After almost a year of secretive romance, the world finally caught a glimpse of Robert Pattinson and Tilda Swinton’s new relationship last week when the pair were spotted holding hands and taking a stroll through Venice, Italy. Since then, the happy couple have kept a low profile, declining to comment on their union and even going so far as to shut down their Instagram accounts.

While we’re still awaiting confirmation from the couple’s representatives, here’s what we know about their newlywed lifestyle.

Rocking A Classic Black Attire

Just like their characters in the blockbuster movie House of Gucci, Robert Pattinson and Tilda Swinton’s wedding attire was pure white, but instead of wedding bells, they sported black leather jackets. According to a family source, the actress’ leather jacket was a gift from the celebrity couple’s friends Jon and Kate Van Cleef, who also gave the newlyweds a matching handbag.

Though Kate is said to have designed the elegant piece, the couple’s friends and family have been quick to shower them with wedding gifts, including a $50,000 diamond necklace, a $60,000 gold bracelet, and a matching gold watch worth a total of $230,000. Additionally, the Van Cleefs gifted the newlyweds a sumptuous honeymoon villa with butler service on the shores of Lake Como. The residence features sweeping lake views, a Jacuzzi, and a fully equipped gym.

Keeping Busy

Despite their hectic schedule, Robert and Tilda appear to be treating their marriage like a leisure activity, taking the time off to enjoy life as a newlywed. The couple rarely venture out in public without each other’s company and have even gone so far as to shut down their Instagram accounts for the duration of their married life. With so much time on their hands, the newlyweds are exploring every aspect of married life, from travelling to taking up a new sport.

Travelling is quite literally their new theme. Since the pair’s secretive wedding last December, the honeymoon has consisted of a well-deserved trip to Italy, where they visited Venice and Mount Vesuvius, and now they’re off again on a round-the-world trip that will see them travel through five continents and fifty countries. They’ll be keeping busy while away, too, taking in as much culture as they can. In the meantime, fans will just have to make do with the couple’s occasional Instagram posts, which feature scenic views and intimate moments with their husband.

Pattinson’s Mother Delivers The Wedding Speech

In the lead-up to the wedding day, the British media had a field day speculating on the identity of the guest speaker, and in the end, it was Pattinson’s mother that stepped up to the plate. Brimming with emotion, Dame Margot granted the couple’s wedding reception a special speech, praising their individuality and vowing to love and support them throughout their marriage. “You have both worked hard to get to this point, and to stand here in front of your family and friends, each other’s relatives and those you have drawn close to you through your love, is a moment to savor,” she said.

Though the occasion was personal for Dame Margot, it was an important moment for the couple’s friends and family, who had followed their romance from afar and watched it blossom into a gorgeous union. The afternoon’s festivities were rounded off with the wedding cake, which was wheeled in by the groom’s father, Earl Spencer. The day concluded with an intimate gathering at the bride’s parents’ palatial home in Belgravia, where the happy couple spent their first night as husband and wife.

The Wedding Workouts

While the guests enjoyed an elegant wedding breakfast, the bride and groom were treated to an athletic ceremony that saw them work out kinks in their burgeoning marriage before the ceremony commenced. The couple reportedly spent the morning at a nearby gym, getting their fitness on before donning their evening wear and heading to the wedding ceremony, which was attended by over 100 family members and friends.

With so much media focus on their romance, it’s no surprise that the world’s most fashionable couple decided to buck the trend and hold a low-key ceremony at the UK’s most famous church, Westminster Abbey. The quiet ceremony was officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury and included only a handful of guests, including the groom’s parents and sister. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed a private banquet at the nearby Intercontinental Hotel.

Their guests didn’t have to travel far, as the newlyweds subsequently held a private dinner party at Claridge’s—the guestlist included many of their closest friends and family. This was followed by a fireworks display and dancing until dawn. Though the celebrations were suitably glamorous, it was clear that the spotlight had shifted to the newlyweds, who have maintained a low profile since their private wedding in December. With less than two months to go before they return from their luxurious honeymoon, fans are keeping quiet for the sake of the newlywed couple’s privacy. While we wait to see what the future holds for Robert and Tilda, for now, it’s business as usual.