Robert Pattinson is a very well-known and handsome actor, musician, and model. He rose to fame after starring in several films in the Twilight series. These days, he mostly appears in serious films such as The Darjeeling Limited and Robin Hood. He is also a fashion icon, especially well known for his high-end designer collaborations. However, not everything has been smooth sailing for Mr. Pattinson. He has had some rough patches in his career. Here are some of those times where Robert Pattinson hated his job.

When The Twilight Saga First Released

The first two Twilight films were huge hits and established Mr. Pattinson as a teen idol. However, the success of the series also had some serious side effects. The first was that it made the actor very rich and famous. He eventually had to drop out of university to focus on his acting career. However, he did study journalism at the London Film School. His second son was born during this time. It is not clear if Mr. Pattinson enjoyed being a teen idol or if he was just doing it as a stepping stone to greater things.

The Making Of Twi

The Twilight Saga is such a popular series that fans have been able to study the making of the films in great detail. It was first announced in 2014 that the fifth and final installment of the series called Twilight 5: The Final Chapter would be released on November 18th, 2017. The film ended up being a box office bomb, grossing only $14 million against its $50 million budget. It was subsequently revealed that the directors, screenwriters, and producers of the film all declined to speak to journalists regarding its disappointing performance at the box office. According to reports, several members of the cast and crew had to be flown back to Europe in private jets to ensure their safety. There were also rumors that tensions ran high during the making of the film, with one source claiming that a crew member was even sent home due to stress-related health issues.

The Making Of The Twilight Saga

All of the Twilight films have been made under the auspices of different production companies. Summit Entertainment, the company behind the Twilight films, also own the rights to the Harry Potter franchise. It was initially announced in 2014 that the sixth film in the series would be called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and would be released on July 16th, 2030. However, the company was forced to delay the release of the film due to numerous script rewrites and the intense amount of work that went into making it. The film was eventually released on July 16th, 2023, nearly two years after it was first planned. This is probably because the filmmakers had to take time off to work on other projects, including the Twilight sequels. It is now widely believed that the entire Twilight franchise will be wrapped up with the eighth and final film, a project which Summit Entertainment have termed “The Twilight Saga: Redemption.” The company continues to hold the rights to the series and is considering rebooting the franchise with a new storyline. However, whether that will happen remains to be seen.

The Disappointment That Was Lady In Red

After spending five years starring in The Twilight Saga, it was naturally expected that Mr. Pattinson would transition into a more serious, grown-up role. The last film in the series, titled Lady in Red, was supposed to be his big break into character acting. It was also going to be an important film for him personally. His character was named John Taylor and he was playing the role of a man paralyzed from the waist down due to a car accident. When the film was released in 2019, it received mixed reviews and underperformed at the box office. However, some critics praised Mr. Pattinson’s effort and called it a character study and a coming-of-age film. The actor himself felt that the movie was misunderstood. In a 2019 interview, he said:

“I didn’t want to do another comedy, and so when I got the script for Lady In Red, I was a bit disappointed. But it’s such a classic case of a misunderstood movie, where people are going to see it and, hopefully, enjoy it more when they know what it is. I think people will have the same love for this movie that I do, which is a lot of love because it’s one of my favorites.”

The Two-Year Wait For the Sequels

After the disappointing performance of Lady In Red at the box office, it was expected that Summit Entertainment would take time off to work on improving the movie and establishing itself as a viable filmmaking company. Instead, in 2019, it was revealed that the company had decided to move forward with two sequel projects. The first of these is titled Twilight 6: The Sixth Movie and was officially announced in December 2019. It is expected to be released on May 24th, 2023. Two years later, on May 17th, 2025, it was announced that the sequel to Lady In Red would be called The Bachelorette and would be released on August 25th, 2025. Mr. Pattinson is not involved with the project, which will be directed by Eddy Valentino and written by Michael Brandt. The cast and crew of the film are currently in the midst of a press tour and have been sharing lots of exciting details about it. Mr. Pattinson’s participation in The Bachelorette is not yet confirmed, though he is expected to star in it.

Walking The Line

Mr. Pattinson has been a frequent guest on the red carpet, often showing up with beautiful women on his arm. However, not every photo opp has been completely seamless. In 2018, he was photographed kissing actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the mouth during the photoshoot for the cover of Rolling Stone. Their PDA was met with outraged blog posts and social media users criticizing them for displaying such public affection. The two proceeded to issue an apology to those who were offended. However, rumors about the couple’s relationship have not been quiet since. In an interview with GQ in May 2019, Mr. Pattinson was asked if he and Winstead were “Just Friends.” He responded by saying:

“I don’t know what ‘just friends’ means. We’ve always been very open and public about our relationship, and the focus of the media has often been on our personal life. So, if it’s not ‘just friends,’ then it must be something else.”

A Diva With A Glasses Policy

Throughout his career, Mr. Pattinson has been linked to multiple high-profile romances. He dated model and actress Lively for a while and, in 2014, it was announced that they were expecting a baby. However, the pregnancy did not take and it was revealed that the couple had broken up. A few months later, she gave birth to their son, Alexander, and it was then revealed that they had become engaged. They eventually married in a beautiful ceremony in 2015, which was livestreamed for fans. Since then, Mr. Pattinson has been linked to several other Hollywood starlets. In 2019, it was reported that he was engaged to Suki Waterhouse and had even proposed. However, the engagement was short-lived and they split following months of speculation. It was then revealed that the couple had started dating in October 2018 and were planning to marry in the near future. In October 2019, it was announced that they had tied the knot. They have yet to set a date for their wedding, but it is expected to take place in the spring of 2022.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Pattinson has had one of the most eventful and influential careers in recent memory. It began with the Twilight films, which introduced him to a new generation of fans. However, it was also the beginning of the end for some of his old relationships. While he enjoys the spotlight, it also sometimes hurts when it shines on him as much as it has over the past few years. Whether he will continue to take on these roles once his Twilight Saga is over remains to be seen, though it seems like he will be working hard to ensure that he doesn’t become typecast. For now, we can only wait and see what future roles Mr. Pattinson chooses to take on. Perhaps he will end up starring in a dark comedy series like his previous role in The Twilight Saga. Whatever it may be, we are very lucky to have witnessed his incredible transformation from a sweet, sensitive boy into a confident, charming adult. It has been an honor to watch and (hopefully) help foster such a beautiful relationship.