Tilda Swinton & Robert Pattinson are an incredibly fashionable couple who’ve been married since 2006 and together since 2001. They are both a creative force whose work consistently pushes the boundaries of fashion and art. We were lucky enough to gain access to their designer offices in London to discover the process behind their glamorous lifestyle and what future fashion trends they see unfolding.

Fashion Is A Life-learning Process

A big part of Tilda Swinton & Robert Pattinson’s success as a designer/creative couple is that they understand fashion and how it changes, and evolves.

When we meet with the two at their London offices, they are surrounded by racks of clothing bearing their signature British designer label, and an eclectic mix of accessories including hats, watches, and jewellery. The room is full of beautiful clothes, but it’s also a reflection of their personal styling and the way they work together as a team. The label’s eclectic mix of luxury and British heritage is reflected in the diverse range of clothing and accessories that fill the space.

In order to stay fresh and ahead of the trends, Tilda Swinton & Robert Pattinson re-invent themselves regularly. Their individual style is moulded and refined through constant learning and self-reflection. This is clearly seen in the way they work together, as well as their individual projects. As a team, they constantly question existing trends, and push the boundaries of fashion and style. They’re very much a creative couple who embrace and value constant growth and development. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of their designer offices is the way the clothes are framed and displayed. The garments are hung on wooden racks that allow for easy display and give an overall ‘fashion film’ feel to the space. This is further emphasised by the way the furniture is used to bring the items to life. From their ‘boyish’ bachelor days to their glamorous married life, the clothing and accessories are framed and supported by their individual style and fashion films respectively. It’s an interesting mix of old and new, masculine and feminine, that draws the eye and encourages the viewer to ‘immerse’ themselves in the styling and design of Tilda Swinton & Robert Pattinson.

A Room Of Reflection

This area of the offices is also used to reflect and process the design process. This ‘thinking room’, as it were, has a large table surrounded by high-backed leather chairs. On the wall is an area for post-it notes, mood boards, and magazines. As well as the individual workstations, the space is also used for board meetings, workshops, and private parties. 

Tilda Swinton & Robert Pattinson are a creative couple whose work is defined by its process and the way it evolves. The spaces they create are a reflection of this, and we’re pleased to share them with you.