There is a new and arguably stronger flavour to hit our shores: the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour. Now available in supermarkets across the country, the British star’s latest creation has inspired passionate debate about food, fashion, and celebrity. The unique and innovative packaging is a feature many have fallen for, with some even comparing it to a ‘hipster burger’ or a ‘psychedelic burrito’. We take a look at some of the cultural significance of the ‘robertpattinson’ light and how it has evolved (and where it comes from) over the years.

The Birth Of A Cultural Phenomenon

Perhaps the most iconic image of the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour is the packaging. Consisting of a photograph of British actor Robert Pattinson on the front flanked by overlapping collages of magazine cut-outs and food images on the back, the pack is an intriguing combination of traditional and trendy elements. The distinctive packaging wasn’t the only thing that made the flavour so emblematic of the ‘coolhunter’ generation. It also utilised some of the most innovative and eye-catching flavours available at the time. Amongst the eclectic collection of foods used to create the flavour, there were beers from Brooklyn Brewery and Lagunitas Brewing Company, an olive oil-infused vodka, and a dry-hopped golden ale from the UK’s legendary St. Austell Brewery. These were joined by more obscure ingredients such as loquat puree, red tartalice, and sun-dried tomato. Even those who don’t eat gluten free or vegan may have noticed the absence of any wheat-based products from the ingredient list.

Celebrity, Vodka, And Food Collisions

While the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour certainly has its nostalgic fans, it has also drawn inspiration and created a cultural phenomenon amongst a younger audience. Made with vodka, rum, and gin, the creation was inspired by Robert Pattinson’s love of all things British. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Twilight star said: “I’ve always been a massive fan of British Culture, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born and raised in the UK. Now that we’re opening a restaurant in London, it’s about time I gave back to the great British people who have helped shaped my personality and career.” The British-born and bred actor went on to thank the likes of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, and even David’s former Spice Girls bandmate, Victoria Adams, for helping spread the word about the new culinary venture. It is clear that the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour is rooted in affection and admiration for the British people and culture. Its eclectic mix of British and international ingredients is something new for UK supermarkets, but the addition of a celebrity chef from the U.S. may be challenging for some of our favorite food brands.

The Backstory

As well as drawing inspiration from Britain, the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour also draws from the culinary world of haute cuisine. Created by celebrity chef Spike Lee, the Brooklyn eatery Chi Chi’s Chocolate Club pays homage to the eclectic mix of influences that go into the star’s culinary creations. Lee described the collaboration as a “multi-generational love letter to New York City’s finest restaurants” and added: “With its blend of French and Italian influences and its heady mixture of spices, there is a lot within this restaurant that represents the rich tapestry that is New York City.” Chi Chi’s Chocolate Club is a mecca for lovers of all things sweet and will house not one, but two bakeries offering everything from cupcakes to malts, marshmallows, and pies. It is clear that for the uninitiated, finding one’s way around the menu of Chi Chi’s Chocolate Club can be quite the feat. However, for those looking for a taste of the U.K. star, they may not have to look far as his most recent culinary offering is likely to be waiting for them at the bar.

The Evolution

Although the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour has only been available in the UK for around a year, it has certainly evolved and been around long enough for some to have become accustomed to it. According to customers at London’s iconic Soho House, the combination of unusual and distinctive flavors has made it a firm fixture on the drinks menu since its inception. What’s more, the U.K. supermarket chain Morrisons has made it a permanent fixture on their shelves, stocking it alongside the other five Robert Pattinson creations. While Morrisons’ director of marketing, Anna Puri, did not confirm which other varieties of the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour Morrisons will be stocking in the future, she did reveal that the chain has already begun to see increased demand for the quirky new offering.

Where Does It Come From?

As impressive as the growth of the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour has been, its origins lie not in the U.K., but rather the U.S. According to Business Insider, a group of American foodies launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to bring the unique and creative beverage to U.S. supermarkets. The campaign, which sought to raise $30,000, was successful, and the collaborators behind the project have since been in communication with American liquor stores and supermarkets, with the goal of having the drink available for purchase in the U.S. by next year at the latest. The U.S. will continue to be the primary market for the ‘robertpattinson’ flavour, with the UK and other European countries seeing increased demand as a result of the American import.

With demand for gluten free and vegan options on the rise, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned that some people may be tempted to wrongly assume that beers, ciders, and other similar drinks are suitable for them to drink. The HSE said that some drinks, especially those commonly found in bars or at parties, contain a significant amount of alcohol and can thus pose a serious threat to the health of those who drink them. In order to ensure that people know exactly what they’re getting into when ordering a drink, the HSE recommends that restaurants and bars ensure that they offer an information booklet with the menu, as well as trained staff to help educate customers about the alcohol content and how much people should drink. They also encourage people to choose lower alcohol content drinks if they’re going to be drinking alone or with friends who don’t care about the health effects too much.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, alcoholic beverages generally contain several ingredients that can be harmful, especially when consumed in excess. Highlighting wine and beer as particular culprits, the agency advises that people should drink in moderation due to the potential for alcohol to exacerbate heart disease and other serious health conditions. It’s also important to note that some alcoholic beverages, such as aged rum, contain no alcohol whatsoever and are thus completely harmless. The best way to discover the wonderful complexities of different beverages is by experimenting with different tastes and seeing how each one pairs with different foods. If you’re looking for something new to try, we recommend starting with a vodka drink because it’s probably the easiest to find, and you can always always use it to wash down some oysters or other shellfish.