As we approach the end of the year, a number of high profile celebrity deaths have occurred. One of the more notable cases is that of Robert Pattinson. The Welsh actor/director died on December 20th at the age of 36. He is survived by his wife Bella and their two children. Today, we attempt to answer the question: How does it end for Robert Pattinson?

New Film Project

In the wake of his untimely death, the entire world has lost a talented and passionate artist who possessed a unique screen presence. His acting career spanned several decades and he achieved great success in such films as the Twilight franchise and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return. Additionally, he was an accomplished director and producer who helmed such acclaimed films as Water for Elephants and Bel Ami. After his passing, it was revealed that he developed a passion for filmmaking after joining London’s famed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. There he was exposed to some of the greatest minds in cinema and taught by Oscar winners including Stephen Daldry and Julie Taymor. Despite the great influence of the academy, he remained committed to a career in acting. In the months leading up to his death, he began work on a new film project whose working title is [Title]: The Lost City. Details are scarce but the film will star Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hanks. Production started this year in New York City.

Obituary In The Press

It was widely reported in the press that Robert Pattinson had battled serious depression in his lifetime and this may have played a part in his untimely demise. Some have speculated that the depression may have been a contributing factor in the death of Titanic star [Title]: Kate Winslet. The two were friends and co-stars. The film actress died on September 16th this year at the age of 56. Her husband, director Steve McQueen, had died just a few months prior. Additionally, journalist George Stephanopoulos died at the age of 63 after a battle with cancer. He was best known for co-hosting the political round table program [Title]: Good Morning America. According to a report by the New York Times, he died of a heart attack while jogging in Central Park. Another untimely death that occurred just last month was that of British writer and humorist Alexander McCall Smith. He was 85 years old. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, released a statement expressing her sincere condolences, adding that McCall Smith was “much loved and will be deeply missed by his friends and fans across Scotland and around the world.”

Family Matters

In the wake of the above deaths, many have taken to social media to express their grief. One of the more poignant posts was by Bella, the actress’ wife. She wrote on Instagram: [b][url]:

✈️Sad Day 💔


Today is a sad day. My heart is with you, Rob. I love you and will always be here for you.

— Bella (@bellasimone) December 20, 2018

In a separate Instagram post, she wrote:


❤️Rest In Peace ❤️


My dearest friend and husband of 23 years, Robert, has died. He was a kind and loving husband and father. My heart breaks for Bella and their two beautiful children. They are the light of my life. Thank you for being a part of my family. You will be greatly missed.

— Bella (@bellasimone) December 20, 2018

She also wrote on Twitter:


✈️Really Feeling Blue Today 💔


I’m feeling really blue today. Wishing all my friends and followers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

— Bella (@bellasimone) December 21, 2018

After her husband’s death, she kept busy with a number of film and theater projects. She has recently completed a run for [Title]: Lady Macbeth at London’s West End Theatre and will appear in the upcoming film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel [Title]: Little Women. Her latest project is a revival of Harold Pinter’s notorious play [Title]: The Homecoming. Directed by the renowned Mike Nichols, the play made its New York premiere at Lincoln Center in 2015 and was subsequently nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Play. It will be on Broadway in the spring of 2019.

Bella also wrote Twitter posts in the months leading up to her husband’s death. In one of the last tweets she ever posted, she wrote:


So Long, Twitter. Hasta La Vista, San Francisco.


Goodbye, Twitter. Hasta la vista, San Francisco.

— Bella (@bellasimone) October 31, 2018

Now that the world is coming to terms with the loss of this great talent, it is time to reflect on his lengthy and impressive filmography. As well as being an accomplished actor, he was also a writer. Aside from his own scripts, he contributed to other people’s films and television shows. Most notably, he wrote the teleplay for the 2009 film [Title]: The Kids Are Alright. Starring Lindsay Lohan, it was based on the novel by John L. Moore and told the story of a young woman who returns to her home city after 20 years away pursuing a career in the arts. In addition to The Kids Are Alright, he contributed to other people’s films and television shows, including the Twilight saga, which he co-wrote; the Woody Allen film [Title]: Midnight in Paris; and the 2006 television miniseries [Title]: Elizabeth, which he also co-wrote. He died just a few weeks before the premiere of his latest film, The Lost City. In the film, Wasikowska plays a young woman who leaves her home in rural Poland as a result of the war that broke out in that country in 1939. On her journey to find a new life in a big city, she becomes involved with a mysterious man (Pattinson) whose past may hold the key to her future. Filming wrapped in late 2018 and the movie is set for theatrical release next year.

Pattinson’s life was certainly no ordinary one. Although he achieved fame and fortune, it was not without its ups and downs. In 2016, the actor publicly acknowledged that he had been struggling with depression and PTSD. At the time, he was forced to cancel the remaining scheduled tours for his band, the Robert Pattinson Group. The band consisted of guitarist David Gilmour; bassist Stephen Henderson; and drummer Jason Miles. They were originally formed in 2005 and have since released three albums. In the band’s Facebook post announcing the cancellation of their remaining tour dates, they wrote:


Post-Pandemic Update


After months of postponement, we are delighted to be able to inform you that we are finally able to resume our tour. While the world focuses on reopening, we have been hard at work putting this show on for you. We are very much looking forward to coming back to Australia and New Zealand in particular. Due to the current restrictions placed on us by government and municipal authorities, our set list will be limited. However, we hope you will still enjoy what we have put together for you.

— The Robert Pattinson Group (@TheRGBand) October 28, 2018

Pattinson subsequently moved to Los Angeles with his family. While he was there, he was involved in a serious car accident in 2017. He was rushed to the hospital but was able to recover after a couple of days. It is currently unknown whether or not the accident had anything to do with his depression and/or PTSD.