresco, who murdered eight people, including his wife. The Lady in the Mask is sometimes referred to as the unofficial follow-up to The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, because it was released a few weeks after the film about that infamous event. While there are certainly some similarities, this movie definitely hasn’t been made to capitalize on that other movie. It’s a standalone work that stands on its own two feet.

17. The Lost City

The Lost City is a 2016 American action-adventure film directed by Bojan Bazelli and written by John Hirsch. It stars Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland as a couple who must work together to stop an evil cult from destroying the city they live in. Along the way, the two friends uncover a conspiracy that dates back to World War II. This movie seems more focused on action scenes and special effects than it does on plot, but that’s probably what kept it afloat while it was in development hell. This movie was originally going to be Tom Holland’s Solo, but he dropped out during the editing phase, and the project went on to become what we have now.

16. Waterborne

Waterborne is a 2006 American crime thriller film directed by Bart Layton and written by John Hirsch. It stars Robert Pattinson and Logan Marshall Green as a couple of thieves who join forces to steal a priceless antique boat. They soon find themselves in a deadly battle for control of the boat and its contents. The film also features Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Peter Brink. The film was shot in Prague, with a majority of the action taking place on the water. For those that don’t know, Morgan is best known for his roles in The Curious Case of Dickie Bennett and Murder on the Orient Express, while Brink is best known for his work in Snow White and the Huntsman. If you like old school Hollywood films with a modern twist, then this is the movie for you.

15. House Of Gucci

House Of Gucci is a 2006 French-Italian thriller film directed by Michael Almereyda and starring Robert Pattinson. In it, a fashion designer must come to terms with his identity crisis and questions his path in life, while also trying to uncover the truth about his parents’ murders. While the plot might not seem that interesting, the fact that it was directed by Michael Almereyda is worth mentioning. The Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, produced this movie along with Jean-Marc Chery, who also served as executive producer. Michael Almereyda is known for his work on the critically acclaimed Taxi Driver and 3:10 to Yuma. As for this movie, it was shot in Paris and is populated by many big name stars. While it wasn’t particularly well-received by critics, it has a fairly large audience and has been somewhat popular in Europe. If you can get your hands on a copy, there’s definitely more than one worthwhile film in there.

14. Walking Dead

Walking Dead is a 2004 American horror film directed by Andrew Laszlo and written by James Marsh. The film is about a group of college students who are abducted by a zombie mob led by George A. Romero. The movie was the first to introduce zombies to mainstream American culture, and it greatly influenced the pop culture landscape in the years following its release. The movie was followed by two direct-to-DVD sequels, and a 2018 Netflix revival. If you’re a fan of the George A. Romero movies, you’ll love this one. And it’s especially relevant today, given the current state of affairs in the US. Just kidding. It’s not that kind of movie.

13. The Way Of The Wiseguy

The Way of the Wiseguy is a 2000 American drama film directed by Michael Wadleigh and starring Peter Facinelli. It’s the story of three friends who decide to go into business for themselves after the tragic death of Chris (Facinelli). As they navigate the world of crime and corruption, they soon discover that there are many ways to be a criminal, and not all of them are pretty.

Facinelli is the son of Italian actor Mariano Facinelli and Swedish model Kajsa Kajgani. The Way of the Wiseguy is actually the second film that Peter Facinelli has directed after leaving an acting career that lasted from 1987 to 2000. He also wrote the screenplay to the movie along with Eric Newman. This was one of the first collaborations between Peter Facinelli and Eric Newman, and it would eventually lead to them co-writing The List together. This movie is actually referenced in a 2019 episode of Riverdale, when Jughead (K.J. Apa) suggests that his father become an agent after watching this movie. Aside from Peter Facinelli and Eric Newman, the movie also stars Matthew McNulty, Tom Guiry, and Tony Nucci. So if you’re looking for a different kind of movie, give this one a try. It’s a little bit different than the usual fare on this list, but that’s probably because it doesn’t fit the typical mold.

12. Never Back Down

Never Back Down is a 2005 American crime action film directed by William Higgins and written by Rick Wallace. It stars Tom Hardy, Robert Downey Jr., and Val Kilmer and tells the story of Nick Mason, a former special agent who now works as a security contractor in the Middle East. One day, while investigating a terrorist attack, Nick witnesses a crime and decides to go after the perpetrators himself. While the film doesn’t contain any particular shocking twists, its depiction of violence and strong language are likely to disturb some viewers.