Robert Pattinson is one of the most attractive men in the world. The British actor has been labelled as “Walking Twilight” due to his resemblance to Edward Cullen, which led to the release of the blockbuster movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” (in which he starred).

And now that the actor is dating a Chinese pop star, he’s gaining quite the following in China.

Even though Pattinson is over a decade younger than his girlfriend, he still keeps up with the trends, especially when it comes to hairstyle. Last year, the actor revealed that he’s the mastermind behind the “Walking Twilight” hairstyle and spoke about how he incorporated “twilight time” into his look.

Check out the interview below:

Why Did You Choose To Wear Your Hair In That Way?

I wanted to bring a bit of “twilight time” into my look, so I asked my hairstylist to put in a bit more oomph into the hair. Naturally I wanted to keep it really simple and clean because that’s always been my look. It’s funny, the more you know about fashion, the less you know about hair. There are lots of different ways to wear one’s hair and I’m sure everyone’s got their own style that they prefer. You should never compare yourself to others, you are the person that you should be pleasing. I think when you find something that you like, it’s more natural for you to keep doing it. Like when you find a hairstyle that you really like and that compliments your face shape, it’s simple to keep doing it.

How Did You Accomplish This Look?

I used a lot of different products, and let’s just say that some of them were a little pricey. One of the main products that I used was Ammonium Bichromate, which is a straightener. Having a good hair straightener is important, especially if you’re doing your hair every day. It makes a difference when your hair is dripping wet versus when it’s completely dry, even if it’s just by a few degrees. It makes a difference in how your hair feels, how shiny it is, and how much energy you have to put into your hair each time you wash it. To me, having a good hair straightener is an investment, and it is one of the main reasons why I decided to go with a vintage-look hairdo. It gave me a complete different vibe and feel to my hair and it made me feel like a total fashion godzilla!

For the finishing touch, I used an Apple cider vinegar rinse and some old-fashioned elbow grease to give my hair some extra shine and volume. I don’t normally use dry shampoo on my hair, but for this look, it was the best option. It didn’t weigh down the hair and it kept up the volume that the vinegar was already providing. If you have really greasy hair or are just generally struggling with a no-good hair day, then this is the kind of hairstyle for you. It’s old-school and it brings back memories of your grandpa’s hair.

More Examples Of This Look

One of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, has a whole collection of vintage-inspired hairdos. If you look on his Instagram page, you’ll discover that he always has a picture with a different hairstyle from his entire collection. I really like how he incorporates different textures, like waves and curls, into his looks. It’s very subtle but it makes a difference in how the overall look comes together. You can also find similar hairstyles on TikTok, where influencers showcase their hair fashion trends. You can use the hashtag #marcjacobs or #tiktokmarc to discover more.

The Pros And Cons

The biggest pro of this hairdo is that it is very easy to maintain. When you wash it, just make sure that your hair is completely dry before you leave for the day. If it’s a day like today and you feel like you need a little extra oomph, then just give it a quick brush through before you leave. Nothing fancy, just a simple brush through to give it some texture. The biggest con is that this is not a hairdo that you can wear everyday. It’s best suited for special occasions, like evening parties or date nights. If you really want to keep it casual, then just add a few pins here and there. But aside from that, this is a special occasion hair style.

Overall Impression

I decided to go with this hairdo because I have extremely greasy hair and nothing really works for me unless I do something about it. So, if you have the same issue, then this is the kind of hairdo for you. Even though it’s not something that you wear everyday, it’s good enough to keep for special occasions. It gives me a different vibe and feel to my hair and I think that’s what matters most.