For the last year or so, I’ve been trying to find a role that suits me both personally and professionally. A few months back I started applying for a Scad [Senior Civil Assistant / Surveyor] and after a few interviews and some nerves I was accepted. I started work on January 1st and have been absolutely over the moon ever since!

The role is varied and demands a lot of input and output so I thought I’d write up a quick overview of what Scad actually is and what I love most about the job.

The Role

As the name would suggest, a Senior Civil Assistant (SCA) is a senior member of staff working in the civil department of a large law firm. The role is varied and is responsible for providing support to lawyers in areas such as taking instructions on casework, researching and drafting correspondence and dealing with correspondence for the department. The role requires a lot of one-to-one work so you’ll be working closely with a senior associate or partner.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and be considered for future roles in the industry. I love the variety of work, the chance to apply my legal knowledge and the opportunity to build up my portfolio.

The Industry & The Professionals

I’ve been working mostly in commercial law for my career thus far but have been exposed to commercial and employment law in my previous roles. I expect that my expertise in these areas will be very valuable as a SCA and look forward to applying my knowledge in novel ways.

In my limited exposure to the public side of law, I’ve found it intriguing that so many practitioners are involved in litigation. I’ve read and heard countless stories of high-profile cases that could have been avoided with better execution and professional indemnity insurance. The job will certainly have its challenges but there are also so many opportunities for advancement if you’re willing to learn.

What I Love Most About The Job

There are obviously a lot to love about working in a law firm, getting to grips with the more theoretical side of law, the opportunity to apply your learning on real-life cases and the friendly, supportive environment that most large law firms have. For me, though, it’s the variety of work that the job offers.

You’ll be involved with a lot of different areas of law, including litigation and commercial work, and get to dip your toes in areas that you might not have considered before. I love the fact that the firm I’m with provides support in such a wide variety of areas and allows me to develop my expertise in several directions.

The Future

I’ve had the unique chance to dabble in a little bit of everything at the moment but with my Scad training and with a few key contacts I’ve been able to secure a role in Litigation Support at a leading international law firm. I’ll be taking on a vast amount of work from initial case assignment and follow-up on proceedings through to completion and, of course, will be expected to represent the department in various ways. I can’t think of a more appropriate or a more exciting place to develop my career.

I hope that this brief overview has given you an idea of what a Scad is and what I love most about the job. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in law and feel that you’ve found the right fit, I’d encourage you to apply!