Many of you may already know that Robert Pattinson is currently on a break from filming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to focus on his music. And let me tell you, he’s singing some pretty amazing songs right now.

Just this week, the actor uploaded three new songs to his Vimeo page, showing off his impressive vocal range. The clips feature him rocking out in a variety of settings, from a bar to a coffee shop. And the best part is that he’s not just performing for the camera; throughout the videos, he seems to be completely absorbed in the music, singing along and moving his body to the beat.

The videos already have over 500 views between them, but I think it’s safe to say that they’re only going to continue gaining popularity. Especially because the actor is clearly not planning on taking the songs down off his Vimeo page anytime soon.

Pitch Perfect

The first track that Robert Pattinson uploaded was titled “Pitch Perfect” and was premiered on Funny Or Die. The comedic clip stars Anna Kendrick as a shy teenage pitcher whose dream is to become the best softball player ever. After making a few errors and facing some intimidating competitors, she’s forced to step up her game and prove to herself and to the world that she is, indeed, perfect.

The song is a perfect fit for the actress, as she nails the character’s brashness and insecurity. She starts off slow, showing off her perfect pitch, before joining the other girls on the field for an exciting game. During the song, she and the other players banter back and forth, with Kendrick delivering some great one-liners. If you’ve never heard of the TV show, now’s the perfect opportunity to check it out. It’s available on Netflix.


The second song is called “Honeycomb” and was produced by the producer of Frozen, who noticed the actor’s excellent voice and offered him a chance to work with one of his best friends, Paul Adler. The track is a bit of an update to the traditional folk song, incorporating some exciting instrumentation and a more modern beat.

Based on the graphic novel by Richard McGuire, Robert Pattinson plays Charlie, a 26th century beekeeper who travels back in time to prevent World War I. The song was inspired by one of Charlie’s adventures, in which he has to travel back in time to find and rescue a young girl trapped in a waterfall. You can probably guess how that goes, as the song has a very metaphorical feel to it. It’s a little over two and a half minutes long and is an excellent showcase for what the actor is capable of. This is definitely an album to watch out for.

All The Small Things

The third and final song is titled “All the Small Things” and was co-written by George Ezra. It’s the first single from George Ezra’s upcoming album, and the lyrics speak for themselves. The track is an ode to small moments, appreciating everything from an old cup of coffee to walking an ordinary dog.

Unfortunately, these are the only songs available now. If you want to hear more, you’ll have to wait until the album is released on August 25th. I think it’s safe to say that fans of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Pitch Perfect will enjoy what Ezra and Pattinson have cooked up. And for those of you who know the lyrics to “Pitch Perfect,” you know what’s coming. This is going to be a very popular album. It’s about time someone recognized the greatness of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.